Not Just In My Dreams

Chap 1: The first encounter

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. It belongs to the awesome Masashi Kishimoto. I do however own the plot even if it came to me strangely.

Warning: This will eventually be Yaoi so if you don't like then please don't read cause I hate complaints. Rated M for later chapters

A lone boy sat in the swing, all by himself, in the middle of the playground. He wasn't smiling or laughing like the other kids around, he didn't even have his eyes open. They were tightly shut as if to block out any pain. The boy had a shock of blonde hair as bright as the sun and if he opened his eyes you would see the most cerulean blue eyes you will ever see.

The other kids in the playground just played around the small boy without giving him a single thought except for the occasional sneer behind his back. Soon, the boy started crying quietly his sobs going into unhearing ears. The parents of the other small children just turned their heads. The thoughts going through their heads were along the lines of, 'Useless kid' 'Murderer' 'Why should we care for him?'

Suddenly, another little boy that had never been to this town before, and therefore, had no idea why the little kid was crying, walked up to him and reached out a small, stubby hand. "Why are you crying?"

The small blonde boy stopped crying and looked up to see a young boy about his age (6) with black hair: long bangs and spiked weirdly at the back. He had pale skin which the blonde thought rivalled even the moon and deep black eyes that looked like black ice. The blonde wiped his tears and answered, "Nobody will play or speak with me."

The blackette slowly blinked, unable to think why nobody will play with the adorable blonde boy with thoughts going through his head such as 'He looks nice enough.' 'He doesn't look like he could hurt a fly.' 'Why are people being so mean to him?'. "I'll play with you if you want."

The blonde smiled brightly but before he could answer and ask the boy's name, someone who looked terribly alike to the blackette grabbed the other boy's hand and spoke in a deep, sharp voice, "Come, little brother." and dragged him off. The blonde's smiled slipped, but before the tears managed to escape again the blackette looked over his shoulder, smiled slightly, and talked just loud enough for the blonde to hear, "I hope we can meet again someday and then I can find out your name." The older boy pushed the blacknette into the car on the sidewalk and it drove away...

Hey! This is my first FanFic ever! Sorry this was kinda short but I wrote this in Science and I didn't have enough time to write anything else down. I came up with the idea for this story while I was dreaming actually and after I had woken up I immediately wrote the idea onto a notepad in the dark so I wouldn't forget it! If you like it, can you tell me cause otherwise I won't have any inspiration to write another chapter. I accept criticism whole-heartedly so PRETTY PLEASE REVIEW!