Not Just In My Dreams

Chap 2: The First Dream

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Warning: This will eventually become a yaoi story so if you don't like then please don't read cause I hate complaints. Rated M for later chapters.

A ten year old Naruto Uzumaki slurped down the last bit of his fifth bowl of miso ramen and looked up from his bowl at the man sitting across the table. "That, was one of the best ramen I've ever had Iruka. Thanks so much!"

The man known as Iruka, just smiled sweetly at Naruto who he now thinks of as a son. He was thinking about how much Naruto had grown over the past few years. He hadn't changed much physically, except for growing a few inches and acquiring three whisker-like marks on each which he still didn't know where Naruto had gotten them from because Naruto refused to tell him. All he knew was that one day after school, Naruto walked- well more like stumbled- through the front door to the house with bloody cheeks and was crying like no tomorrow.

'No' Iruka thought, 'that's not what is most different about him; it's all on the inside.' Iruka pondered this for a moment before he said, "Thanks Naruto, now off to bed. It's the first day of school for the year tomorrow."

Naruto groaned. "I don't wanna go to school tomorrow, people hate me." Even though he had said this, he had a slight smile on his face.

"If you go to school tomorrow, I'll treat you to ramen for a week." Naruto just grinned and ran up the stairs to his bedroom happy now that he could have his all time favourite meal for a week.

Iruka sat there for a moment, and then it came to him. 'Didn't Naruto say something about a mysterious, dark-haired child he met a couple of years ago?' Iruka struggled to remember what he had heard from the blonde's mouth after he had asked why he was so upbeat after being verbally and physically bullied one day. And Naruto had answered, "I met this kid two years ago, and he said we would meet again. So now, I'm trying to change from what I was before so that when I meet him again, he'll be proud."

Iruka remembered asking what the boy had looked like, and Naruto had said that he had pale skin (that apparently rivalled the moon), dark black eyes (Naruto had shivered when telling him that) and as Naruto liked to call it, a duck-but hair style.

For some reason, Iruka thought that the boy he had described seemed familiar somehow but he couldn't seem to place it. Iruka sat there for a long time, lost in thought. Until he heard a Naruto call out.

*In Naruto's bedroom*

After being promised a week's worth of ramen, Naruto had run up stairs and got ready for bed. He first brushed his teeth and ran into his bedroom almost tripping on the way. He changed into his favourite blue pyjamas with adorable little foxes covering them in many ways shapes and forms. He grabbed his favourite stuffed animal (yet another fox) named Kyuubi and hugged it to his chest when he lay down on the bed.

*Dream sequence*

Naruto found himself in the playground where he had first met his hope and light, the dark-haired boy, who he had nicknamed 'Sharingan' because he hadn't found out his name from their meeting. He looked around and noticed that no-one was there except him or so he thought. He walked towards the swings and sat himself down in one not noticing the dark-haired boy in the other. "I don't want to go to school tomorrow, everyone will hate me." He said to himself still not noticing that now the other boy had turned to look at him while spoke. "I'm going to be judged on whom I am by my mother again and I'll be hated before they even get a chance to notice me again." He sighed, and forcing the tears away he took a look at his surroundings again.

He almost jumped in surprise when he looked to his side to find 'Sharingan' sitting there staring at him as though he was disbelieving his sight as well. "'Sharingan'?"

Said boy blinked slowly as if trying to make out if this was real. Once he got over the shock, he spoke, "Sharingan? What's that?"

"I nicknamed you that cause I don't know your real name."

"Oh..." They sat in silence, just enjoying the company of the other. "Well if you would like to know my name it's S-", 'Sharingan' stopped as if an invisible force had choked him on his words. He tried again, "S-", again he was stopped and figured that he wasn't allowed to give his name so instead he just said, "Just call me Sharingan, it seems that we aren't allowed to give our names to each other."

"So what will you call me?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke sat on the swing and thought for a good name for the blonde. They sat in comfortable silence for a couple minutes while 'Sharingan' tried to think of a name for the fox wearing boy. 'That's it' he thought and suggested his name to the blonde. "How about Kitsune?"

Naruto grinned like a Cheshire cat, "I love it!"

"Now, what were you saying about being hated?" 'Sharingan' asked.

"People hate me; they think that I'll turn out like my mother. She was a mass-murderer and they all think that I'll turn out just the same." Naruto whispered the last bit as if not wanting 'Sharingan' to hear. But he did.

"Why would people judge you without any information except that your mother was the murderer? From what I've seen, you seem pretty nice." "Sharingan' smiled. "Well don't give up on trying to make friends and if nobody likes you, then I'll be your friend and we'll meet together every night." 'Sharingan's' smile widened when Naruto shouted a big 'Whoop' and smiled the biggest smile he had ever seen.

Suddenly, 'Sharingan' started fading in and out as he was waking up from who knows what. Naruto started to call out his name again and again as 'Sharingan' whispered his goodbye and he screamed, "SHARINGAN!"

*End dream sequence*

*Back with Iruka*


Iruka jumped and walked quickly up to Naruto's bedroom. He found Naruto sitting up in bed panting as if woken up from a nightmare. "What happened?" he asked.

Naruto just gave a weak smile, "Nothing 'Ruka."

"Okay, if you're sure you're fine I'll be going to bed. Night Naru."

"Night 'Ruka."

Iruka left the bedroom and headed to his own.

Naruto was sitting there with tears in his eyes. But, for the first time they weren't sad but happy tears. He finally had a friend. He grinned and lay back down, sleep taking over again but this time he didn't meet the other boy in them.

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