Walking into the throne room, Aro and his brothers sat in their respective thrones. I slowly approached them, staring straight at Aro, smirking. Taking in my new look, he slowly stood and glided toward me.

He placed a cool hand on my cheek, whispering my name. "Isabella." Hearing my name on his lips, spoken so softly and with such adoration, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and looked up from beneath my lashes.

My breath caught in my throat. His eyes were the blackest of black. "Aro," I breathed back. He grinned. "You look absolutely radiant, my dear," he complimented. I blushed a bright red. He was pleased with my changed appearance.

"You have arrived back just in time. It seems we have an unexpected guest wishing to speak with us," he said. I gave him a confused look. He just smiled, took my hand, and led me over to his throne. He sat, pulling me into his lap. I turned my head slightly. "Shouldn't I go somewhere else in the castle if you have a guest coming," I asked him. "Why, no, Isabella. You are the mate of one of the three kings that rule over the vampire world in its entirety. That means that you are, now, a ruler also," he explained to me. I gave him a small smile and turned back to face the doors.

It didn't take the unknown guest long to make their appearance before us. Several beats of the only beating heart in the room, my own, and the doors exploded into thousands of tiny pieces and sent a huge, thick cloud of dust into the air before I had a chance to see who the intruder was. I glared. I adored those beautiful doors. This bastard had the nerve to destroy Volturi property. Must have a death wish. Even with all of the dust, the vampires could still very clearly see who entered. The growling coming from all three kings was loud enough to lock me in place. Whoever it was, Aro, Caius, and Marcus were most unpleased to see them.

When the dust settled enough for my human eyes to make out the figure in the door way, I understood the reason for their growls. Edward. He had the nerve to bust in here like he owned the place.

With a low growl of my own and a most evil glare, I stood. Before I had a chance to say anything, his voice rang across the room. "Bella!" he shouted. Not taking my eyes off him, I spoke in a strong voice. "Edward," was the only word that came out. Suddenly, the growling stopped. I felt, rather than saw, Aro slink up to stand on my right.

"Ah, young Edward! You've finally made it," Aro spoke. The tone of his voice was deceiving, this much I knew with absolute certainty about him. I could feel the anger rolling off him in huge, crashing waves.

"What in the bleeding fuck do you think you're doing here, Edward," I asked him, seething. Having vampire strength and speed would have been so nice. I wanted to rip his head from his body. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? He had left me twice, just to come back again.

"Bella, what are you doing here," he asked me, ignoring my same question to him. He thought he had the right to question me? Oh no, I wasn't going to stand for such nonsense.

"Well, ya see, Eddy boy, I belong here, unlike yourself," I said, calmly. I brought my hands behind my back and clasped my left wrist with my right hand. I looked down to the floor and slowly started to circle him, a dangerous predator in my own way. "The last time we were here, you failed to tell me something, Edward. Something of the most vital importance." I paused. "You failed to tell me the truth. The truth about who I really am. Who I am truly mated to." He flinched ever so slightly, a movement that only someone who had been around him long enough would see. Good. It meant he knew that I had finally found out the truth, and what that meant for him. I couldn't contain the smile that spread across my face.

"Yes, Edward. You should be scared. You tried to keep a king's mate from him. You knew exactly what you were doing. You knew that I was Aro's mate the second he saw me, when I came to this exact place to save your ass. A pointless mistake on my part, I'll admit." I came to stand in front of him. I turned and looked him in the eyes. "You lied to me, Edward," I whispered.

Aro came over and stood right behind me, a hair breadth between us. He moved my hair from my neck and brought his nose to my neck, pulling in a deep breath. Feeling him smile softly against my neck, my only reaction was to close my eyes and smile. Home. This was home. Where everything felt right. Complete. Opening my eyes again, I smiled sweetly at Edward.

He got a false sense of hope from my action. He thought he was off the hook. Oh no, I couldn't allow that. "You have broken the most important law in your world, Edward. A world I will soon be a part of. A very important part. I am going to be a vampire, Edward. Just like you never wanted." I said. Aro spoke quietly against my neck. "Say it, Isabella."

Squaring my shoulders, holding my head high, I looked Edward dead in the eye. The last thing I was about to say to him was the most satisfying of all. "Edward Cullen, for your foolish actions and your crimes against vampire law, by order of the Volturi kings, as future queen, I here by sentence you to death."