So this is my first fanfic that I have written... I have had this story in my head for while now and thought I would try it out. Please tell me if you would like me to continue or not, tell me what you think. Thanks. Hope you enjoy! R&R!

Chapter 1

I was sitting at the beach on a bench enjoying the view and wondering why my parents had to uproot me and my two brothers and move us in the middle of the school year. I'm from this little town in Rhode Island, Providence. I grew up there and so did my brothers. That was our home until last week. We moved to Orlando, Florida 3 days ago and I hate it already. None of my friends are here and I have no idea where I'm going. I haven't even started school yet to try and make some friends. We start school on Monday, which is in 2 days. I'm nervous and scared. I came from a small town where everyone knew everyone, here it's so big your lucky to know half the people in school. That might be a good thing though. See back home nobody knew the real me because I was hiding. I was afraid of what might happen to me if they knew who I really was. My mom is very catholic and very religious. She would never accept me for who I really am. If one person in Rhode Island knew about me then the whole state would have known. Wait, let me back up just a little bit. My name is Spencer Carlin, I'm 17, a junior in high school, play basketball and softball, and I am Gay! The only person that knows is my brother Clay. Clay is 18, a senior in high school and the bookworm in the family. He has been accepted to Harvard in the early acceptance program. My other brother Glen is also 18 and a senior in high school but does nothing and is barely going to graduate, if he graduates at all. My mom is a lawyer, although I have no idea what she does exactly because she is never home. In a week's time, I see her for maybe 10 mins, but that's more than my dad sees her. I think their marriage is falling apart and I don't know if I'm upset or happy about it. I think my dad needs someone that will appreciate him and love him no matter what. My mom doesn't appreciate him at all. I actually have my suspicions of her cheating on my dad but I won't tell him that. If I ever get proof, then I will but until then I won't say anything. So back to my story about her, the one that changed my life forever...

Back to what I was saying, I was sitting at the beach on a bench wondering why my mom would do this to us when she ran past me. When I lived in Rhode Island I knew I was gay but no girl ever caught my attention the way this girl did. She was brunette and very tan. She had an amazing body and you could tell she worked out a lot. She looked like she was about my age but not totally sure. She kept running and I watched her until I couldn't see her anymore. I sat at that bench for another 15 mins thinking about her and wondering if I would ever see her again. Just as I was going to stand up to go home someone ran into me. Silently cursing myself I stood up. Knowing that there were a lot of people running around here I should have looked before I got up. Before I looked to see who I had run into I heard the most amazing, husky voice ask me if I was ok and then start apologizing. I immediately told her it was not her fault I should have looked before standing up and then that's when I saw those brown eyes for the first time. Her brown eyes were piercing into my blue eyes. This was the girl that just ran past me and the girl I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of.

"My name is Ashley" she said sticking her hand out to shake mine. She had the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen in my life.

"I'm Spencer, I'm so sorry for knocking you down while you were running" I felt bad but all she did was smile even bigger.

"I actually don't mind being knocked down by someone as beautiful as you" wow I think my whole face just turned red, wait, was she flirting with me? I don't know what to do, I have never talked to a girl before.

"Um... Thanks..." I couldn't figure out what to say...

"I was actually just finishing up my run and then going to grab some lunch, would you like to join me?"

Well I didn't have anything else to do so why not.

"Sure I would love to but I'm new here and don't know where anything is or where I'm going for that matter" I told her honestly.

"Well then I will be your personal tour guide and show you everything about Orlando. Do you just want to ride with me or follow me?"

"Actually I left my car at home, I took the bus because I didn't know where I was going but didn't want to sit at home anymore." I said looking down a little embarrassed.

"No problem, my car is just over there you can ride with me. We'll get some food and I can show you around and then take you home, sound cool?"

"Yea that sounds great actually!" I said smiling. I think I just made my first friend here in this town!

Ashley took me to this restaurant, Hard Rock Cafe. I had never even heard of that place but apparently it's pretty big in certain parts of the country. It was extremely busy but for some reason Ashley was able to get us right in and we didn't have to wait. We had a very nice lunch. She actually took the time to find out about me. None of my other friends ever did that. I mean my best friend back home probably doesn't even know my favorite color, my favorite food, or anything. Ashley has only known me a few hours and could probably tell you most of my favorite things. I found out that she wasn't born in Orlando but she has lived here since she was 2 when her parents got a divorce. She is originally from L.A. She lives here with her dad and hasn't heard from her mom since she was 2 when they got a divorce. Her dad was in a big time rock n roll band but when he divorced her mom for cheating on him, he gave everything up and moved to Florida so Ashley could hopefully have somewhat of a normal life. Ashley is also 17 and a junior in high school. She is an only child though so her daddy spoils her. Her dad owns 5 music shops in the state of Florida and even though he isn't with the band anymore he is still very well known for his time with them so he is doing extremely well on the money side. Which would explain why she is driving a 2011 Porsche.

After we got done lunch, Ashley stuck to her word and showed me around Orlando. She showed me where stores were, movie theaters, local hangouts, tourist attractions, and she even took the liberty to show me where my new high school was. Oh and guess what? We will be going to the same high school! That alone made my day. I'm going to know at least one other person in the school besides my brothers. It was getting close to dinner time and I promised my dad that I would be home for dinner so I had to leave Ashley. She still insisted on taking me home even though I didn't want to take up anymore of her time although I think she was just as sad to see me go as I was to leave her. I finally gave in and told her my address. She just looked at me and laughed when I told her the road I lived on. But she never explained her little outburst. Once we got on my street, I showed her where my house was but she kept on driving.

"Is this the part where you kidnap me and kill me or something?" I asked her being completely serious because she did just pass my house, I'm starting to get a little worried.

"No I promise I'm not going to kill you. Just trust me a little bit. You will see where we are going in just a few seconds." Before I had a chance to reply we were pulling up into a drive way. When I looked up and saw what house we were pulling up to, it was the mansion at the end of the street that I had been admiring since I got here. I have been wondering who lived here and apparently Ashley knew who they were.

"Why are we here?"

"Well, this is where I live!" she said while looking at me smirking.

"So you mean to tell me that you live in this mansion?" You better believe that by this point my jaw is on the ground. I can't believe this girl lives in a house this big. But I guess I should believe it I mean her dad does have a lot of money. But why a big house for just 2 people? I mean this place has to have at least 5 bedrooms. Now she is looking at me like I'm the weird one here.

"Why are you looking at me so funny?"

"Because you're cute when your shocked." ok insert blush and embarrassment now.

"I am not. I just can't believe you live here, especially since I live right over there."

"Exactly which means we can hang out and if you want I can even give you a ride to school that way you don't look like a complete newbie when you get there Monday."

"I would love to but my parents are probably gonna make me ride with my brothers on the first day" I say a little disappointed. To say Glen's driving scares me would be an understatement. There were countless times in Rhode Island where I would kiss the ground as soon as I got out of his car, no joke. Clay refuses to ride in the front seat, says he doesn't want to see what's coming at him.

"Well then I guess we will just have to wait to see each other at school." she said with a glint of hope behind her smile.

"Of course. Maybe we will even have a couple classes together. I'm not going to like not knowing people in my classes."

"We will probably have at least one class together. But I should warn you now that I am not a morning person and very rarely ever go to homeroom or first period." she says laughing.

"How do you pass then?"

"Well when the teachers are old enough to be your parents and your grandparents, they tend to love my dad even though is no longer in the band and yes I use that to my advantage."

"Wow! That's actually kind of cool. You kind of have the teachers wrapped around your finger."

"Yea, it has its advantages. There really aren't any disadvantages that I have found yet."

"That's actually really cool. I bet..." and I was cut off by my phone vibrating in my pocket.

"Oh no it's my dad... Hey dad"

"Hey honey where you at? Dinner will be done in about 5 to 10 minutes."

"I will be home in less than 5 minutes. I am actually at a friend's house down the road."

"I'm so glad you made a friend today. I was getting worried about my little girl always being down."

"It's ok and yea she is really nice. She even took me out on the town and showed me everything there is to Orlando."

"Wow that's great. Did you want to invite her over to dinner? It will just be you, Clay and me?"

"Um... I'll ask her but she probably already has plans... My dad wants to know if you would like to come over for dinner?" she looked at me like I had 2 heads. I was starting to think that maybe I had done something or said something wrong.

"No I don't want to intrude on your family dinner." she said looking down at the ground.

"I promise you wouldn't be intruding. It's only going to be me, my dad and my brother Clay."

"Well... if you want me there then I will join" she said looking at me and smiling. I muted my phone so my dad couldn't hear the conversation since he doesn't know about me liking girls yet.

"Well honestly I'm not ready to say bye to you yet so yes I would love for you to join us for dinner." I said smiling, letting her know that I am being serious.

"Good because I'm not ready to say bye to you yet either." she said grabbing my hand.

I looked down at her hand holding mine and realized that her hand fit perfectly into mine. I looked into her eyes and all I could do was smile. Then I heard my dad clearing his throat and remembered that he was on the phone.

"She said yes, we will be there shortly."

"Ok sweetie see you soon. I love you Spencer."

"I love you too dad, see you soon." Ashley never broke her contact with me as I got off the phone with my father and after putting my phone back in my pocket, I realized she never let go of my hand either.

"So shall we head to your house?"

"Yea let's go"

For the first time since I got here, I have a real smile on my face. I think Ashley and I are going to be great friends, maybe more. Only time will tell...