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A/N: Word Count: 484. What if Carson hadn't been called away and the control chair test had continued as planned?

What If...
Nothing Drastic

"I'm not doing anything." Carson wailed as colors flashed on the screen that was floating above his head.

"Tell that to the sensors." Rodney said, waving his heads at the ancient display.

Zelenka tapped furiously on his computer. "Rodney." He called trying to get the physicist's attention.

"Busy." He replied, irritation lacing his voice.

"It's important." Zelenka said, frustration of his own apparent.

"Can't you see I'm busy at the moment." As he moved to the ancient console and started madly punching buttons himself.

"Yes, I can see that." Rodney finally focused on Radek. "You need to see this." Rodney sighed, but motioned Zelenka to come closer.

"What's happening?" Carson asked, panic clearly infusing his voice as the screen started to change into a map of Atlantis.

"Everything's fine, Carson." Rodney said, as he scanned the data. He eyes widened.

"What do you mean? Everything is not fine." He said, his brogue increasing with every word as the screen above his head focused in on a part of the city.


"What does that mean?" His dismay increased as he tried to get their attention from where he sat in the control chair.

Ignoring Carson, Rodney spoke into his earpiece, "We need Major Sheppard down here, now. No, I don't have time to explain." He said waving his hands about in agitation before nodding slowly and turning to Carson. "Major Sheppard will be here shortly. Whatever you do don't think about the drones."

Something akin to horror showed on Carson's face, "Oh, no."

"What do you mean 'oh, no'?" Rodney demanded, his voice panicked. Then, the alarms sounded.

"Not again." On the screen, it showed the launch and firing of a drone.

"Carson, I need you to concentrate." Rodney said, in an uncharacteristic bout of reassurance.

"I can't." He answered, his accent even thicker then before.

"Focus, Carson." Rodney said, as Zelenka muttered in the background as he typed frantically.

Suddenly, John rushed into the room followed by several marines.

"Thank goodness." Rodney sighed a breathe of relief.

"You must be having a bad day." John mentioned.

"I called you to help, Major, not to stand around making idle comments."

"Just tell me what you need to do." John asked, waiting for instruction.

"I need you to take over for Carson."

"Can I do that?"

"I don't see why not."

"Hello, a bit of help here." Carson cried as he tried to control the drone.

"Okay, Carson on the count of three, I need you to get out of the chair." Rodney told him.

"Okay." Carson panted.

"One." John said.

"I don't think I can do this." Carson muttered.

"Two. Come on, Carson." John said, reassuringly. "Three." They dragged him out of the chair, allowing John to take his place. Moments later, the alarms and lights went silent as the chair sat automatically upright.

"Well, that was easy." John commented.

"Speak for yourself, Major."