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Chapter 34

Dad and my brothers made it to the restaurant before we did and of course we didn't hear the end of it on the commentary of why we were slower then them getting there. Jokes on them because we didn't have an opportunity to do anything. Ashley's dad called her while we were pulling out of my house and she had to take the phone call. So we stopped for a second for them to talk. The conversation must of been really good because she has been smiling ear to ear since she got off the phone but won't tell me why.

The waitress came over and took our drink order while we looked over the menu.

"Anyone want any appetizers?" My dad asked all of us.

"Can we get some hot wings?" Glen will get wings everywhere we go, never up for trying anything new.

"That's fine with me, anyone else? Spence, we are here to celebrate you, would you like anything in particular?"

"What about some nachos?" I love me some nachos!

"Absolutely!" We all continued looking at the menu waiting for the waitress to come back with our drinks.

I have noticed that Ashley's phone keeps going off and she is somewhat hiding it so I can't see anything on it. Although, I never really look at her phone unless she is trying to show me something but whatever it is, she really doesn't want me to see it. I can't let this ruin my night though.

"Um… excuse me, I will be right back. I just have to go to the bathroom real quick." She said and quickly got up. She didn't even acknowledge me like she usually does when she gets up from the table. And she said she was going to the bathroom but she went in the complete opposite direction.

"Is it just me or does Ashley seem to be acting weird?"

"What do you mean sweetie?"

"I don't know. She can't seem to stay off her phone and she is being very secretive about it. Then she just gets up and goes somewhere that is not the bathroom when she said that's where she is going." I said all of this in just one breath, rushing it out. I'll be surprised if they even fully understood what I said.

"Honey, I think you are reading to much into things. Has she ever given you any reason not to trust in her?"

"I mean no…"

"Then just be chill and let whatever happens, happen." My dad said all of this with a smile on his face and never once picking up his eyes from the menu.

Just then, the waiter appeared with our drinks and dad ordered the appetizers. My back was to the door so I didn't see Ashley walking back towards the table or the fact that she wasn't alone.

"So what's this I hear about my girls playing softball together?"

I jumped so high in my seat and I can't believe I didn't knock the table over.

"OH MY GOD! What are you doing here?" I jumped up and hugged Ashley's dad as he was here! This must have been why she was smiling so hard and was trying to find out when he would be here.

"He called me right as we were pulling out of the house and said he just landed at the airport. You heard me say we were going to have dinner here and that I would text him. I told him that we were coming here to celebrate with your family and he asked if he could join. I didn't think you would care at all and I texted your dad when we were sitting at a red light so he knew we would have an extra."

"Yup! I flew home to surprise my girls and it turns out, I was the one getting the surprise."

"Oh let me introduce you! This is my dad Arthur" they shake hands. "And these are my brothers, Glen and Clay." They each shake hands.

Please join us and I must say, I am so happy to finally meet you! You have an outstanding daughter and I couldn't be happier about our addition to the family!" That was my dad complimenting Ashley to her dad of course.

"Oh I absolutely agree! Your daughter is outstanding herself. She has brought out a side of Ashley that I knew existed but didn't think I would ever get to see. I keep telling Ashley, she screws this one up, I'm keeping her!" Ashley's dad really does love me.

"And we love having another sister around, especially one that can go to bat athletically with me" Glen chimed in his thoughts on the Davies daughter.

"I am so happy to finally meet Spencer's family. I was just telling Ashley yesterday that we need to make it happen soon."

"No better time than a celebration!" Ashley said while grabbing my hand then kissing it.

"Girls, you will have to let me know your game schedule once you have it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to all the games but I won't miss any that are within my powers to be there!" Ashley dad does have a busy schedule that does keep him away a good portion of the time, but I love that he is always trying to be a present parent.

"We should have the schedule within the first 2-3 practices. I will put it in our family calendar so you have it."

"Sounds good sweetie"

"And also sir, I would be more then happy to FaceTime you while I'm there because I won't be missing a single game unless I'm on my deathbed at the hospital."

"First, it's Raife, none of this sir business. We are practically family now! And that would be great, if It's no hassle for you! I definitely don't want to take you away from supporting the girls."

"As long as you call me Arthur and it wouldn't be at all. Heck, I'm sure we could find one of Spencer's old tripods and set it up then it won't be anything on me lol"

Appetizers arrived, we ordered our food and we just sat there. Talking. Like two blended families. Our fathers kept sharing stories of all of us when we were younger making us constantly say "dad, no, stop" but they didn't listen at all. By the end of the night, Ashley and I had the biggest smiles on our faces. Ones of our happiness. Our fathers exchanged numbers and agreed to stay in touch with each other during the week. My dad told Ashley's dad that she is a part of our family and he has nothing to worry about when he is not there.

Suddenly, I look across the table to everyone that I call family and realize, this is what I want for the rest of my life. This right here. Ashley and I together. My father and her father. My brothers and hopefully one day their significant others. Everything is exactly as it should be. Or so I thought.