Castiel was still in a chair beside his bed when he woke, shadowy bars slashing across his pale skin and white gauze wrapped around his stomach. Dean knew he wasn't in the hospital, it was too warm, the bed to damn comfortable.

"Cas? Where I am?" Dean said, or something near there. His mouth felt heavy, his tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth.

"My place, I don't have a key to yours." There was something in his voice….something that made Dean think he was mad. But Dean had seen an angry Cas before, heard him when he was mad at something stupid Dean had done. This didn't sound like that.

"Never stopped you before."

Castiel stood, stepping out from the shadows like a nightmare…or a wet dream. He sat on the edge of the bed, facing Dean…and yeah he was pissed. Dean had never seen him pissed before.

"You should have told me."

"You don't like hearing about others that I take to my bed."

"And Michael fell into that category?"

"Yeah." Dean shifted, sat up and stretched. "For awhile."

"You should have told me Dean." Castiel was all grace as he moved, stretching his body out to lie next to Dean.

"I didn't think he'd kidnap me." Dean tried to protest but he could tell Castiel wasn't listening.

A hand brushed away the covers and smooth down Dean's abdomen.

"You should have told me." Castiel cut off any protest by pressing his mouth hard to Dean's.

Their tongues danced and fucked and Castiel allowed Dean to pull him on top.

"You sure about this Cas?" Dean mouth at the side of Cas' neck.

"Yes." Cas cupped his jaw and brought Dean's mouth back to his. "I love you Dean."

Whatever Dean could have said….would have said to that was swallowed up in moan. Cas teased him, played his body like a pro and him a withering mess all splayed out for his use. The hand wrapped around his dick was warm and soft and so damn good. Dean's head was thrown back, mouth gaped open, and legs spread wide. He nearly bit his tongue as Castiel's hot, wet mouth wrapped around his hard length and sucked him down in one greedy gulp. His tongue played in the slit and teased the sensitive skin under the head. Pre-come spilt like a waterfall and Castiel lapped it up, moaning like a whore on his dick.

Dean had thought about this before, of course, how the hell could he have not. But in his dreams he was the one on his knees sucking on Cas and coming from the feel of the pulsing, warm hardness in his mouth. And he had no doubt that it would be just as hot as he imaged when he finally got Cas in his mouth….but damn Cas was good. So fucking good.

He didn't hear the drawer open or the crinkling of the condom wrappers. But he did feel the cool, silk finger circling his puckered hole.


A finger pushed in, wriggling around and dancing inside Dean until it found that spot that had Dean praising Cas' name. Two fingers created a tight burn and three had him begging…pleading. 'Fuck Cas, fuck me….please…please fuck me."

Cas' dick was heaven, hard and pressing; demanding. He fucked Dean into the mattress, the box springs squeaking and the headboard pounding the wall.

"Dean." Cas sounded broken, desperate. He pushed Dean's legs, out and up and over his shoulders nearly bending the other man in half as he took and gave pleasure.

"So good, baby….please, please."


Cas worked Dean's dick again, wrapping a tight fist around the ripeness and allowed him to fuck it while Cas fucked him. A breath later Dean was coming, his milky seed splashing on his chest and hitting Castiel's face. The tight clenching of his body had Cas coming soon after, a moan ripping from his throat.

Cas moved smoothly, rolling to the side and taking Dean with him; ignoring the wet press of Dean's cum as he pulled him into his chest. His tongue snaked out and he tasted Dean there.

"I love you too." Cas looked a little to shock and Dean kissed him. "What? You didn't know that."

"I don't share Dean." Cas said after a moment.

And, yeah Dean knew that and was totally prepared for it. Three days in a cell gave him time to think. He wanted Cas, only Cas and fuck his commitment fears he'd have Cas if the crazy bastard would have him.

"You'll be the death of me Winchester."

"Yeah but you'll die happy Detective."