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naruto,sasuke,sakura, and kakashi where walking back to konoha after there mission to wave but something was off about naruto he was quiet the whole way back and sakura couldn't stand it.

''naruto-baka are you sick or something you haven't sad a thing since we left wave what's up whit you?'' sasuke and kakshi didn't say anything but agreed with sakura. {dobe probably just try's to act mysterious pff loser} sasuke thougt at first naruto didn't say anything but after a couple of seconds he said '' nothing wrong sakura-san just thinking about something'' all tree where a little taken aback by the calmness is his voice and that he wasn't calling here sakura chan anymore but just let it slide for now. '' where were you thinking about naruto?'' the cyclops asked. '' just about something jeez get of f my back will ya'' naruto said getting annoyed with the tree.

But naruto was thinking about a certain old drunks daughter and wat they were talking about the night before they left.


naruto was sitting is the geusstroom packing his stuff before he had to go back to konoha when de door opend and tsunami walked in.''naruto-kun can i talk to you for a minute?'' asked tsunami

''sure tsunami -chan whats up?'' naruto asked as dense as he is he didn't notice th blush on tsunami's face for putting the suffix after her name. After her blush had gotten less she just got to the point and said '' naruto-kun the past couple of weeks i've kinda uh developed feelings for you and i want to know how you feel about me?'' she wasss heavilly blushing now because she just told a twelve year old boy how thats she loves him. Naruto was stunned at first but quickly shook it off and ask '' why me tsunami-chan i mean why not kakashi he's real strong and all?'' tsunami looked at him and blushed agian but said ''naruto your sweet you showed inari that hero do exist and your really handsome but there's alot more but i really wanna know how you feel about me?'' naruto was blushing up a storm at first he didn't know what to say so tsunami thougt{i geuss he doesn't feel the same way} but before she could stand up naruto grabbed her arm before she could go and said'' tsunami-chan the first time i came in your house and saw you i thougt that a angel fell outta heaven '' she was blushing so hard it would put hinata to shame so he continued'' but the time i spend here i got to know you better and i don't know wat love is but i really like you and everytime i look at you i get a crazy feeling in my stomach like i ate to much ramen '' tsumani giggled at that then she interrupted him with a kiss he was shocked she pulled away just before kakashi came in and said that they needed to sleep.

(flashback end)

Time skip hokage's office

'' team 7 back from c- rank to a-rank mission hokage-sama'' kakashi said.

''Very well kakashi repport the rest dismissed'' sasuke and sakura walked out naruto stayed so

The old man asked'' naruto is something wrong?'' naruto answered '' yea oji-san i want to retire as a shinobi'' this of course shocked the two adults so the old man asked '' why naruto don't you want to be hokage?'' '' no oji-san not anymore on the mission to wave i fell in love'' he said with a true smile not one if the fake ones and the old man noticed so he said'' whose the lucky lady naruto she has to be great if you fell in love with her hmmm?'' he asked with a grandfatherly smile

"her names tsunami and she's really beutifull and nice and so much more'' kakashi who was listening silently the whole time screamed out ''WHAATT naruto she is like twenty-two years old and your twelve'' naruto cooly said'' so she loves me to and that's al that count's so shut up kakashi'' the hokage just looked at naruto and said '' naruto if this is what you want than i'm happy for you but because your leaving the village i'm gonna tell you who your parent's are and i shoudn't till you where a jounin but i can make an exeption'' naruto suddenly begane jumping around asking who they where so the old man told him that his parents are namikaze minato and uzumaki kushina the forth hokage and yellow flash and the hotblooded habanero soo he gave him his belongings and the money his parents made in there shinobi career naruto was letting a few tears slip from happynes and said'' so my parents do love me great so oji-san you just gonna let me go?'' ''yes naruto because you deserve some happiness in your life and this tsunami could make you happy i hope as long as you write me a letter once in the month to let me know how you are okay?'' naruto said '' of course old man you are one of the few people who don't see me as the fox and your my most precious person of all anyway i gotta have to pack my stuff so see you later''

After naruto got hthe rest of his belongings he walked to the gate to go to the one he loves

After ariving at the gate there stood five people ayame old man teuchi kakashi and the old man to say there last goodbyes after that he got the summoning from kakashi because he saw naruto as a little brother and a bowl of ramen from the two ramen chefs and some extra jutsu from the old man and the he was off to a new life with a beutifull girlfriend.

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