Chapter 9

His lips crashed against hers. He slipped his hands around her neck as she pulled him closer. But soon Joey felt Mary's lips freeze. He gasped and pulled himself back, gently shaking her limp body. And then the machine beside them went flat…

Several doctors raced into the room, but paused when their eyes landed on Mary. There was nothing they could do. After all she had signed a DNR. But that didn't stop Joey. He positioned one hand over the other, before beginning CPR. "Please help her."

"Sir, I'm sorry. She signed a DNR. It's against the rules."

"Please. I can't let her die. I love her." Joey begged, as his tears fell from his face and onto Mary.

"Sir, I'm sorry." Dr. Wilton frowned in sympathy. This was the worst part of her job.

"Do you have a husband? Or kids? Or someone you love?"

"I have a husband and three kids." Dr. Wilton replied, unsure where he was taking this.

"What would you do if it was one of them? You wouldn't just watch them die." He continued with the heart compressions, persuasively glancing back and forth between Mary and Dr. Wilton.

Dr. Wilton glanced at the nurses. She took a deep breath before, taking over for Joey. "Mbeth, call a code. Sara, replace her IV."

Joey took a few steps back, watching as the scene turned into chaos. Tear begun to roll down his face as his heart pounded in his chest. He couldn't believe this was happening. He still couldn't believe she had been diagnosed with cancer. She was dying and just ten minutes ago he had become frustrated with her. Inside, he felt as if he too…were dying. He didn't know how much longer he could watch.

The lines on the machine jumped like an elated preschooler as Dr. Wilton collided the shock paddles with Mary's chest. The one last thought of hope was gone. Right here and right now, he thought she was going to die. He had no doubt. And as her heart rate began to drop, he was almost positive she was gone forever.

But suddenly, Joey's prayers were answered. Her heart rate began to become steady and the machines had stopped screaming. Everyone in the room took a sigh of relief, but Joey was still terrified he would lose her.

This wasn't supposed to be happening. None of this. He and Mary were supposed to be graduating from high school in June and attending college in September. She was supposed to move in as soon as she turned eighteen. They were going to get married young and start a family. They were supposed to be bringing their little baby home for the first time. They were supposed to be watching their children grow and play. But instead, she was dying and his heart was shattering.

And just as he had more hope, her heart went flat…again. Doctors had no choice, but to pull the shock paddles out. They rubbed them together, before colliding them with her chest. But nothing. They tried a second time, and a third, and a fourth, which soon turned into an eleventh. After the twelfth time, they stopped. Tommy continued to watch, still oblivious to what happened. But as the doctors settled down, he began to grow more nervous. "Please…there's got to be something…"

"I'm sorry sir."

"No! This isn't happening! This can't be happening!"

"I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do, she's passed away."

"No! This is a dream! This isn't happening! This…" He pulled Mary's limp body into his arms, squeezing her as hard as possible. His heart shattered into a million little pieces and he felt it would never heal. He lost his girlfriend. He lost his love. He lost everything he had. She was his world. She was the only thing that mattered to him. She was everything to him. And now she was gone.

He kissed her several times, before continuing to sob into her. He was never going to forgive himself. He had kissed her. Maybe it was too hard and caused her to fall into cardiac arrest. And now she was dead. He would never be able to tell her he loved her again. He was never going to forgive himself. He was never going to move on with his life. "Please bring her back. Somebody please. She was so amazing. She never did anything wrong. Please bring her back. Please!"

"I'm sorry. Mary has passed away." Dr. Wilton confronted to Tami and Dustin softly.

Tami collapsed into Dustin's arms sobbing. They would never see her again. They would never be able to talk to her or hug her. They would never be able to spend time with her or even just see her usual bright smile. She was so special and so sweet and now she was gone. Forever. "Dustin she can't be gone. She just can't."

"It's okay Tami. Everything's going to be okay. She's in a better place now." He tried to comfort her, but he was sobbing as well. He couldn't imagine how Joey felt. He knew if Tami passed away, he wouldn't be able to survive.

But right now Joey didn't think he would survive. The most important thing in his life was in his arms…dead. And he knew it wasn't a dream. She was dead. He laid his head against her chest, continuing to sob. "I love you Mary."

Thanks so much for reading my story! This is the end, unfortunately. This was a short and sad story, but I hope you enjoyed. I would just like to take the time to say I'm sorry to everyone in the world who has or has had cancer. And if anyone reading this story has or had or knows somebody, who has cancer, I pray and hope that everything will be okay. I've had two grandparents die from cancer and it is terrible. I hope someday soon there will be a cure. Thanks again and please leave your last thoughts/comments. Review!