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Chapter One

It had all started then, a single moment in time in her far distant past. A selfish decision created on hope. She truly didn't understand… because now, this future self of that one selfless albeit childish girl she had once been… no longer felt hope. She felt only pain, unfathomable sorrow and loss. Most of all she felt guilty… because if it hadn't been for this regret, had she done it right that first time… she maybe could feel hope once again but till then duty spoke to her as she stared at the Time Key Staff in her long slender fingers, her other hand on her long transparent white cape ragged from the dirt and rips.

It did nothing to hide her wings mostly where the soft pearlescent colored feathers were stained red and frail looking compared to their once glory. The matted floor length hair and feathers were swaying with the cape in the desolate breeze that carried the scent of despair, destruction and death. Screams of insane rage and shattering cries of the broken sounded through the dead wind.

Chaos lived in every breath of air, and as she stood there in her torn, white fuku, having colored by the purest of white, golds and silvers and decorated with a rainbow of the ones she loved… it was now reduced to cloth ridden with blood and tears. Dirt and sweat smudges on the once beautiful material and her own battered and beaten skin.

The damage inflicted to her state of being was not unlike her surroundings. The beautiful crystal buildings, and lush green gardens that were once littered with warm light and a vast variety of color and love, were left burning in the evil darkness of the night. Debris flew everywhere among the fires and the dust stifled any fresh air while she stood outside watching the destruction.

No. Hope could not win against the Chaos of this future. No. No one can face this incarnation, this Chaos. Sailor Chaos.

She had bound him to the Earth. Destroyed his body but he still lived… and his body would live again. He had laughed…

He had laughed as he was destroyed. He promised that even now his power worked on destroying everything she loved, and that one day she would be his warrior and his power would control the Maraboroshi no Ginzuishou, that one day he would control her star seed, her Sailor Crystal, through her.

And she knew he was right. She knew that he could control her, as he did to others… she knew that he was not powerless and that his power of Chaos was destroying not just earth but the very people that lived on it, people whom she loved so much. There was no longer any order and peace felt as if it had been an unfulfilled dream.

He had killed everyone that she held most dear. Her most important people… and still his power worked without his body, killing the home she held most dear and the people she vowed on her life that she would always love and would always, protect.

She knew what she had to do. They were gone, and were not coming back this time. No. This sad future must not come to pass.

…She also knew that as she accepted this mission, she would never see her loved ones again. Her millennia of peace would never come to be but that was alright… because Sailor Chaos is an entity that must never come to exist. Even if it had meant neither would her future and her child and all their wonderful memories together.

A sad future it had become, a war ridden destiny that lead no where but torturous unending suffering and tragic death.

No, she was much older now, much wiser and very regretful. Her foolish sense of hope is gone; and duty, responsibility and hard choices were all that mattered now.

Her metallic blue eyes frosted, reflecting like little silver crystals, and her shining silver hair sparkling in the wind as it blew about her in the chaotic gusts.

Hope can only carry one so far… no. She would do what had to be done to truly prevent this sad future, this end to everything. She would not let the balance tip anymore.

She would not let this future, this event come to pass. No matter what.

And she knew what that entailed. She knew she would have to pay a price. She knew…

That she would break the strongest Taboo of the Gates of Time. She would change the past and create an alternate timeline. Everything time stood on would change and all will die, but this way the end could begin again and this time Chaos nor her, would exist to bring about such an awful tragedy.

The long slim rod in her hands grew hot, and the heat singed her hands. The garnet orb atop it's heart shaped key ring began to glow with an eerie intensity.

The strong gales picked up and grew dense. Dust and debris began to fly about her and swirl together in front of her. She watched as the dust began to block out the light of the fires burning in the background and darkness began to replace the dark clouds and red moon that shown from above. The stars disappeared and the only horizon was a sky completely black. No sound could be heard any longer.

Droopy, melted clocks began to float by, ghostly white and transparent as apparitions continuously swirling about her and away from her. The dust and debris that once clouded the area had paled and became a dense fog, the pale gray mists rising and falling and blowing about rapidly and so much that her vision became hazy and her mind dizzy. The rod grew hotter and she grew more lightheaded.

Until finally before her in it's tall glory, rising above all the mists and through the fog, doors of the softest lavender, the same color as the large key; stood in front of her, reaching wide and so tall that they seemed to almost disappear in the thick blackness above.

Insignia's of worlds and power littered the door as well as a vast amount of other symbols, letters and numbers engraved in the sides of the door, with magic runes imbedded in the wood unable to age or decay, forever frozen in time. A language long forgotten inscribed among it's lavender surface and a bed of stone, from which the fogs were birthed from lay directly in front of the massive doorway.

The Doorstep of Time… and the entrance of the Gates of Time.

"I will not let you despair in vain, I will prevent this and this time I will make the right choice. I will lead my former self to the right decision."

The Gates opened and a whirlwind of power rushed through her, pulling her into the stream of time.

Slowly as she swam through the Timestream, her body gave off a glow, and her clothes melted from her body, magic covering her skin in an array of bright pink colors. As she rushed to her destination, her body began to shrink the ribbons of magic the color of midnight with the distant shining of stars and galaxies laced in it's silken texture, covered her tiny, now childlike body.

The magical glow of roses and pinks left her flesh, leaving behind the pale peach glow of her skin and brightly rosy cheeks, rounded and full with the look of youth and eyes covered with long lashes opened to reveal large, fairylike eyes of the young, innocent pale blue hues swirling in eyes laden with sadness and wisdom, but clear, colorful and large. Eyes with the appearance of a child but the depth of someone much older than can tell.

As the glow continued to leave her skin, hair the same colors of the iridescent cherry pink remained behind, the silken strands much shorter and woven in the same four buns of hair, two on each side tied so tightly together from two of the buns, they formed a shape of a heart on either side, leaving only a few loose strands from her much shorter hair to fall in ribbons forming cherry pink bouncy thin curls to trail beneath them.

Her small toddler like body was still covered in the ribbons painted with the scenery of the universe, and as the magic grew, the ribbons glowed until they were completely white and burst away from her body leaving cute black dress shoes, a soft cute white blouse with ruffles and a small pleated blue skirt with white puffy layers of lace beneath.

Above her forehead the eight pointed star fell from silver, to white to a pale yellow before turning into a golden crescent moon and from there it fell from gold, to white, to pink to form a dark cherry colored heart.

The reddish pink heart remained, the light shooting out like a laser and forming a small heart shaped broach, of the same pink color, to rest on her chest between the blue ribbons that formed a thin bow where her heart lay.

A small smile formed on her lips as the air below her swirled softer now, it became easier to breath and slowly a warm glow grew beneath her feet before the time stream opened up and she was swallowed by a warm inviting light.

She fell through the sky for only a brief moment until a small pink and white ruffled sun umbrella magically appeared in her hand and she glided slowly to the ground.

As her feet touched down, she looked around with fond childlike eyes, her expression calm and serene as she took in her surroundings. The memories.

A sudden unexpected warm gust of wind bloomed, and her umbrella flew from her hands, carried on the wind- where as soon as she turned to look… her former self had caught the young girls umbrella and stared at her with a naïve sense of knowing but she could see clearly in her past self the pain and sadness. She would be too confused to know, too clouded. She would help her make the right choice.

She would have no regrets this time.

She smiled tilting her child like head sweetly, "Chibichibi?"

It has begun.

Many more millennia had passed upon Earth since the fall of Crystal Tokyo's millennia of peace… Chaos continued across earth and through it's many decades never ceasing in it's destructive and unbalanced path to keep peace and hope, from the people of Earth. Wars, hatred and ignorance were bred through his never ending power, waiting for the moment his body would be reborn. Waiting, for her return.

The moment she neared her time, the very second of it, she knew something was going terribly wrong.

Sailor Cosmos knew however, with reborn hope in her heart, she would make it through this and gain back the honor she lost by cowardly running away from the world she swore to protect.

And suddenly all was black, her vision and consciousness stolen from her as she descended through time at a hurdling spiral. Her silent form began to glow as she lost her Cosmos henshin and returned to her original form. She was once again Neo Queen Serenity.

When she awoke, she found herself in a very wooded forest, the moon shining sadly upon her. She knew she was not where she had originally intended to be. While she had collapsed, she had gone far past her own time, until the Stream of Time hurtled her out of it's gates and into this unknown time. She had traveled far past the moment she had left when she last battled Sailor Chaos.

She quickly realized she had lost her henshin and was once again in the royal regalia she had worn the night Sailor Chaos came to be. Her silken white lacy dress was not even half of the glory it had been and the center jewel of her crown had been cracked, the ends of the gold burnt and darkened while her hair fell loosely from two slightly undone buns. The only reminder of the era she should have returned to.

The Maraboshi no Ginzuishou sat around her neck from a small, very thin, simple silver and gold chain.

A solitary tear slipped over her pale pink cheeks and rolled down towards her chin, where a pool of tears began to gather.

She couldn't become Cosmos again, when she became Queen she could no longer become Sailor Moon… she had lost the power to henshin because Sailor Moon was no longer needed as her role as Queen. She didn't fully understand why she became Cosmos and doesn't know how to again…

Her hands cupped her face as she began to despair, she had failed them again.

"No." her hands clenched and she tightly closed her eyes, wiping away her tears she knelt on the ground and stared determinedly at the broken image of her moon, it too having been effected by how long Chaos's reign on it had lasted. How far had she traveled past her own time? How long had the Earth and it's people suffered while she had been gone?

"I may not be able to call upon the power of time to my side again until I can become Cosmos, but I can't wait for that to happen." Her dark crystal blue eyes glared determinedly. "If I am here, at this time instead of then, then there must be a reason. I know this is my Destiny." Her eyes softened and she smiled withdrawn, "…because I have hope."

She may not be able to become Cosmos but she is not completely powerless. She can feel the scars of the Earth, ridden with a millennia of death, destruction and war. Peace was like a far off memory in this new time. In fact, even in the core of the planet, she could tell. It had forgotten what peace had ever even been like.

No, she would not wait. This was the price she had to pay. This was the price of breaking the sacred Taboo of changing the past and even though she hadn't succeeded she would still be punished by the power of the Gates.

Her price cost Earth and the people who lived there many decades of pain and misery. Her price was to suffer through Earth and Humanities suffering because time continued without her, and she had failed. The gates had brought her to this time, because she had been unable to help them then and had tried to break a taboo, so her price is being too late and suffering the consequences of her abandonment. Her sin.

And she accepted this price, because even though she is many millennia late, she is here now… and she will defeat Chaos this time. She had the power of hope. She was the Light of Hope.

He was just out… he needed fresh air. He needed to think.

That's when he saw her.

And he knew immediately, she wasn't normal. Not because her hair was white, sparkling and shimmering in the light as if it were diamonds on freshly fallen snow, when she was much too young, maybe even younger than him.

It wasn't her tattered dress, which from what he could tell had once been a beautiful gown of white silks, lace and pearls, held by an intricate bodice of gold rings and silver crescent moons that was now torn and bloodied, the front half burned to shreds in front of her long slim legs.

No, it was with his gift of Empathy. He felt the signature wear and tear of many ages and wisdom. He felt a soul ridden by war, destruction and death, he felt many battles and many victories and one large loss, one large failure… but mainly he felt guilt and the need, the determination to succeed.

Her large soul called out to him and he couldn't help but think she looked like an apparition of a god… an otherworldly being in human form.

It was midnight, and he was alone in the forest with this young woman, a girl who looked in appearance no older than eighteen, with her ethereal features and the moonlight directly above her, he couldn't help but to think it. To think that he had witnessed the tragic fall of an angel, fallen from grace to Earth.

And just as he thought this, she seemed to acknowledge his presence and turned to him with dark eyes tortured and sad, but with a light of fight in their deep cerulean depths. Large sapphire eyes dark and surrounded by thick long eyelashes, brushing against soft pink cheeks and held in a heart shaped pale face. A sweet face of a heavenly being.

She stood, the front of her tattered dress ending inches before her knees, and the back trailed long and pooled around her feet, where torn tendrils of white silk and lace, from which a large pale white-pink bow, darkened through wear, sat translucently at the small of her back, slightly burnt and covered in smudges of dirt.

Pearls fell and broke off of her dress as she stood and her intricate gold and white gold crown of jewels and crystals fell from her head to the floor, as her iridescent hair fell from the loose buns to flow around her to the ground in a waterfall of liquid white diamonds, curling and in disarray.

"Are you an angel?" He asked it before he could stop himself, the question falling softly in a whisper from his lips sounded so loud in the quiet of the night and left him astonished he had even asked it.

Her pert pink lips formed into a small, wistful smile. She closed her eyes and twisted her face to the moon. A small shaky breath escaped her lips and her eyes opened to look at him softly, almost sadly. "No… I am no angel…" she whispered in a sweet voice. Her eyes narrowed in determination. "But I am hope."

And standing there in a halo of moonlight, he believed her.

Because what he felt through his Empathy over everything else, was an overwhelming sense of hope.

"Damnit!" Duo cursed as he backed up and spat blood. He turned to his assailant and smirked. "Been awhile since someone was able to draw first blood."

Beneath the cloak of his enemy, underneath a large black hood, cruel lips turned into a cold smile.

Duo chuckled. "Still refuse to talk, huh?" He pulled out his gun from the back of his black jeans, "Fine by me, buddy."

The cloaked figure threw down a small circular device and Duo shot. The ally quickly became an area filled with black smoke and dust.

Duo coughed and backed up, cursing. He shielded his eyes and rolled to the floor and crouched up a short distance away. The smoke was finally clearing but his enemy was gone.


A shrill ring erupted from his back pocket and he jumped, cursing again before suddenly laughing hysterically. He pulled out his cell phone, "yo?" he wiped the blood from his lips, with a smile of amusement.

His smile fell and his eyes widened, "Quatre?"

Chapter End

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