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Emphasized words or statements

"Demon/Akuma/Summon/Innocence activation call/Really pissed off person/ technique/surprised speaking"

'Demon/Akuma/Summon/Crazy inner person/surprised thinking'

: Prologue:

Naruto Uzumaki lay bleeding in the waters of the Valley of the End. The fist sized hole in his chest filling with water. He was dying, he knew it, the Kyubi knew it, he knew she knew it, because of the yelling, screaming, and swearing directing at him by her, even the nearby animals knew it.

'Heh…so this is how I die, not even my innocence or Kyu-baka can save me… this sucks… Oh! Kaka-sensei has come to collect my corpse,' were Naruto's thoughts as he sensed his teacher arrival.

"Naruto…I'm so sorry…" Kakashi said as he checked the half blond half red headed thirteen year olds body for a pulse. Discovering the fading pulse, he quickly shifted the boy out of the water and slung him across his back and performing a set of hand seals the two disappeared in a swirl of leafs.

: Miles away- front gate- Konohagure no Sato:

Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Tsunade Senju, Shizune, Jaraiya, Iruka Umino and Rin Inuzuka waited for the final member of the "Sasuke Retrieval Team" to return. Sakura and Ino waited for their beloved Sasuke-kun, while the other waited for Naruto.

A swirl of leafs alerted them of a new presence, inside of the miniature tornado was two figures, one standing, the other being held piggy back. The standing figure was Kakashi; he quickly rushed to Tsunade and carefully shifted the vulnerable body off his back and into her arms. "Please Hokage-sama I don't know how much longer he will live in his current state." Kakashi begged of Tsunade, who holding the boy tighter to her ample bosom, and then signaled the other medical professionals. The three adult females rushed to the hospital.

The two girls rushed to Kakashi. "Where's Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked.

"The traitor was long gone by the time I got there," he replied.

The two girls fell to their knees and began to cry.

"Kakashi, let's go and wait for Naruto to recover." Jaraiya called to his fellow white haired male. The two left walking slowly through the village headed towards the hospital, hoping the half blond would make it.

: Naruto's Mindscape-Kyubi's cage:

"Well fox looks like we're dying." Naruto called from the recliner positioned in front of the large cage while the Kyubi rested herself on the water bed inside her cell, leaning on one arm, her red kimono showed her creamy legs while her red fox ears stood atop her head, her nine red tails flowed behind her.

"Urusai, Baka-ningen, the blond woman, her aides, the innocence in your body, and my beautiful self are healing your pathetic carcass right now." She said as she glared at the bars of her prison. "I still can't believe you have fivedifferent innocence in your body."

"I only have four innocence not five."

"That necklace is bonded to your torso now; it is an innocence… so five innocence."

"Ugh…damn it more practice with a new power. *Sigh* Oh well it'll just make me stronger."

"What do you want, while you heal?"

"Tell me more about mom."

"Fine…" she said as she began to tell the boy more about his mother, her previous Jinjuriki.

: Real world-Hospital-Operating room:

Tsunade quickly took off the half redheaded boy's cloak and arm bindings. What she saw astounded her. In each arm, just below the shoulders joints; were crosses made from some green crystals that were embedded in his flesh. A familiar power emanated from the gems. The necklace she had given him was embedded in his torso just below the collarbone. The medics gasped at the sight before them. Recovering from the shock, they remove his hiate-ate and his pants, the women gasped yet again, as another cross was embedded into his forehead, and the two half crosses embedded in each leg, about half way up each calf, on the outside. The five crystals radiated a strange yet familiar power.

They quickly began to use their most powerful medical jutsu to heal the wounds, but they noticed that the process was going about three times faster than it normally would. They thought on it for a moment, the Kyubi was probably trying to save its own hide, but the gems seemed to be healing him as well.

Hours seemed to fly by as the women worked tirelessly on healing the half blond.

After bandages had been wrapped around his body, covering the scar left behind from the wound as well as the strange gems that were conjoined with his body.

He slept wrapped up like a mummy, while his friends and comrades sat worrying about him, waiting for him to awaken.

: Hospital room 207-Naruto's personal hospital room-three days since the operation ended:

Tsunade was sitting next to the boy's bed; she was drifting off to sleep. Naruto's mismatched eyes snapped open, one a beautiful sapphire, the other a dazzling emerald, startling Tsunade and causing her to fall out of her chair. Naruto's eyes started blinking at a rapid pace; trying to become accustomed to the bright light, and the sterile white surroundings.

Tsunade quickly righted herself, and began to check Naruto over for any improperly healed injuries. "You had us worried there Naruto," she said after finishing her check up. "What are those crystals you have embedded in your skin?"

Naruto reached up with one bandaged hand and tapped his throat. Tsunade quickly called the others into the room, saying that Naruto had awoken, and to get him some water. Kakashi, Rin, Jaraiya, Shizune, Kurenai, Asuma, Gai, Tenten, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, and Lee walked in, most wheeling in either Kiba, Neji, or Choji, while Shikamaru walked in with a glass of water. Shikamaru handed the glass to Naruto and the bandaged boy gulped it down greedily. After finishing the azure liquid and smacking his lips together, he then set the glass down next to a dying plant on his bedside table. Turning to the group he sighed.

"What question do you want me to answer first?"

"The question about the gems," Shizune, Rin, and Tsunade said all at once.

"Those are called innocence; they are fragments of an age old item called 'The Humans' Innocence', they take up residence in… a vessel, either an item, called an equip, or in a person, called a parasite. "

"What do they do?"

"Depends on what they choose to do, they are weapons, and shields. Some heal others destroy."

"Yours heal you, don't they?"

"Yes, but that is not their primary function. That and I have to eat a lot to store up the energy to use them."

"What does innocence do?"

"Innocence is a weapon, as I said earlier."

"A weapon?" asked Kakashi.

"Yes, Innocence exists to destroy dark matter."

"Dark Matter?" questioned Gaara.

"Dark emotions give form."

"How does this… innocence destroy this… dark matter?"

"Dark matter is turned into a 'machine' by a man called 'The Earl of Millennium', this 'machine' is called an 'Akuma', the Akuma is powered by a human soul called back to the land of the living by a loved one of the deceased, the Akuma is then a slave to the Earl, and they get stronger by killing people, but as they grow stronger their soul is tormented to greater and greater proportions, the only way to kill the Akuma and save the soul is to destroy the body with innocence."

"How can crystals destroy an 'Akuma'?" asked Kiba.

"Like this," Naruto said as he stretched out his right arm. "Dark Ripper: Activate!" The crystal in that arm began to glow, and the bandages were shredded, as his arm turned solid black, his fingers lengthened into claws, and a green fire like substance sprouted from his wrist, giving the arm an eerie appearance, though the glowing cross in his upper arm added to the intimidation factor.

"W-what d-does it d-do?" asked an obviously surprised Asuma.

"I'll show you. Shizune there should be a scroll in my pants pocket, can you get it out for me?"

"Hai," was her response, as she reached into the pair of black pants that lay folded on the chair next to her. "Here," she said as she passed him the scroll.

Naruto carefully opened the scroll, which revealed multiple storage seals, silently selected one, he pushed chakra into it, all with one hand, and a puff of smoke appeared, from that smoke Kubikiri Hocho, the head chopping cleaver, was revealed. Tenten gasped. He placed his right hand over the blade, "This is one of Dark Ripper's abilities. Dark Ripper: Absorb!" The blade was sucked into the arm. Tenten gasped yet again.

"That it?" asked Kiba rudely.

Naruto smirked darkly. "Dark Ripper: Transform: Kuroi Kubikiri Hocho!" the lower arm transformed into a solid black version of Kubikiri Hocho's blade, with green fire traveling down the blunt edge of the blade, while the inside of the hole, close to the blade's tip, was also filled with the green fire. Tenten gasped for the third time in the last five minutes, Naruto shot her a strange look. "That is another one of Dark Ripper's abilities."

"Do the others do the same?" asked Rin.

"Same? No. Similar? Yes."

"Well, what do they do?" asked an impatient Jaraiya.

Sighing Naruto called out, "Dark Ripper: Deactivate!" his arm returned to normal, he then called out "Chain Creator, Hiraishin, Daemon Mask: Activate!"All the bandages were shredded. His left arm transformed into a silver/grey version of Dark Ripper, with the only other exception that the green fire was produced from the shoulder instead of the wrist. His legs turned golden and took on the appearance of a puppets legs, were covered in urethral lighting. His face turned pale and gaunt, his teeth turned into sharp fangs, and a solid black visor descended to cover his heterochromic eyes. "Single Chain: Dance!" a single ghostly chain shot out of his arm and swayed like a snake. "Hiraishin: Teleport!" he disappeared in a flash of golden light, and he reappeared on the standing on the ceiling, without using chakra. "Daemon Mask: Fire: Smoke Ring!" and from his fanged mouth a large ring of smoke billowed forth.

"You named one of your innocence after the Yondaime's technique?" asked Kurenai.

"No, this is the original Hiraishin; that was once a part of the Yondaime, until my father… removed it from himself, and placed it into me, Chain Creator came from the Chishio no Habanero, until my mother removed it from herself, and repeated the process that my father used."

"Y-y-you mean to tell us that your father is the Yondaime?" asked all, but Kakashi, Rin, Tsunade, and Jaraiya.

Those four asked "How did you find out?" causing the others to stare at them in shock.

Naruto smirked, before replying, "She's big, she's bad, she swears more than half of Hi no Kuni… and she's the reason my regeneration is stronger than other Uzumaki in existence," the others looked confused, "She's also someone that has been handed down through two previous members of the Uzumaki clan, Maki-sama, Tsunade's grandmother, passed her onto Kushina, my mother, who passed her to me."

Those who knew what he was talking about were wide eyed, and open mouthed, those who didn't were even more confused.

"By the way, those aren't my only innocence," Naruto said after returning to his bed and deactivating the innocence. "Innocence: Activate!" The gem from Tsunade's necklace glowed green, and his body transformed so that his torso was a pure white with a green cross surrounding the gem, while it appeared as if it were a jonin flak vest, without the collar, clasps and pockets. "I wonder what it does." He looked at the withering plant near him, he reached out and touched the plant and in a flash of green light the flower was as it had been days ago. "I guess I'll call you it 'Healer's Heart'"

'Amazing!' was the thought shared by all present.

"That was not what I was expected."

"Huh?" was the reply.

"Healing is a great talent." Naruto murmured.

A tapping sound was heard from the window, every one turned towards it. A small golden orb with a strange pale gold cross on its front, golden wings sprouted from the top of the orbs back, and four tiny golden cone shaped legs were underneath the strange being.

"Timcampy!" was Naruto's shocked cry as he quickly opened the window. "It's so-o-o-o good to see you again!" as he hugged the golden thing to his chest.

"What is that… thing?" screamed Sakura and Ino in unison.

"Be quite you're in a hospital!" chastised the medics in the room.

"This," he said pointing to the golden thing, "is Timcampy, a golem created by an exorcist, my master in the ways of using innocence, General Marian Cross," Naruto explained, before returning his attention back to Timcampy, "Do you have a message for me, or did you just come to visit?" he asked with a smirk at the ending part of the question.

In response to Naruto's question, Timcampy opened its mouth, revealing rows of sharp fangs, a small scroll of rolled parchment wrapped with a gold ribbon, Naruto pitied the poor fool whom Cross cheated out of the solid gold ribbon, slowly ejected itself from the creatures gullet.

Naruto opened the scroll while holding his breath, the note was simple.


The time to go for you to join the Dark Order has arrived.


"Well guess I've got to leave, gomen-ne minna-san, but I've got to do as Cross says, I owe him big time."

"But you can't just leave!" exclaimed those surrounding him.

"Sorry, but I have to."


"No, I have to."

"I forbid you from leaving!" said a smirking Tsunade.

"I retire."



: Several hours later-Konohagure no Sato-Front Gates:

Naruto was dressed in his black hooded cloak, black ANBU style pants, and bandage wrapped feet. 'Guess this is good-bye Konoha,' he thought as he traveled through the gate, and Timcampy flew off to join his master, while Naruto headed straight for the order.