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Well once again we are leaving for Oksana's place; I've missed her a lot, Rose and I have gotten really close to her and Mark. Oksana is one of the most caring people that I know of, her and Mark are really cool, they are very understanding and not so superficial like Royals. Both of them helped Rose and I when we first took off from St. Vlad's, Mark taught Rose how to use a gun and he also gave us supplies we needed to keep ourselves away from the guardians.

Maybe I should start from the beginning, well I thought that I was being watched and I was really freaking out. I talked Rose into leaving with me since she knew that no-one would've believed her that the innocent Princess Dragomir would do such a thing as to take off from the school. Rose had the perfect escape plan, we were to both pack a small duffle bag that had only the essentials in it. She told me to put the bag into the woods where no one would see it, and then I was to meet her in the woods after everyone was asleep. Rose took us past the cabins and over the school wall, she walked us back through the woods and she had me stay while she took off to the parking lot. She came back shortly with a car, Rose stole a pair of car keys earlier that day from the office.

Rose took one of the sporty cars, we took off for Las Vegas, and then we took a chartered plane to Russia. We took the train in St. Petersburg to Moscow, when the train stopped Rose and I went to walk around and find a restaurant. After walking around for half an hour or so we finally found one, once our food was ordered Rose looked at me meaningfully.

"Liss we're going to have to talk about where we are going to go after we get to Omsk" she said.

"Well Rose I think that we should stay in Omsk for a while I mean the Guardians won't think that we got this far anyways" I replied.

"Yeah, alright Liss we'll stay there for now but we might have to move on to somewhere else sometime soon. But I think that staying there would be a good idea, I think that they'll love you and it might be a safe place to be since there's a lot of Damphir's there" Rose said.

"So that's the plan then? We're going to be staying in Omsk until further notice?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess so Liss. Hey, hurry up and finish eating the train's going to be leaving soon. I'll go pay for the food, oh and Liss go to the bathroom before we leave you don't want to use the trains trust me it's just disgusting" she said with a disgusted look on her face. I just laughed at her facial expression. When we finally got on the train I was relieved because it was way too crowded outside the train since everyone was pushing to load back onto the train. Rose and I have one of the first class rooms on the train; our room has two beds, a couch, a T.V., shower and sink.

It was way to boring laying awake on the train watching the landscape flyby outside the window, Rose tried to sleep but she only got about two hours or so. We got dressed and left for the dinner cart it was almost full, they were serving breakfast which was sort of weird since it would be dinner time for Rose and I right now. Once the train finally pulled up to the station in a town just outside of Omsk Rose and I left to find a Car Sale place. We bought a car that would blend us in to the other people but was fast. Rose took us as far as she could and stopped at a motel to stay the night; we ordered room service and went to bed.

Once we woke up in the early hours of the morning and left for the diner that was attached to the hotel. Then we left for Omsk, Rose thought that the trip was going to take another couple hours. We arrived in Omsk around the afternoon time, we left to find a place to stay we ended up finding a apartment that was rented to us at a cheap price. The apartment was fully furnished and had one large room with two twin beads, two large closets, and two large dressers. We had a large Kitchen, with stainless steel appliances, a large living room with a flat screen T.V., and a nice sized dinning room.

Rose and I settled in our apartment but the next day we had to leave for the grocery store. That's where we met Oksana and Mark, they were nice to us they asked us where we were from since we were new in town. Oksana asked me if I knew what I specialized in and that's when I checked out her aurora. Oksana and I ended up spending a lot of time together, she understood why Rose and I took of from school. She said that sometimes she got the same feeling, that she is being watched or followed.

After a month or so of living in Omsk we met the Belicov's, Olena was nice but I liked their grandmother the most. I disliked Viktoria because it seemed like around that time that she was trying to take Rose from me. They got along really well and hung out a lot while I was at Oksana's house. I guess I was Jealous of their friendship, I know it doesn't make sense since Rose and I are so close but back then I think it was the Darkness that was getting to me. Some time after all of this Rose and I ran into Gyjin, she was nice and very pretty she was Japanese you could tell. We ended up showing her where Oksana and Mark lived since they moved from their old home and Gyjin hasn't been to their new place.

Not too much latter Olena and Yeva introduced us to Zemy, he was pretty interested in Rose and me for quite a while but in Rose's usual fashion she wasn't scared of him and his huge guardians. Zemy ended up piecing together that Rose was his daughter and that I was the missing Dragomir, he started dropping hints at Rose which irritated her to no end. Once Rose finally figured it out because Yeva told her what his real name was well apparently the Queen told Rose her father's real name. They ended up spending a lot of time together since Rose's mother thought it was a good idea to keep them apart, Abe kept our whereabouts to himself and made sure that people in Russia wouldn't say anything.

Soon Gyjin was leaving back for her hometown but she asked Rose and I if we wanted to go with her since Japan was smaller than where we were then. Well at least the place she lived was small it was a village like Omsk but the place was closer knit then Omsk though. Rose and I ended up leaving with her, apparently though Abe really knew who she was. He told us who Gyjin was, she was one of the most famous Guardians in our history but she all of a sudden disappeared. Rose ended up training with Gyjin and became even more deadly than she already was. Gyjin taught Rose how to use a Samurai sword, and many other weapons. Rose became very deadly since she learned Gymnastics and any other things that helped her in combat. After a year Rose and I moved to Portland. The whole thing about Fireball was that when her dad didn't know who she was he tried to intimidate Rose by making a fireball because he lost his temper. Abe also got so mad that he tried to fire at Rose but she ducked in time, so Abe ended up hitting his own guardian.

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