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Ranma1/2 Coma White

Coma White Chapter:1

Some where in Beverly hills California

Tatawaki Kunu looked quite pleased to everyone that knew him; he finally had his Red-Haired Goddess and he had finally beaten Ranma-Kun soundly. Or at least he thought he had; you know when your insane you don't think about things so clearly. After all, it is very easy to defeat someone that you have found already lying unconscious upon the ground. He had only been displeased about one disturbing aspect, when splashed with hot water his Goddess used to become the dreaded and vile sorcerer known as Ranma Saotome.

As he watched his Red-Haired Goddess, Ranko, he observed her where she sat there on the floor staring at the wall with glazed over eyes. He felt somewhat displeased with himself because of his need to keep his wife Ranko continually on drugs in order to keep her from flipping out on him.

As Ranko rocked back and fourth she stared at the wall where she was watching what appeared to her to be strange little elves running around.

Kuno walked over and took her arm gently. "Come on woman time for bed."

With careful movements, similar to those of a drunk, Ranko slowly rose to her unsteady feet and followed her husband to their large canopied bed. After she had drifted off into an unnatural sleep, Kuno unlocked a special drawer that only he and his servant Sasuke had access to. With practiced ease he removed a medical vial containing a special serum that he had custom brewed by a black market chemist, inserted a disposable syringe into the glass container and measured out a specified dose.

Silently moving over to his wife's side he injected the serum into Ranko's left arm with a clinical detachment and efficiency that showed years of practice. Returning to the drawer, he disposed of the syringe into a medical sharps container, set the vial back into its foam resting place, then closed and locked the drawer.

After completing his nightly ritual's, he returned to his bed and climbed in next to Ranko then pulled the black silken covers up over both of them. Reaching out with his left hand he turned out the lights and then rolled over to cuddle himself up tight against the body of his drug stupured wife. As his eyes closed, he slowly fell into a light troubled sleep.

The Tendo Dojo.

Leaning back in a depressed slump, Akane tipped her head back and gulped a generous swig of malt liqueur while she poured over an age faded crumpled and tear stained letter addressed to her from Ranma. She couldn't understand why he had ran away from her on their most important day, the day of their wedding.

Akane started to cry while talking to her sister. "I just don't get it he asked me to get married and I waited at that Alter for over an hour, but he didn't show up. He didn't even say goodbye or take his stuff with him." Akane drunkenly cried to her sister.

Shaking her head, Kasumi listened once more to Akane's drunken ramblings with a small frown on her face. "Akane I don't know what to tell you it doesn't seem right to me. After all these years it still doesn't make any sense to me. But it's been ten years now. You have to stop wallowing in this misery, it is ruining your life. And if you don't stop drinking like this, it will kill you, little sister.

Akane looked at her sister with tears in her eyes. "You think I don't know that! I am trying! It's hard every time I turn around I see his ghost everywhere I look." With an angry movement, Akane punctuated her statement by throwing the half empty bottle against a wall where it shattered and sent glass filled liqueur everywhere.

Nabiki shook her head in dismay when she heard the sound of shattering glass from the other side of the room as she continued searching for a clue to Ranma's whereabouts.

"This baffles me, he had me pull all the stops out for this wedding, and hes disappeared from the face of the planet.." ~Nabiki stated quietly to herself.

Sitting next to Nabiki, Nodoka watched the ongoing search. "It's been ten years now, and narry a word or trace of him has been found. I am afraid that we may never find him." Nodoka said with quiet despair as she sat next to Nabiki and watched her ongoing search.

One day later in Beverly Hills

Kuno leaned in and gave Ranko a quick kiss on her unresponsive lips. As he moved back he placed a pill in her mouth and stood over her long enough to make sure she had swallowed it. "I'll see you after work woman behave yourself." He said kindly.

As she watched him leave, Ranko listlessly raised her hand and waved a brief goodbye with an inelegant, plain flip of her wrist. After she was sure he had left, she distastefully spat the pill out onto the floor next to where she sat rocking back and forth and stared at it as if in deep contemplation. As she rocked she found the desire to speak well up inside her, but she found herself incapable of uttering a single word.

Looking around the room, her gaze came to rest on a short, stocky man with unusually large black eyebrows and catlike whiskers who was wearing a purple hood with a black dogi and loudly snoring in a recliner. For the life of her, she couldn't remember his name but he seemed somehow familiar. With slow careful movements she quietly rose to her feet as she picked the unwanted pill up off the pristine marble floor. With a practiced movement she tossed it across the room into an expensive Greek vase where it landed with a hundred or more other pills she had disposed of in a similar manner. Spotting a window with the shades drawn, she slowly stumbled over to gaze out of it, but she had to quickly turn away from the bright view because her eyes were too sensitive to the light.

'Where am I? Who am I? Why can't I talk?' These thoughts ran through her head as she stumbled down a hall towards her bedroom intending to try and find some means to discover who she was. Rummaging through the closet, she found a variety of objects that she tossed out onto the floor, until an old ladle and a battered pail caught the attention of her curious eyes.

Ranko thought about this until a man named Herb popped into her thoughts and brought a powerful headache along for the ride causing her to wince as she lifted her hands up to hold her head. After tossing the pail and ladle to the floor, she rifled through some paperwork but only found the familiar yet unfamiliar name of Ranko Kuno on several different certificates, she knew her nick name was Ranko, she also knew that it wasn't her real name. She couldn't figure it out, every so often she would have dreams where she looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of a raven haired boy standing there looking back out at her.

"Really Mistress Kuno you do love to toss things around, don't you?" Sasuke said when he entered the bedroom after being awoken by the sounds of thrown objects bouncing off the floor as he slept in the comfortable recliner.

Ranko turned her eyes toward Sasuke and gave him a blank expression. As she watched, he pulled out some pills from his pocket, reached up, and then placed them into her mouth. Before she had a chance to react, she allowed him to insert them and she reflexively swallowed. She thought to herself before things went too hazy. 'I must deal with this guy one of these days.'

A satisfied Sasuke led Ranko over to the bed, and watched until he was sure she was asleep. Then he went to the task of putting everything back in its proper place. 'I don't think the drugs are keeping her under anymore.' He thought to himself for a few minutes and arrived at the realization that his master would be in potential danger should Ranko ever remember who she was.

Around 2:30 pm a little girl about the age of ten crawled into bed with Ranko and laid down next to her. The girl's hair was a striking cobalt blue with red stripes and her eyes were the same rich, blue color as Ranko's. Ranko opened her eyes for a second as the familiar, yet unfamiliar girl laid down next to her.

'I know she's my daughter but why does it seem so foreign for me...' Ranko thought to herself and then tried to force herself to speak but nothing came out. With a feeling of frustration, she nudged the little girl to gain her attention so she turned her head to look behind her at her mother.

"Momma you finally out of lala land?" Rayne asked.

Ranko shook her head yes even though her eyes still had a glazed look. Pointing towards the door she looked at her daughter and nodded.

The girl looked at her mother and then at the door. "Oh you mean the funny man?" she questioned.

Ranko gave her daughter another nod.

The girl smiled and then said "Yea he's asleep."

Ranko pointed to her chest and then tried to figure out how to gesture for the girl's name.

"Seriously Momma how many times do I have to tell you that I am Rayne, remember? I turn into a boy when hit with hot water?" The girl chuckled at her mother.

Ranko looked confused but felt like she was in familiar territory now.

Rayne smiled at her mother. "Yea sorry Mom, forgot to change before I came home." Rayne looked at her mom and then continued with a worried look. "Momma will you please stop taking drugs I don't want you to overdose on me."

Confused, Ranko looked at her daughter and once again shook her head. With a feeling of exasperation at her inability to communicate, she saw a pen and a piece of paper. Picking them up, she jotted some words down and handed them to her son turned daughter.

Rayne eyed the paper. "Mom you're not taking medications. They're drugs. Daddy says you take them to keep yourself happy all the time."

Ranko frowned and wrote a few more words on the paper.

Rayne shrugged as she read what her mother had written. "I don't feel happy right now. I am confused and I cannot talk."

Ranko had a wave of memories flood her mind where she saw a blue haired girl with a cute smile. She was revisited by the mirror image of the black haired boy again along with an old man in a dirty old white gi.

Ranko sat quietly running things through her head such as her name.

She had thoughts of a girl named Akane saying things like "Ranma your such a Jerk." Or a woman that looked much like she did, but older saying "Ranko you should at least try to dress more like a girl." Followed by an old man who may have been her dad saying "Ranma you are the sole heir to the Saotome Anything Goes Martial Arts." She continued to think on this until she put two and two together. She tried to speak but nothing came out.

Jotting down some words on her paper, she handed it to her child. "I think my name is Ranma Saotome, I don't know for sure, it's hazy. Look can we get out of here honey?"

"You mean you wanna go play outside with me?" Rayne happily asked her mother.

Ranko looked at her daughter shrugged and then nodded. 'Sure why not kiddo I need to get out of here I don't belong here I don't think.' She thought as she slowly got up with a staggering walking to the closet where she found a dirty old pack that held familiar looking clothing in it.

Putting them on she felt a sense of familiarization as she looked in the mirror. Noting the red silk shirt and the black silk pants were loose, she tightened her belt around her waist to help hold them up.

Grabbing the pail and the ladle, she placed them in the pack along with several other items that she felt would be useful; such as her birth certificate and her identification with the name Ranko Kuno on them.

Looking back into the mirror she wondered why her hair wasn't the color that she remembered, instead it was now cobalt blue with red strips running through it.

'How come my hair isn't familiar to me?' She thought with a frown.

Ranko turned toward her daughter and pointed to her hair.

Rayne smiled. "It's your natural hair color, it used to be red til' the drugs you have been taking changed it. That is what daddy told me. I've had this color of hair all my life."

Rayne left the room and came back ten minutes later with a pack of her own except this time he was a boy. "Ready to go mom?" He nervously asked Ranko.

Ranko looked at the Raven haired boy that reminded her of the boy she had remembered viewing in the mirror, but younger. She nodded her head as they headed out to the hall towards the door.

Sasuke saw Ranko and Rayne coming down the hall and moved to intercept them as he said tiredly. "Now, now Mistress Kuno, you know better than to be out of bed this late in the evening... Willingly return to your bed, and I won't have to use force."

Continuing towards the door with her son following behind her, Ranko looked blankly at the weird dude whom she had trouble remembering. Every time she heard the phrase `Mistress Kuno' she got this strange image of a maniacal girl with raven black hair dressed in a leotard.

When Sasuke moved forward to bar her attempt to leave, Ranko dropped her pack, instinctively grabbed his arm, slammed him in to the wall and then struck him in the back of the neck to render him unconscious. Pausing for a minute to eye her handy work she wondered to herself. 'That was strange how did I do that?'

After Ranko had made sure that Sasuke wasn't going to die or anything, she put her pack back on and then opened the front door so that she and her Son could make their escape.

'Where am I going... and why?' Shaking herself from these thoughts, she took her son's hand and they walked down the driveway towards the street.

After traveling for what seemed like hours night began to fall, so Ranko and Rayne stopped underneath a train bridge that was located near a slightly run down part of town. Looking for a safe place to sleep, they began climbing up onto the frame work of the bridge so they would be obscured from sight.

Feeling sick, Ranko laid down and passed out as sweat dripped from her face onto the steel of the bridge. Rayne curled up next to his mother, laid a blanket over both of them and went to sleep feeling troubled by his mother's condition.

Dream state

Walking down a disturbingly familiar street, Ranko was approached by a boy sporting a pigtail. "Yo Ranko, long time no see. You don't come around much anymore."

When Ranko saw the boy, she let out a high pitched "EEK!" "Do I know you?" she laughed

The boy smiled at her. "You should, you are me, Ranma Saotome, remember?"

Ranko looked confused. "My name is Ranko."

Ranma smiled at her as he gave her an appraising look. "He's got you strung out on some type of drugs doesn't he? Look, you have a son that has your eyes and your hair in boy form, but in his girl form he has your hair color. Don't tell me that you can't see a pattern here. Kuno is drugging you to keep you from knowing who you are."

Ranko doubtfully looked at Ranma. "I don't understand, I had red hair, didn't I?"

Ranma shrugged his shoulders and also nodded. "Yea you did at one time, but cause you had a child while being on those drugs, the curse affected you by changing your hair color and at the same time Rayne's."

Ranko then took a long and hard look at Ranma. "Wait you said you are me? I am not a boy."

Ranma nodded. "Your right you're not a boy anymore thanks to that ladle Kuno stole from Herb, but you shouldn't dwell on that now it's more Important you get home with your child where you belong. Akane is probably worried sick over your disappearance."

Ranko eyed Ranma. "Who's Akane?"

Ranma gave Ranko a sad look. "Look I don't have time to explain that. We will have to talk later, alright?" With those words, Ranma disappeared as the loud roar of a large train streaking overhead snapped her out of a sound sleep and shook the beams of the bridge where she and her son slept with a frightful power as it journeyed towards it's unknown destination. With a worried glance, she checked to see that her son was safe and discovered, much to her surprise, that he was still deeply asleep despite the appearance of the noisy, night time visitor.

With slow tired movements they followed the meandering course of a river as it flowed off into the distance towards the south.

Kuno mansion.

"What do you mean my wife took all of my guards out, and as for you Sasuke, you miserable worm, how did this happen? Weren't you keeping her on the drugs as I requested." Kuno furiously demanded.

Sasuke was nearly at a loss for words as he timidly replied. "Master Kuno, I don't know what happened. She's been restless lately; searching the room for items, and stuff a lot more frequently. I don't think the drugs are doing any good anymore."

Kuno furiously kicked over a vase that he believed to be empty. When it hit the floor, it scattered a large number of semi-dissolved pills across the tiled surface. Seeing this, Kuno got a worried expression on his face. 'Could it be she's remembered who she is?'
"Sasuke we must find her at once! Ready some search parties. I want my wife and child back home where they belong." Kuno raged.

Sasuke shook his head as he pondered the situation. This was the twentieth time Ranko and Rayne had made a break for it. Each time she was becoming more and more like her old self, except this time she was able to fend him off. Then there was Rayne. Though he/she was only ten years old, he/she was highly crafty and smart.

Back to Ranko and Rayne

As Rayne and her mother approached a bustling school yard Ranko could see kids playing outside during recess.

Rayne led her mom into the school yard.

"Wait here mom I need to get sis, she goes to this school and she stays here during the school year." Rayne stated plainly.

While Ranko watched, her son entered the school yard and approached a white haired girl that he began talking to. She thought to herself 'This just keeps getting better, and better... Not only do I have a son, but now I learn I also have a daughter. How interesting...'

Rayne, and the white haired girl made their way over to Ranko.

"Momma this is Rei, she's my younger sister who is also your daughter."

Rei looked at Ranko and asked hesitantly. "Bubba is Momma finally off the drugs?"

While Ranko listened to her children speak one to another, she felt a great sadness that she couldn't speak to them as well.

"Yea sis, she's finally snapping out of it. Wanna come with us? We're running away from daddy." Rayne stated in a cheerful voice.

Rei smiled at Rayne, and then jumped up to latch her arms, and legs around her mother.
"Carry me please?" She asked Ranma with a sweet smile.

Ranko let out a sigh as she put an arm around her daughter while carrying her as they walked away from the school.

'Where do I go.. Rayne is just a kid he can't possibly know where we are going can he?' Ranko pondered.

After Ranko tapped her son on the shoulder, she pointed at a sign that listed one set of directions and then pointed at another sign with a different set of directions. With an expressive shrug of her shoulders she managed to convey the gist of her question to Rayne.

Rayne smiled at his mom and happily announced. "We are going to Japan. I heard you mumbling about having lived there in your sleep."

Ranko frowned and thought to herself. 'How the hell are we gonna get there I ain't got no money..'

With that worry in her head she began to panic. 'How can I take care of two children without any money when I can barely take care of myself; let alone get all three of us to Japan? I need some cash right now and since I can't return home to get some, I guess I'm gonna have to find some out here.'

Scanning the area for ideas, she noticed an isolated ATM, sitting off by itself. With a furtive look to her left and her right she noted the absence of anyone else in her immediate vicinity so she walked over to examine the cash dispenser. As she stared at the machine, she felt a familiar plan begin to form in her head. While she thought about her emerging idea she heard a long forgotten voice lecture in her head; 'sometimes you have to do something wrong to make it in this world, boy.' With those words she recalled watching a man in a dirty white gi with round eye glasses smash an ATM open with his bare hands and remove all of the money inside.

After taking a deep breath, she re-examined the area to make sure they were alone and quickly slammed her fist forward driving it deep into the machine with enough destructive force to blow the door to the safe of the ATM wide open in a mangled explosion of steel and plastic. With hurried and furtive movements she quickly emptied the contents of the machine, then hurried off with her children in tow before anyone came to investigate the loud noise.

After several blocks they noticed a large retail outlet store. Upon entering the store Ranko grabbed a cart and started to shop for basic supplies. These included a pack for Rei, along with some extra clothes for her children and herself; some dehydrated camping food, a tent, sleeping bags, canteens with a supply of water, some flash lights, a battery operated lantern, batteries, a portable radio, cooking gear that included a small stove, plus several pads of paper and pens.

While in the electronics department she watched a local news broadcast to see if there was any mention of her and her children. She didn't know how long or how hard her husband would pursue them, but she knew that he would come sooner or later. With a grateful sigh, she turned away from the program as it started to cover the latest basketball game without there having been any mention of Ranko Kuno or her two children.

After several hours of hiking they came upon a lovely isolated beach, that looked out over the broad pacific ocean. The bright setting sun painted the sky and the water with a panorama of reds, oranges and yellows. Before weariness could drop her off into the bliss of a well earned sleep, Ranma and her children quickly set up the new tent and arranged their bedding. After a quickly heated supper of reconstituted spaghetti, they watched the sun finish sinking below the horizon. Afterwards, they crawled into their tent and were lulled into a deep weary sleep by the sounds of various sea birds and the ocean waves as they moved and rhythmically fell on the sand.

Dream park

Ranko met Ranma in the park sitting on a bench. "Hey Ranko, hows it going?"

As she sat down next to Ranma, Ranko replied. "Its peachy, but you didn't tell me I had a daughter as well..."

Ranma gave her a smirk. "Sorry must have slipped my mind remember anything else?"

Ranko shook her head while furrowing her brow. "I don't really know much of anything new, and I am starting to feel sick."

Ranma shrugged his shoulders. "It's called withdrawal. Your getting that cause your body is used to having drugs in it's system and now you're going cold turkey. Now back to our conversation from yesterday; you asked who Akane was. Well that is simple she's your fiancé, or was. I'm not sure anymore you kinda didn't make it to the wedding."

Ranko turned an inquisitive eye to Ranma. "Wait, I was supposed to marry this Akane?"

Ranma nodded. "Yea, you planned the whole thing with the help of your mom, and well on the big day you got into an altercation with Ryoga while in female form, and well you got hit by a car while dodging his attacks."

Ranko frowned. "Wait a minute, you said you are me, so how do you know I got hit by a car?"

Ranma smiled "Very perceptive of you, I am your curse. I am just telling you what happened." With a slight shrug of his shoulders he continued "When Kuno saw your girl side get hit by the car, he took you to a friend of his to make sure you would survive. That's also when he discovered you were a boy. So he did some research on your curse to find a way to lock it. Once he discovered the musk artifact, he paid some thieves to steal the ladle and pail from Herb in order to lock your curse."

Ranko shrugged her shoulders "Well since we are on the subject of a cure, and you're the curse, is there a cure?"

Ranma shook his head. "No, sorry Ranko, you destroyed that a long time ago by accident."

Ranko looked down at some leaves blowing about. "Yea your probably right, I just wish I could remember everything, Where do I go from here?"

Ranma smiled at her. "Well I can tell you that. Find a boat and pay for three tickets to Japan. Personally that's what I know I would do. Once you are there, go to Nirmia and it will all come back to ya from there. I promise."

Ranma looked around his surroundings before standing up to leave. "Well good luck Ranko, I will see you in Japan." with those words he headed off and disappeared into the distance just as Ranko woke up snuggled against her children.

Rayne, and Rei woke up an hour later to the smell of cooking fish. Looking over they saw their mom cooking some freshly caught fish using the cooking supplies from her pack and the seasonings they had bought from the store.

"Mom you know how to camp, huh?" Rayne asked, though he could easily spot that his mother had done this before.

Looking up from her cooking fish at her son, Ranko pulled out a pad and a pen, wrote down a note and then handed it to her son which read: "I guess it just came natural to me. I hope both of you are hungry, it took me a little while to catch these."

Rayne, and Rei both eyed the note, smiled at their mother and in unison said. "Yes we love fish."

Note: This is not a story approving of drugs what so ever if you think that your messed up.

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