Chapter 5

Zilla ran though buildings and finally made a hole in the ground and just stood still and lets his wounds heal and because of the Regenerator G1 (if you haven't seen Godzilla 2000 you wont understand.) It was up in only 30 minutes. Cloverfield however was looking for the bay to heal in because water made it stronger. Clover field new it would take around an hour to recover fully but only 42 minutes in it saw its rival walking by searching for it Cloverfield slowly sank into the water. Zilla walked to the bay and drank than it spun so fast it became a blur because just then Clover leaped out of the water trying to hit Zilla but instead got a tail to the face.

Zilla jumped on its downed opponent and began ripping and scathing it but a stomach tentacle erupted an slammed Zilla into the ground. Cloverfield got up and tried to bite it but Zilla breathed fire and it burst back Cloverfield was ready to end this it grabbed Zilla and threw him into a still standing building it got on the rubble and jumped on it then Zilla's tail whacked Cloverfield but then Zilla lounged at it but then Cloverfield bit its neck and hold on crunching it then a crack was heard and Zilla feel limp.

Military base

"sir... Cloverfield has won... what should we do?"

O'Neil looked at Nick and said "what do you suggest?"

"One more Nuke... so the home team can win..."

"What? What home Team?..." No answer "Fine Deploy Nuke.

"Yes sir."


Cloverfield Walked on and regenerated fully and saw another plane fly high over head. Cloverfield stared at it and then it dropped the bomb witch exploded just a mile away then the radiation swept over it and out of the dust the monster emerged and roared it sick, gruesome roar.

Stupid creatures that didn't heart as much as last time...


Cloverfield turned and saw Zilla stand up but it was different. But Cloverfield screeched in frustration and ran at the lizard but as it turned fire blazed in its eyes and its spikes glowed red. Cloverfield stoped as Zilla's thorns were glowing bright then it opened it mouth and shoot out a huge bursting fire that made 1000 A Bomb look like a gust of wind. And when the Flames died down only Zilla was their Cloverfield had been incinerated. Zilla Roared For his first true victory was here and then went back into the ocean to sleep until needed...