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Chapter Eight

Stars glittered as the ship silently and slowly made it's way to the moon. As they rode the horizon towards space, two massive ships could be seen hovering above the atmosphere of earth. The closest one was a deep blue and looked incredibly menacing with it's array of weaponry. Other mobile suits floated around the mother ship.

"So that's them… can they not see us?" Serenity asked quietly, her hands clenched in her lap with her brow furrowed.

"The ship is cloaked similar to the devices of how are gundam's work. So far, they've worked." Duo called from the co-pilot's seat next to where Hiiro was flying the ship.

Serenity's brow furrowed further as she closed her eyes, her crescent glowing softly in the dim lighting of the cockpit. She scanned the ships for her senshi and relaxed only as she realized she could not sense them aboard the large crafts that floated among the earth, oppressing millions.

Out the small window she could see massive meteors trapped within the gravitational pull of earth. They weren't new to her, and she recalled her daughter's senshi with fond memories. Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas. Several colonies were built upon them, and even unattached manmade structures. These were probably the colonies that the pilots had told her about. Around them, similar ships encircled the colonies and she could see strange gigantic humanoid machines fighting in flashes of energy and light. Battles waged amongst the colonies…

As they neared the moon, they were weary when the final General's ship that was supposed to guard the base was no where in sight.

"Do you think it's on the other side of the Earth?" Quatre asked what they all were wondering.

"We need to go to the dark side of the moon." Serenity frowned.

Wufei frowned, his brow furrowed and his ebony eyes hard. "That could be suicide. This might be a trap. Nightmare's ship is missing, it could be waiting for us on the other side."

"Even if that's so, we need to go there. We have to take that chance."

As they flew over the abandoned moon base Serenity gazed at it in amazement. The technology mankind has invented to go survive in space amazed her. She wondered if mankind remembered the kingdoms from her time, and if this was their way of desperately trying to reach a past they have forgotten.

"Is this building another colony, it's quite large?"

Duo eyed her only for a moment out of the corner of his eyes before facing forward again. "It was originally going to be a colony, but the terrain …rejected the building. Violent space storms and gravity warps made it difficult so the project was abounded." he paused. "What had been built was used for military purposes during the wars."

Trowa eyed Serenity almost curiously. "Is there a… magical reason why the moon had acted in such a way?"

Serenity smiled and leaned her elbow on the chair, her hand in her closed fist and her cheek resting on it. "Many millennia before I had been Queen, in my past life, there had been a kingdom and people that flourished on the moon, and all of the planets in this galaxy as I had told you before. It was destroyed when the Earth attacked under an evil entities manipulation. Since then, those that visited the moon could only stay so long." She resumed her stare out the window, her eyes seeing things they couldn't. "The planets are alive in the hearts of their senshi, and they are as living as you and I. The moon remembers that battle, and unless you are invited, you are not welcome."

"I hope that means you are inviting us." Duo smirked and gave Serenity a wink.

Serenity's eyes widened and she chuckled softly. Duo pouted for a second, it wasn't exactly the reaction he'd been hoping for. She eally though of them as kids. He smirked again, he was no kid.

The ship silently traveled through the darkness of the backside of the moon. When they made their slow decent to the ground they were in pitch black, complete darkness.

"We'll have to turn the lights on. Get ready, we'll have to give up the cover of darkness and we don't know what's out there." Hiiro called as he threw them space suits.

When Serenity was the only one without a suit, Wufei glared at her impatiently. "Hurry up and get dressed. We can't wait forever."

Serenity smiled patiently. "I don't need one."

"Amazing!" Quatre whispered. "I have to admit I'm envious."

Trowa nodded in agreement as he flicked on the lights from the ship on outside.

As they walked out, they took in the desolate barren wasteland of white sand everywhere and craters of varying sized creating mountains and holes everwhere.

"This isn't much different than before…" Duo commented rubbing his neck through his suit, his braid was itching his neck. He eyed Serenity jealously. Her shorter pearlescent hair floated in an unseen wind, affected as a slow wave.

She smiled, and he thought for a second she was an Angel as her crescent moon slowly began to glow with a soft warm light.

Looking to where her gaze was glued they watched as a mirage began to form before their eyes as if there had been an invisible sheild and it was melting away as an entire city of ruins began to materialize.

It was enormous and it was all around them. It reminded them of ruins on Earth, a mixture of Roman pillars made of marble and a Castle topped in silver and gold and decorated with a plethora of crescent moons. And right beside them reminded them of the most beautiful dark blues like the oceans on earth. The water was completely still and parts were white, frozen thick enough to land a ship on.

It had obviously had been a beautiful city once. Once. Now it was a city of ruins. Broken pillars, cracked and torn walls of marble were scattered everywhere. It was evident a horrible battle had happened a long time ago, maybe even passed the age of Antiquity.

Shadows form from the lights bounced off the surfaces and created an eerie and sad scene.

Serenity's eyes lowered in sadness, a far off look in her eyes.

Trowa's normally passive and indifferent emerald eyes looked at her in sympathy and rested a hand on her shoulder "Are you alright?"

"This is the Moon Kingdom. This is where everything began… everything."

Dou whistled, never before had he seen anything like this. "What a massive cover up."

Serenity frowned. "It's better that humanity remains unaware, this is sacred ground and while humanity is unaware, so is Chaos. While he roams free it's best that he doesn't know of this place." She took a small step forward, hesitant before turning to smile at them. "We'll go to the Tower of Prayer within the Castle."

"Why?" Wufei asked as he followed.

"My mother's spirit will be waiting there."

Duo groaned. "First Ancient Queen's, then aliens and now ghosts? What's next? Demons?"

A seductively feminine voice laughed lowly. "You must be a psychic, Pilot 02."

Everyone trned sharply to look at the pillar to the front and far left from them where the voice had come from.

Everyone's eyes immediately widened as the figure stepped forward.

Long pale pink hair, almost white in tone fell from a similar style they had seen Serenity where, except they were more oval and almost seemed to resemble cones, or cat ears. Thick hair fell from the buns before thinning in curls to trail along the ground. Narrow, cat like glittering red eyes sparkled with secrets.

She was the same height as Serenity, and had the same slim, long legged curvy form. She wore a shockingly familiar dress and Serenity frowned as she recalled the outfit clearly. Black Lady. Except this wasn't Black Lady, this was her daughter and she had been reborn. Serenity's eyes watered. She wondered whom her mother was this time. She wondered if her own mother had felt the same sudden hole in her heart as she did now.

"Is that your mother?" Trowa inquired surprised.

Quatre shook his head. "Something's not right." His baby blue eyes looked worried and he regarded the figure with a defensive pose.

Serenity forced a small smile. "No, this is my daughter. This is Serenity the third."

Duo's eyes widened and he turned to Serenity with a grin. "You really are a Milf!"

Everyone sweat dropped for a moment.

The woman snarled. "It's Nightmare now, and if you've forgotten, before you killed me I was Queen Rinity."

Everyone turned to Serenity with shock written o their faces.

Nightmare gave them a vicious smirk. "Oh, she didn't tell you? Well, now you know who the demon is. You're standing right next to her. She killed me. She killed us all. She's the reason for everything, all your wars, your despair and your troubles."

End Chapter


Right? Okay so now that my KEY part of my plot has made it's debut, I can say YEY!

So yes, the senshi are kinda evil right now… but now you know partially why!

We all have read stories where Usagi is betrayed by someone. Not this time, this time Usagi has betrayed them. LA GASP!

I don't like betrayal stories. I have never read one that did it well. The senshi would just never to that to anyone of each other. Well, except anime Haruka and Michiru, but they always had a REASON why they did what they did, ya know?

And so will Serenity so don't worry. She obviously isn't evil, but SOMETHING happened on "that day" back when she had become Sailor Cosmos, and now you're going to learn just exactly what.


So Chibiusa's hair looks more like her anime counterpart than her manga one. Remember, like it episode 158 I think, when Pallas switches their bodies? Except it's ankle length and kinda curly in the thinner part of her streamer.

And if you don't know who black lady is please look it up, she was an AMAZING villian! Her outfit was smoking hot lol.

The Moon Kingdom looked MUCH different than Crystal Tokyo. It was a mixture of Roman inspired pillars, marble and the Castle looked like an Eastern India like Palace with the rounder roofs with Crescent Moon Spires at the tips. Sea of Serenity is often mentioned and Serenity was said to be an amazing Ice Skater in the anime with only Jupiter as good as she is so I'd imagine there were frozen lakes but they weren't vibrant and moving like Earth which is a reason why she loves earth so much, but they were still and bland. Whites, Blues, Grays and silvers with random gold accents were the color theme of the Moon while Earth had a plethora of colors.

Sailor Moon and the senshi could breath and move regularly without space suits in space. They even fly through space in the manga and as scene in the R movie, they've always had that capability.



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