~~~With Lissa~~~

"Lissa please stop crying" Christian soothed

"How can I stop crying when my best friend is in a cell! Being sentenced to death for something she didn't even commit!" she yelled, her blond locks infront of her face

"I understand your pain, but she didn't do it-..."

"I know she didn't do it. That's what I've been trying to tell everyone!" she jumped up from her bed

Then a knock was heard, Christian sighed. He got up and opened the door.

Christian was definitely surprised by what he seen,"Eddie, Adrian?, what brings you guys by here?"

"We need to see Lissa" Adrian responded

"Of course" he stepped aside and let them walk in

"Lissa" Eddie bowed while Adrian went a little something like this, "Cousin"

"Oh, Eddie, Adrian," she yelled "Rose! Rose she didn't do it! you have to believe me!"

"We know she didn't do it. But she's accepted the fact of being executed" Eddie whispered

"What!" she exclaimed

"We just finished talking to her, she...," Eddie sighed desperately, "help us Lissa, please"

"How is she?" She asked frantically

In the backround Christian was heard, he also sighed.

"She's...bad, Rose refuses to see anyone, she didn't even want to see us"

"I wonder why?" Christian yawned with sarcasm in his voice

"Christian!" Lissa growled

"What?, the woman want's to be alone. Leave her be"

"Funny, that's the same thing she said" Adrian said, without any humor in his voice

"Rose is just being stubborn" Lissa proved getting up and pacing

"She was being serious, I seen it in her eyes. She has her head set on being e-executed" Eddie said the word causiously

"She's stupid if she thinks were just going to let her get killed for somthing she is being blamed for falsely!" Vasilissa said confidently

"That's why I have a plan" Eddie smiled

"Oh boy" Christian muttered

~~~With the Guards~~~

"Guards!" I called

"What Hathaway?" he asked

"Is their a way for you to apron the execution?" I asked

"Apron the execution?, Hathaway you haven't even been trialed completely yet...unless you plead guilty to the judge right now"

"I'm guilty!, I killed the queen. I did it!" I yelled

This made the guardian smile, "Alright, come with me Miss, Hathaway"

I stood up from the ground and waited for him to open the gate. Then right when he undid the lock, I kicked at the iron door. Hitting the guardian in the procces, knocking him unconcious. I stepped out of the cell and looked around.

Good, no one in site.

Really how can they just leave this place with only one guard? An asshole at that.

"Well got to get out of here before they come" I whispered

I began running towards the front gate

"Im tired, whens our break?"

'Should of known their wouldn't be just one' I stepped back quietly

"I don't know, stop complaining"

Their has to be another doorway. But where?

I began walking the opposit way, through the corridoor. Their were two ways to go. One would probably lead to my eternal doom. While the other would lead me into even more eternal doom. Decisions, decisions.

'Ugh, I don't have time for this!' So I took the path going towards the right

Five minutes later I reached the end of the tunnel, I seen a light.



I came to a complete stop.

"Psyhounds...psyhounds not good, not good" I whispered to myself"


I made a run for it, strait through the dogs. I guess those running lessons really payed off. That is, until I felt a powerful pain shoot through my leg.

I looked back,

"Son of a bitch!" I yelled

I tried to pry the stupid thing off, but that didn't work. So I put my athletisism to some use.

I round house kicked the bastered, knocking him off.

Again I ran. Ignoring the searing pain on my lower limb.

Those basterds were still following me. I had to get out of the wards. Now.

But what surprised me is that the hounds started running the opposite way.

"What the hell?" I asked myself

And that's where it hit me. The nauseous feeling.

They were here.

~~~With the gang~~~
"How do you propose we will fulfill that plan Eddie?" Christian sat in his favorite chair

"Just like I explained it, we will have Princess Dragomir. With her permission, of course. Use her compulsion to make the guards open up the cell. Simple as that"

"Ok, I understand that part. But you know your costing Lissa's life here right?"

"Christian" Lissa made contact with him.

"No I understand Lissa. I know it's a lot to ask. But we have to do this"

"You can do this cousin" Adrian put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a kiss on the head.

She breathed in deeply, then out, "Ok, I'm ready"

Christian got up, "Theirs no way for me to change you mind is there?"


He sighed, "Alright, then I guess I'm in"

Lissa jumped up in happiness

"Thank you!"

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