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{konoha day naruto left}

It was a nice day the sun was shining bright no clouds in the sky and sakura was pissed off why you may ask well she just heard naruto left "WHAT DO YOU MEAN NARUTO LEFT TO WAVE" she screeched making everyone in the hokage tower half deaf so after a minute everyone got their hearing back thee hokage began to explain" yes naruto left to wave because he wanted to be with the woman he loves"

His answer had different reactions off all the people in the room

Sakura thought{the woman he loves but i thought he loved me?}inner sakura thougt something real different {what damn i should have told sakura she should have chased naruto he is way better than sasuke}

Kakashi didn't thought about it because he knew about it all along and he was reading icha icha paradise.

Sasuke thought nothing off it because he was thinking off ways to kill itachi and he was staring at kakashi's ass (yeah i made him gay why? Because he is) then sakura asked"who is the woman he fell in love with hokage –sama?" the hokage looked at her and thougt for a minute then he got a sheepish look on his face and said" uhmmm i forgot kakashi what was her name again?" kakashi looked at the hokage and said" you sai something?" the hokage blasted him with ki and asked again " what is the name of the woman naruto fell in love with?" kakashi said '' her name is tsunami''

this got the attention of sasgay and the howler monkey sasuke looked like a gapping fish and sakura looked like she was gonna kill kakashi then she said " lies how can she fall in love with that idiot i mean he was the dead-last he is worthless who in their right mind whould want something to do with him ?".

this pissed off the two adults but before they could give an answer sasuke said" sakura the only worhtless person in our team is you your'e so weak even an academy student could take you out on the wave mission you did nothing but whining you didn't even fight you just kept yelling that no one could beat me so shut the fuck up before i do the whole village a favor and strangle you to death'' sakura just looked at him and run out of the room crying.

The hokage dismissed them so he could do hiss paperwork.

(wave two days after naruto left)

Naruto tsunami and inari were walking around town because tsunami saide that naruto should get extra and new clothes of naruto said no because he wanted to keep his orange jumpsuit but after tsunami gave him the puppy dog eyes he said yes inari joinedthem because he wanted to spend time with his new father while they were walking some jackass bump in tsunami and she landed on her butt then the jackass said" watch out were you going bitch".

the next thing he knows he's lying on the ground with a broken nose so he looked up to see who did it and saw a pissed of naruto before he could do anything naruto grabbed him by throat and hoasted him up in de air and yelled" you bastard when i let you go you better beg for forgiveness to my beutifull angel and if you don't i will put my foot so far up your ass your eyes will bleed you got that?" ofcourse the man was so scared he begged on his knees for forgiveness tsunami the good harted person thats she is said that it was alright as soon as she said that the man began running for his live.

Tsunami looked at naruto and said '' beutifull angel naruto –kun?" with a small blush on his face he said " hehe yeah you are my angel after all"" this gave tsunami a blush that could rival hinata's

Inari looked at his parents and thought{older people are weird} so after the accident they walked in a clothing store for civilians and looked around after they got there clothes inari and naruto got hungry and the first thing naruto said was" i'm hungry lets get some ramen'' tsunami looked at naruto and giggled at his childisness but got a stern look on her face and said'' no we are not getting ramen it unhealthy and addicting soo no'' off course naruto wouldn't have it and gave her the puppy dog eyes with pout and a little tear to get what he wanted and after a couple off seconds inari joined in and said in a toddlers voice" pwease mommy can we get wamen pweasse''

This got the effect they wanted and tsunami gave in soo after 30 bowls for naruto and 2 for inari they headed home so naruto could go swimming with inari.


The rooki 9 now 8 were all sitting in training ground 7 witrh there sensei's because kakashi had to tell them naruto was gone but before he could say anything kiba asked where naruto was then kakashi said that this was about naruto and began explaing.

''naruto is no longer a nnja he left because he wanted to go to wave to live with his new love nand girlfriend'' this ofcourse got an storm of questions from everyone kakashi wanted to answer but couldn't so he blasted them with ki that shutted them up in a second'' now one question a time please'' kiba was he first and asked '' who is this girlfriend of his ?'' sakura answerd and said'' the dauther of the guy whe escorted to wave and she is like 30 years old give or take a few years'' the first thing that came out of kiba's mouth was'' lucky bastard'' after that they noticed someone wasn't there anymore and that was hinata after she heard naruto had a girlfriend she ran home and cried because she never get to tell naruto how she felt and now she never got the change anymore.

(back with kakashi and the rest)

Ino asked ' how long did they know eachother?"" kakashi answerd with" a couple of weeks or so""

After that there were alot of other questions wich were answerd by either sakura or kakashi because sasuke was still thinking about killing itachi and how to get in kakashi's pant.

(back in wave)

After dinner naruto naruto grabbed the scrolls he got from his grandfather figure and opend the one from his father

Dear naruto

Hey son i'm sorry for what i did but i couldn't seal the kyuubi in someone that was not of uzumaki blood because the only one that could hold the kyuubi in someone from the uzumaki clan anyway i hope you have a happy life because your a hero son and when you grow up i'm sure you will be a lady's man just like i was i left everything i have for you because i know that you will master them all

I love you son just like your mom does

Love minato namikaze konoha's yellow flash and forth hokage

After naruto read the scroll he let a few tears slip and put the scroll away then he got up and put the stuff away and got upstairs to go to bed after saing goodnight to inari and the old drunk.

When he got to his room he almost flew back from a nosebleed because on the bed lay tsunami in only a see trough nightgown in a position where naruto could see every curve of her body.

In that night they had some fun till early in the morning and there was one thing going trough naruto's head and that was{ never knew a woman could so flexible.

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