I just wanted to take a moment and send out a sincere Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my very first fanfic and the first fic that I've written at all in over 12 years. Your generous reviews and humorous PMs have made this last week fun and exciting and have really kept me motivated to see this to its very fast paced completion. It had literally been just a week since I started this project and I could never have imagined how much I would enjoy the ride. And it's really because of all of you.

I wanted to say Thank you especially to my best friend in the world, LeLe, even though she hasn't read it yet. It was her that inspired me to really go for it and she did so without even knowing, just by digging out an old school folder of Comp papers and sharing them with me. I hope she will soon join this insane ride.

Also to Kelhome who will one day read this as well. It was a PM conversation a couple weeks ago that got me so wired about my soul theories. I love that fact that this site allows us to talk to each other and share our ideas together. This place is really a very positive location and you all have made me feel comfortable sharing a part of myself with you.

And finally Zara Zee. Gasp! Who will modestly blush now and then behind all our backs will jump up and down with delight. The camaraderie that we've shared this last week has been a spot of both sanity and insanity for me (for you too, admit it). I look forward to my afternoons/your mornings when you drag yourself out of bed and send the first of many PMs. I love that you get it; sometimes even before I do. And I will forever have an image of shirtless Sam in size 19 ruby red slippers in my head. "There's no thing like my soul." (You have no idea how I had to fight the urge to put that in!) And non-gratuitous be damned!

I really do thank you all. It's meant the world to me that so many of you have taken the time to send in even the smallest review and accepted what I had to offer. I'm not usually so gushing, but this week and you all have really overwhelmed me, so Thanks.

Now…bring on the shirtlessness and low ride jeans!

OH! I almost forgot! FINALLY! I can go watch the promo for this weeks' episode! Oh my God, I think I just threw up a little.


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