A/N: This is supposed to be weird, just roll with it. Thank you, Beezy out.

"And so I was like, did you find that in the couch, under the couch, what? And Alice was like, I found that where the sun don't even bother to shine, and...Jared! Are you even listening to me?" Warden crossed his hands and glared, annoyed at his accountant.

Jared jumped a little. "S-Sorry Sir. I was just thinking about something..."

Warden patted Jared somewhat hard on the head. "Jared, the problem is that you think! You never just DO, like I do, or Alice does, or the twins."

"But sir, I-"

"No buts, Jared! you have GOT to stop thinking all the time. If I spent all of MY time thinking, do you think Superjail would be in the state of glory that it is?" Warden pointed a gloved hand at three inmates, one of whom was stabbing the second and the third one screamed while on fire.

Jared flinched, sighed and took a deep breath. "I suppose not, sir..."

Warden smiled brightly, revealing his gap. "Jared, today you're not going to think a single thing! I'm assigning you to spend a day with the twins and pick up on their "do whatever I want" attitude."

Jared's mouth twitched and he sweated a little. "Sir, I really can't-"

"That is an ORDER Jared! Now march!"

"Yes sir"..., Jared replied defeatedly, going off to find the Twin Terrors of Superjail.