The greatest pain is a broken heart.

Chapter 1: my aching hart never ceases

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Summery: Hitsugaya loves Rukia, however she loves someone else. And he loves her far too much to ever admit it to her. AU

Special thanks to StarPrincess999 as this story is based off a chapter of her story Kōri Ryū to Yuki Hime , which you should read if you have the slightest interest in this paring.

There might be one or two cases of swearing in this story but not much.

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Hitsugaya woke up to bright light shining through his window and his alarm clock beeping noisily.

He slowly got himself out of bed and sighed at the realisation that he woke up to his least favourite things every day of his life, before getting ready for school and going downstairs.

Sitting at the table was his Grandmother, an old, grey woman, who had taken him in after his mother had died, his shy adopted sister Momo, and his always present, always loud, cousin Matsumoto who, despite her personality being the exact opposite if his, was undoubtedly his best friend.

Matsumoto looked up and upon seeing him beamed.

"Hey Shiro-chan!" she cried jumping up and pulling him into a deep hug, which resulted in him being unable to breath thanks to her considerable… accepts.

"Argh" Hitsugaya yelled pushing away from her while taking several deep breaths, "why do you always do that?"

Matsumoto just grinned at him.

"Because it's funny, duh." She said with a maddening air of explaining the obvious.

"Right, well why are you here so early?" he asked, sitting down and helping himself to toast.

"Her apartment block is being fumigated, so she's staying with us for a few weeks" Granny said cheerfully. Hitsugaya chocked on his bread.

"Ah don't give us that look, like you're horrified" Momo said thumping him on the back, "it'll be fun."

"Your version of fun, or hers?" Tōshirō asked narrowing his eyes.


Rukia woke up to loud music coming from her phone. Grumbling about being woken up early she picked it up and saw she had a text, sitting up she opened it and saw it was only two words: "good morning."

Checking the number, she turned red and started muttering about death to carrot tops as she phoned him up, it was answered immediately.

"Hello?" came the voice, feigning ignorance.

"What the hell are you waking me up early for you strawberry idiot?" Rukia yelled down the phone, grinning when she heard him crash into something.

"Damn it Midget I came early to walk you to school, is that any way to treat your super romantic boyfriend?" Ichigo said annoyed but sounding amused at the same time.

Rukia walked up to the window and opened the curtains; sure enough the scowling red head was standing at her front gate, upon seeing her he waved.

"Ok now hurry up!" he said into the phone.

"Give me five minutes" Rukia said before hanging up. She was about to get changed when she paused and closed the curtains.

Five minutes later she left the house and walked up to Ichigo who was now juggling rocks.

"lets go then", she said smiling. Dropping the rocks and taking her hand Ichigo started to walk with Rukia next to him.


Tōshirō waved to his grandmother as he followed the two girls out of the house, Matsumoto was in her last year of school, but worked enough that she could afford her own place, Momo was the same age as him but was in the year beneath him as he had moved up early due to him being a "prodigy." Despite this both of them always ate lunch with him and his friends.

Looking behind him Toshiro saw Rukia and Ichigo walking behind him.

Toshiro sighed slightly upon seeing them, he had nothing against them, Rukia was a childhood friend and Ichigo was O.k. if a little rude. The problem was seeing them together.

Rukia and Ichigo had been dating for a good three years, and had only been dating a month when they both said "I love you." This had come as a blow to Toshiro who had been having feelings towards her for a very long time. At first he hadn't done anything about this because he didn't want to risk his friendship with her, but now it was because he loved her too much to put her in that kind of position.

He loved her, Toshiro had only acknowledged that a few months ago, but now that he had, there was a heavy, cold feeling in his chest that would not go away.

The schools bell broke through his thoughts, ringing loudly, causing Momo and Matsumoto to run full pelt towards the gate.

From behind him, Rukia started yelling at Ichigo. Toshiro turned to see that Ichigo had picked her up and was now running with her looking like a screaming, swearing, and incredibly violent sack of potatoes. As they passed him, Toshiro smiled at the alarmed expression on her face, but frowned slightly when a large black book fell from Rukias bag and nether of them noticed as they rushed through the school gate and inside.

Toshiro stopped and picked the sketchbook up, inside was pages and pages of bunnies doing different things, flicking through Toshiro smiled when he found the page Rukia had once used to explain the plot of "pride and prejudice" to Orihime. Toshiro tucked it under his arm and hurried inside.


As Toshiro opened the door to his classroom he sighed in relief as the Teacher had not arrived, and everyone was standing around talking. Walking up to his normal seat he was welcomed by the small group of friends Toshiro had joined when he had moved up:

Ichigo and Rukia were arguing about Ichigo's rude method of transport.

Orihime was day dreaming again, her mouth slightly open.

Uryu was sowing something.

Renji had his arm around his girlfriend Tatsuki who was half way between shaking him off her and blushing.

Chad was silent as always.

Toshiro nodded to them all before tapping Rukia on the shoulder, stopping mid rant she turned to look at him.

"You dropped this when you got picked up." Toshiro said tonelessly handing her the book. Rukia took one look at it before jumping out of her seat and hugging the baffled white haired child.

"Thank you Toshiro! You're my hero!" She cried happily before turning to Ichigo, the near loss of her drawings only adding fuel to the fire as she rapped him over the head with the book.

Dimly Toshiro sat down with a blank look on his face.

No he wasn't going to tell her, no matter how much it hurt.

The door slid open and the teacher, Shunsui Kyōraku entered the room.

Shunsui was respected by all of his students as he was relaxed, often made jokes at his student's expense, and on the first day of the year had told the class to call him by his first name, saying "none of that "Sir" business. Were all friends' right?"

Sitting at his desk, Shunsui yawned before smiling at them all.

"O.K class I have an announcement: at the end of the month, the school is putting on an entire day of plays. Each class is required to perform!" Shunsui smiled as the entire class groaned.

"End of the month?" Tatsuki asked shocked, "that's only three weeks!"

"Yes well don't be so depressing; at least you'll enjoy the primary schools first performance." He said cheerfully

"And why is that?" Uryu asked skeptical, "preschoolers are not exactly talented." Several other students nodded.

"Well, the primaries principle Ukitake-san has told me that Yachiru Kenpachi, the daughter of our metal works teacher, is going to be playing snow white." Shunsui said happily while most of the class burst into laughter.

Yachiru was practically famous after she had played Cinderella last year, she had forgotten most of her lines, replacing them with comments about the people in the audiences appearance, had to be stopped from jumping into the audience to reach her eye patch wearing father three times, and had spent long periods of time staring into space, before acting surprised when she remembered she was on stage.

Kenpachi had confirmed a week ago that she was yet to change.

"So what are we doing?" Ichigo asked.

"An old classic, Romeo and Juliet!" Shunsui cheered, handing out copies of the play out to everyone, along with a cast list stapled to the front.

"So any one volunteering for the lead couple?" Shunsui asked, and was met by silence.

Most of the class would like to take a lead role, however none of them were willing to take the role until they found out who they would be sharing the lead role with. Minutes rolled by and Toshiro started to get frustrated, sighing he raised his hand.

"Excellent, thank you Toshiro." At the teachers announcement almost all the girls in the class raised their hands. Toshiros hart did a small flutter when he saw that Rukia had put her hand up.

"Ha, Toshiro here's popular" Shunsui said laughing, Toshiro blushed. "O.K sorry urrrm how about Rukia?" he decided nodding, all the other girls sighed but Toshiros heart leapt.

"So Ichigo, are you ok with that?" Shunsui asked turning to look at the scowling man.

Ichigo shrugged, "nope, it's not like there's a sex scene" he said with his head on his hand. Toshiro gagged and went a deep red colour; Rukia threw her entire bag at him, hitting Ichigo in the head and knocking him off his chair.

"Well he said it in a crude manner, but Ichigo has raised the question of the kiss scenes." Shunsuisaid with a small smirk on his face.

There was a small silence before they both said "Stage kiss."


The rest of the lesson passed with the parts being handed out and setting the last lesson of each day for practice. A few lessons later and the bell for lunch rang, the group soon took there usual place on the roof with Momo joining them soon afterwards.

They had been talking for a few minutes before the play came up in conversation.

"Hey Rukia, I got to know, why did you only ask to be Juliet AFTER we found out that Toshiro would be Romeo?" Renji asked casually biting into his sandwich. Toshiro paused his conversation with Momo to listen in.

"Well, and don't laugh Renji, I really wanted that part but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be stuck with some freak like Grimmjow or Ulquiorra, or you." Rukia said embarrassed, effectively shutting Renji up. Everyone else laughed at the idea of Ulquiorra as Romeo, the man was yet to show any emotion what so ever.

"So Toshiro isn't a freak?" Momo said smiling, "Or do you have the hots for him?"

Everyone but Rukia and Toshiro started laughing, before there was a loud squeal.

"Whose got the hots for Shiro-chan?" Matsumoto shouted running over to them and jumping up and down. A vain pulsed on Toshiros forehead.

"Nobody!" he said exasperated, "And do you have to shout?"

"Yes, I agree." A quite voice said from behind Matsumoto, "While interesting, this news is not worth causing such a scene." The speaker came into view, the narrow eyes and ever so slightly sinister smile could belong to none other then Matsumotos boy friend Gin.

"Well," Momo began earning death glares from Toshiro. "We were wondering why Rukia only took the role of Juliet when she knew that Toshiro was Romeo."

"Well" Toshiro thought dimly, "at least I know what the next year of conversations going to be about."

Matsumoto grinned and walked over to Rukia.

"Spill the beans then!" the ever excited Matsumoto asked plonking herself in front of the slightly worried Rukia.

Rukia sighed, "I just wanted to make sure it wasn't some jerk who would try to grope me or something, and that's all O.K.?"

Everyone nodded, either excepting this or out of fear. Ichigo stood up smoothly and looked around.

"Well I'm going to get a drink, behave Midget" the orange head said cheerfully patting Rukia on the head before leaning down and kissing her, Orihime turned away from them and Toshiro felt like doing the same.

Before Ichigo was even half way to the door, Orihime jumped up, declared that she was going to the toilet and bolted, running straight past a bemused Ichigo and out the door.

Ichigo knew what he was going to see as he walked down the stairs, and sure enough, Orihime was leaning against the wall waiting for him with a small smile on her face. Pushing away from the wall she slowly walked up to him and kissed him.

Ichigo smiled and returned the kiss, slowly putting his arms around her and pulled her closer for a moment, before pulling away smiling.

"why did you kiss her?" Orihime asked looking annoyed, but only causing Ichigo to smile.

"Do we have to have the same argument every day?" Ichigo asked leaning his forehead against hers "neither of us want to hide this but Rukia's our friend so I'm going to keep this "me and her" crap up for a short while longer, she loves me, and its going to be hard telling her that I stopped feeling anything but friendship for her a long time ago." Ichigo reasoned with a rehearsed speech.

"But when is soon?" Orihime cried distraught "we have been sneaking around for months, and I'm sick of it!"

Ichigo sighed "fine, I'll tell her on Friday, O.K?" at his words, the girl burst into a massive grin, she jumped into the air and hugged him tightly before leaning up for another kiss.


"So Toshiro, do you want to get together to rehearse?" Rukia asked, chewing on her food.

"O.K. but not tonight, I have way too much homework" Toshiro said, secretly much more interested in the idea then he let on. "So how about tomorrow?"

"Yeah cool, this will be so much fun!" Rukia cheered pulling out her Chappy styled phone and opened tomorrows diary, writing down the message "Wednesday: practice" she looked up and asked "Straight after school?" when Toshiro nodded she clicked enter, but was met by a beep, checking it Rukia's face fell, "Oh I told Ichigo we would go to the mall." She said slightly disappointed.

"Why are you saddened by that?" Ichigo asked, walking back to the group with a new drink and Orihime in tow.

"Because me and Toshiro were planning to rehearse tomorrow." Rukia said turning to him.

"Well why don't you do it? We don't have long to rehearse, so we'll go on Friday instead." Ichigo said smiling, secretly he was extremely happy, he could spend the day with Orihime, and then break up with Rukia on Friday. Orihime looked up and smiled at him, understanding the meaning of "On Friday"

"Well thanks Ichigo that's solved that problem" Rukia said cheerfully as the bell rang loudly, causing every one to stand and walk back to class.

Dimly Toshiro realised that the time had come for him to need to talk about Rukia to someone, the problem being that the only ones he could trust that knew Rukia well was either Momo, who had no experience on the subject.

Or Matsumoto.

Oh crap.

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