Chapter 8

Joey took a deep breath and wiped away the tears that had fallen from his eyes. He stood there for another moment, before resting his hand on the cold doorknob. He opened the door, slightly smiling at the face he missed. But the smile disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Mary looked sicker than she had been before the surgery.

He walked beside her bed, stroking his fingers through her soft, but thin, curls. He pressed his lips against her cheek gingerly. He fell back in the chair beside the bed and gawked at Mary, who was still unconscious due to her surgery.

Currently, the surgery had gone okay. But the results of the cancer had not yet come back. And Mary had not yet awakened, which would determine any conflicts. Joey's anxiety was increasing with each second. To quicken the time, he studied every feature on Mary's face. Her baby smooth skin, her long eyelashes, her slightly curved eyebrows, her soft, alluring lips, and her dark, steamy eyes, which he could not see.

But Mary's eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the light. She nervously looked around the room, as if she was searching for an answer. "G…g…ja…Joey?"

A nurse slipped into the room, as if she knew Mary had awoken. "You're up. That's wonderful!" She glanced down at her watch, before looking back at Mary. "You woke up at five. Remember these three words. House. Boat. Tree. What's your name?"

"M…Mary." She was finally catching onto her speech.

"Good. And do you know why you're here?"

"I…I have ca…cancer." She whispered in a low, almost husky voice.

"Okay, what time did you wake up?"

Mary's eyes wandered the room, looking as if she were about to cry. "Um…"

"Five." Joey spoke in a stern voice.

The nurse glared at him, before turning back to Mary. "You woke up at five. What were the three words?"

Mary bit down on her lower lip, concentrating hard. "I don't…I don't remember."

"House, boat, and tree." Nurse Lacey remained patient, but Joey grew uneasy. "And what time did you wake up?"

Mary face was blank. "I can't remember."

"Five!" Joey's control slipped from beneath him. He took a deep breath, regaining it. "Why isn't she remembering anything?"

"Calm down. She just woke up from a major surgery. It may just be the anesthesia wearing off. We won't be certain until another few hours."

"Is it possible the surgery impaired her memory?"

"Well, yes, but it's also possible that it's just the anesthesia."

"Excuse me for a few minutes." Joey whispered as he felt a lump develop in his throat. He quickly strolled out the room and collided his fist with the wall across the hall. His body let go and fell against the wall, before he slid down it until he hit the ground. Than tears began to steam out of his eyes. Nurse Lacey exited the room and stood before Joey. "God, this is all my fault." Joey sighed, running his hand through his hair.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. What's happening to her has nothing to do with what you did."

"I made her get the surgery." He slowly stood up, wiping the tears from his dampened cheeks.

"Because you love her and you're trying to do what's best for her. And I know if you had a crystal ball and looked into the future and something bad happened after the surgery, you wouldn't have let her get that surgery. But you didn't know what was going to happen and you just want her to be okay."

"I'm so selfish though. All I was thinking about was me. How I wouldn't be able to survive without her. She didn't want this. She didn't want the surgery if it was going to do this to her." His voice was scratchy, as if he were sick.

"Not at all. You were doing it because you love her and you hate to see her suffer. Look you are the most selfless person I've seen. You've been by her side the entire time she's been in the hospital. You've be taking care of her, making her laugh, rubbing her feet and shoulders, bringing her food, bringing her gifts. You guys share a special bond and it's nothing something you see everyday. It's love. And it's something special. I've never seen a teenage relationship as strong as yours. I mean you guys are young and you've already found your match. It's very rare, but special and you just want to hold onto it."

He nodded, as tears balled in his eyes. "Thanks."

"Hey, I'm just telling the truth. You should thank yourself for being so great with her. What you and her have is true love."

He nodded again, before sniffling. He stepped back into room, forcing a smile at Mary. "Hey, I know you might not remember this in a few minute, but just listen, okay? I love you more than anything. You are the most important think in my life. And the only reason I made you get that surgery was because I love you and I hate to see you suffer. If I knew it was going to do something bad to you, believe me, I wouldn't have let you get it. But I just want what is best for you. And I didn't realize this until now, but we have something special. We're not just some high school couple. We're in love. But not even just in love, we have some kind of special bond. We've found each other. We've found our perfect match. And before I met you I was just some dumb ass kid, but you made me who I am today. You made me realize what life's about. Mary, I love you more than words could say. I love everything about you. You beautiful face, your hair, you're sexy smile, you way your eyes make me melt, the way you try to help everyone, your witty sense of humor, you warm personality. Everything. And I sat here and told you everything, we'd be here forever."

Mary smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. "God, Joey. I love you so much."

His lips crashed against hers. He slipped his hands around her neck as she pulled him closer. But soon Joey felt Mary's lips freeze. He gasped and pulled himself back, gently shaking her limp body. And then the machine beside them went flat…

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