An idea I got from reading Calvin and Hobbes and edited it to fit in 5Ds. Enjoy!

5Ds belongs to Kazuki


"Spores. Yeah, right."

"I'm telling ya, it's true! They DO come from spores! Ask anybody."

"Okay, I will!"

Rua left the warehouse in a huff. No matter what he said, Crow was wrong. They did NOT come from spores. That was just wrong. Still, he needed an answer, so he decided to ask "other people" (the quotes are on purpose).

First up: Ruka. Didn't work. No matter how much he begged, she wouldn't answer.

"But why not?"

"Because it's weird, it's private, and if I told you you'd be giving me funny looks for a month."


Next up: Aki.


"Well? What's the answer?"



"Very special hugs."


O-kay. What did she think he was? Even he knew it wasn't hugs! Sheesh. Yep, this was going to be a long day.


Ugh. He gave up. All day he'd been up and down Neo Domino and NO ONE had answered his question.

"Hey Rua."

"Oh. Hi, Yusei."

And then it hit him. Yusei was the only one he hadn't asked yet! He wasn't the type to lie either. Besides, he had nothing to lose.

"Um, Yusei?"


"I've got a question."


Knock knock.

"I'll get it!"

Ruka opened the door and got quite a surprise. Standing there was Rua, with his head hanging down and a most horrified look on his face, which became even more so when he looked up. Straight at Ruka.

"Rua, are you-"


Rua bolted straight past his sister and up the stairs. Ruka stood there, somewhat satisfied. Well, he'd gotten his answer, all right, and -by the looks of it- learned a lesson too.


Ruka bent over the toilet, which was filled with...whatever he'd had for lunch. As he threw up, he made a mental note NEVER to ask Yusei questions again. And yet, something still nagged at him. A question.

Was that REALLY where babies came from?


Okay, that kinda...sucked. But whatever. I was gonna do this for a new FF of mine, but I decided to do a one-shot instead. Plus, there are three questions that are still unanswered.

1-How did Ruka get around a huge city without a car?

2-What did Yusei tell him?

3-Where DO babies come from?

Please answer these questions! COMMENT!