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It was snowing when I first saw her. I'd like to say it was the most beautiful night I had ever seen, but it wasn't. The ground was wet from snow and I couldn't see the sky at all because of the falling snow. She didn't seem to notice though. She moved as if she were in a hurry to get somewhere. It was a shame she would never make it to her destination though I thought as she fought her way through the wind.

I could smell her blood from a far distance. Like hot cocoa. Right as she was about to cross the place I was hiding in, I stepped out of the shadows and into her path. She looked up with a surprised, puzzled look on her face. I could see now that she had deep, warm, chocolate brown eyes framed by just as brown hair.

I expected her to scream. Instead a slow inviting smile crossed her face. I took a step closer getting ready to dive for her neck when she started speaking.

"Hello there, would you like to walk me home?"

I blinked. A strange feeling had enveloped me(it wouldn't be until later that I would realize what it was). To my surprise I found myself saying I would love to.

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