'This is so awesome!' Felix declared enthusiastically, 'me and my best friends off on a fun-filled weekend! We're so staying up all night telling secrets!' Jake rolled his eyes ruefully at Hayley who chuckled. 'Alright Felix, we're excited about our first ever Troop annual convention too but you need to relax', she said kindly. Jake added, 'and I refuse to tell any secrets or braid anyone's hair!' Felix pouted in disappointment but gave in with good grace.

The Lakewood Troop were at the airport waiting while their Troop advisor Mr. Stockley checked all four of them in. They were flying to New York for the annual Troop Convention and were very excited. 'Here's Mr. Stockley', Jake stated as he stood up. 'Awesome!' squealed Felix as he ran over to Mr. Stockley and received his boarding pass. Jake grabbed his rucksack and rolled his eyes as he watched Hayley try to drag her giant suitcase behind her. 'Why did you pack so much?', he asked exasperatedly as he grabbed her bag too. 'I need all of this stuff!', Hayley exclaimed, 'and I can carry my own bag!' Jake smiled. She's so pretty when she's mad at me, he thought. 'You can, but you won't. Now come on, let's get our boarding passes', he answered as he headed past her towards Mr. Stockley. Hayley sighed and followed.

The troop were all sitting in one row on the plane. Mr. Stockley took the aisle seat while Felix sat next to him. Jake and Hayley had a brief skirmish over the window seat which Jake won. He claimed his window seat with a satisfied smile. Hayley scowled at him as she took her seat in between he and Felix. First he's so chivalrous taking my bag and next he fights with me for the window seat! He's so confusing, she thought. Her annoyance was forgotten though as Mr. Stockley began to fill them in on past conventions and the fun which his previous troops had had.

The flight was a long one and soon Mr. Stockley had fallen asleep. Felix took this opportunity to present Jake and Hayley with the typed itinerary he had prepared for their trip. Jake and Hayley exchanged wary glances as Felix handed them the inch thick file each. For a moment there was silence as they rifled through the itinerary. Felix waited in anticipation. Jake was stunned and it appeared from Hayley's silence that she was too. 'You've planned our entire weekend right down to synchronised bathroom breaks!' he exclaimed incredulously. Felix nodded excitedly, 'Yup! That way we don't miss a second of each others company. Isn't it great?' he explained gleefully. Jake gave him a long look. Felix's smile faltered slightly. 'Hayley?' he questioned hopefully. Hayley was torn. She didn't want to hurt Felix but she did want to relax this weekend and just have a good time with the guys. An itinerary did not suggest relaxation to her. 'Sorry Felix, but I'm with Jake on this one. I really want to have a great time with you guys but I think we should just go with the flow and not over-plan it, ok?', she answered gently. Felix winced but submitted to the group decision. 'Well ok, I do tend to get over-excited', he admitted ruefully. Soon after he fell asleep against Mr. Stockley's shoulder.

Hayley turned to Jake and they both smiled widely. 'I'm just going to get rid of these while he's asleep', Jake said as he grabbed the itineraries and hid them behind the magazines in the pocket on the seat in front of him. Hayley giggled. 'Dude, we really dodged a bullet on that one. At ten o'clock tonight he had us in our P.J.s telling ghost stories under a blanket!', she laughed as Jake settled back into his seat. Jake groaned at the thought and laughed too. 'Well at least you managed to talk him out of it. Good job.', he complimented her. Hayley smiled happily, 'Thanks', she replied. They spent the next while chatting about school and the troop convention.

Felix woke up two hours later. He sat up straight to stretch his neck and looked to see if the others were awake. He smiled to see them both fast asleep. Hayley's head was resting on Jake's shoulder and he had his arm stretched securely around her. They both looked so peaceful and happy. 'Now why can't they get on that well when they're awake', he wondered quietly as he snapped a picture of them on his phone for his Convention scrapbook.