~~~Back with Rose~~~

"How did they...," I ran towards the wards and knelt down, "they've been broken"

"Hey!, your not suppose to be out here!" A guardian keeping watch at night said

"Their here!" I yelled

"What?," he took a good look at me," you are definitely not supposed to be here!"

He tried to make a grab at me, but missed.

"I told you their here!, the Strigoi got passed the wards again!" I leaped back

"Hey watch out!" he jumped towards me and took out his steak. At first I thought he was gonna steak me. But thought differentely after he killed what ever was behind me.

I looked back and saw a stragoi being turned to ash.

"Son of a..."

"Hathaway, run inside and alert everyone immediately!" he ordered me

"But they won't believe me!" I yelled as he began running

"They will, tell them 'буря' " (Storm)

"What!" and I meant that literally. How the hell am I suppose to tell them that?


"Oh Ok!" I began running towards the main building where all guardians resided

"Someone help, their strigoi on campus!" I yelled once inside the building

"What are you talking about Rose?" Alberta was the one to ask this

"Damn it what was that stupid word that guardian said! uh, uh,буря!"

They stared at me for a second before running out towards the wards. Awake or asleep. Didn't matter.

They were all out.

It took me a second to realize I was the only one their, besides the receptionist. I ran out to join the party. I meant that for real. Their were strigoi and guardians everywhere. Bloodshed. So much of it. I grabbed a steak from one of the dead guardians. Realizing I didn't have mine, thanks to being locked up in that damn cell.

I headed straight for the first strigoi I could get my hands on. A strawberry blond guy.

"Hello, what do I have here. It looks like I finally have the plessure of meeting the great Hathaway, you will definitely be something to eat"

"Shut the hell up" I charged at him. Intending to go for the kill on the first try. Of course I knew that was going to fail.

My true intention was to distract him.

Hitting the fucker on his side, and then dropping him with a leg sweep. This alone made him close his eyes and groan. That was my chance

"Ahhh!" he yelled as he began to turn to ash

I looked around me. We were definitely outnumbered.

But we would fight no matter what.

I seen Alberta, Alto, and even Dimitri fighting out their. He was still the same badass I always believe him to be. Even if that badass didn't love me anymore.

Attacking more on my way towards him. He was definitely surrounded.

"Need help Comrade" I realized I made a slip up, but oh well. To late to take it back now.

He paused for a second and turned cold, "I don't need your help"

Ouch, he clearly emphasized the 'your' part. But I still didn't care.

"Come on, for old time sake" I stabbed another one.

One made a swipe at me with it's claws and actually managed to get me.

I let out a yelp

"How tasteful, simply delicious. Mind if I take a bite" he asked

"Mind if you go to hell!" I swipe at him

When I was done on my side I turne towards Dimitri.

Now how the hell did he get surrounded again?

One was actually ready to bite at his neck from behind him. I could tell Dimitri was to distracted with the one infront of him. Even after he was finished with him. He didn't turn around.

"Dimitri!" I yelled

No. I couldn't let this happen again!

I bolted straight for Dimitri to push him out of the way. The only thing I hadn't concluded was that the strigoi would go straight for my neck.

It pushed us straight at a tree. Locking me in place. I was paralized.

"Ugh!" I groaned

It seemed to have taken Dimitri a couple of seconds to realize I was being sucked dry.

"Roza!" he screamed running straight towards us.

Somehow hearing my nickname made me happy. Even though I knew, that once this beasts jaws lock on ones neck. It tends to stay their until they are finished.

I was beginning to see black splotches.

Dimitri must have reached us because I was currently falling towards the ground. I still couldn't feel anything though. I didn't feel the ground. Maybe it was because Dimitri had cought me or something. I don't know?

I didn't know a thing at that very moment. All I knew was that my body was shutting down.

"Rose! Rose!, keep your eyes open!"

"D...Dimi...-" Then everything went black

~~~With the gang~~~

"Alright, then I guess Im in" Christian said

"Thank you!" Lissa jumped into his arms

"Let's go before sunrise begins" Eddie motioned them out the door

When they were all out, they were all immediately confronted by a guardian

"All royals to the main building!" he began pushing them towards the exit

"Hey wait! why do we have to go their?" Eddie asked

"Strigoi have attacked the academy, were heading into lockdown" he reported grabbing ahold of Lissa, Christian, and Adrian

"Again!" Adrian sighed

"Yes again, now into the main building, you will be safe their" he said

"Castile come with me!" he began walking to the other side of the campus

"Take care of your self Eddie!" Lissa yelled

"I will!" he said, running after the other guardian

Lissa began sobbing until she felt a pair of arms wrap around her,

"It'll be fine Liss, just like the last time" Christian reassured

"Oh, Christian" she cried in his arms

"Atleast Rose is safe in the dungeon" Adrian whispered

~~~Back in the field. Dimitri POV~~~
"Rose! Rose! come on, open your eyes! Rose!" I began yelling at the top of my lungs

She had lost so much blood. So much.

I was lying in her puddle of blood, "Rose!"

Her eyes fluttered at times, as if she did hear me

"I regret all the things I said," I said

"I take them all back if you open your eyes!"

Then, she finally opened them. But not how I had expected. They were open...and also lifeless. Her body was unmoving.

"Rose!," I shook her, "Roza!"

This couldn't be happening!

This can't be happening.

Then, something I didn't need at the moment began making it's way towards me. Somehow I managed to attack and keep Rose in my arms though. I kept on attacking blindly.

Until I finished all of them on my side.


It was everywhere.

My legs finally gave out and I fell on my knees and clutched on to the person who only understood me in the world. The person I had rejected and hurt. The person that was in my arms, gone, because of me.

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