Authors note: Yo whats up this is a fanfic about Zilla fighting Cloverfield Enjoy.


Chapter 1

Sirens tor the air as two people ran under a bridge one was a female how was dressed with fashion and with a yellowish tone to her skin. The other was a male holding a camera wearing a fine brown jacket with so much dirt on it, it wasn't even funny... then again nothing was funny today.

"Under here..." the man said.

"I'm scared." she said in a very horrific tone of exhaust, and fear. As in how often do you see any thing that large? And ate your friend without mercy? Killed thousands without remorse?

They new what the military was going to do.

"We need to say our goodbyes..." the man said holding up the camera.

" I can't." the women said startled because she new by saying it... it would be true.

"WE HAVE TO!" The man shouted at her.

"but... but b-bu-but." She stuttered.

"No buts they need to know..." He then raised the camera to his face and said.

"6 or 7 hours ago a tremor hit and awoke something that you may now about witch we have no idea... and I think there going to bomb us. So if any body finds this video I hope it does good with your research..." as if on Q the sky glowed with orange, and yellow fire as the mushroom cloud formed.

In a fating scream the last thing they heard was the monster's scream mixed up with the woman's scream of "Goodbye!"As the ground shock with a tremor like none before. The camera buried in the rubble.

As the radiation swept across the ruins of Manhattan something far below the surface of the water awoke with the smell of radiation the lizard like figure swam to the surface.

About 1,000ft above it the dust cloud was clearing the amphibious destroyer was slowly making its way up injured but not to bad that it couldn't walk it looked around with its big, blank, black, endless, eyes and saw the rubble but as it took another step it felt the know familiar pinches of minor explosion's hit it. Pissed of it stared down at a tank that manged to make it. Then it just steeped on it and continued looking at the ruins and amusement hit it because of the sheer power of these creatures...

But with a small noise he looked up and saw some airstrike planes above him.