Chapter 2

Timantha had been deciding what to do since she and Trixie are alone in her room to either show who she really is or stay the way she is to hide her secret. Finally Timantha decided what course of action to take.

"Trixie, there is something I want to let you know" said Timantha.

"Sure, you can time me anything Timantha, we are friends" said Trixie trying to assure Timantha that it is alright to tell her anything.

"Well, could you try to keep this a secret from everyone?" asked Timantha.

"Sure I can Timantha, besides you promised to keep my boy stuff a secret" said Trixie.

"OK, well here it goes" said Timantha preparing for the worse, "Cosmo! Wanda!" Timantha called out quietly. Then the two fairies poofed in.

"What is it Tim…antha" Wanda said trying to keep Timantha's true identity a secret.

"I wish to be a boy again!" commanded Timantha. Both fairies nervously raised their wands since they are doing a wish in front of someone without a fairy godparent, but had no choice but do Timantha's wish. With a puff of smoke, Timantha became Timmy again.

Trixie is shocked to see that her best friend Timantha transformed into the unpopular Timmy Turner. "You're…you're…" Trixie started to speak lost in words what she just saw.

"Yes I am Timmy Turner, the boy you keep rejecting" answered Timmy, "I am very sorry that I have deceived you Trixie, I actually did not want to become a girl, but I used the wish in a way to figure out what you liked and then I ran into you and tried to get closer to you to know you better, I bet you hate me now…"

This is quite a lot for Trixie to take in a short amount of time. She just saw two fairies showed up and then by Timantha/Timmy's command was wished back to his normal self. Then Timmy admitted what he has done and now is afraid that he will be rejected by his love Trixie. Trixie took a few deep breaths to calm herself while Timmy is waiting nervous of how Trixie will respond to this situation. Finally Trixie got herself together and figure how to respond to Timmy.

"Timmy…" started Trixie, "I don't hate you, I don't hate you at all, actually it is the complete opposite, I love you"

"You, you do?" said Timmy shocked of Trixie's answer.

"Yes Timmy, I have always loved you, the only reason I have rejected you is that I am rich and I did not want to be rejected by anyone including the popular kids" said Trixie, "I did not want anyone to know that I love boy stuff, but now you know the truth, I think it should not matter anymore, you are actually a true friend Timmy"

"I am really that much of a good friend to you?" said Timmy stunned.

"Yes Timmy and I am willing to be your girlfriend" said Trixie as she hugged Timmy very affectionately.

Timmy Turner feels like he is in Heaven now with Trixie. But that moment is short lived as Jordon, a supreme leader of Fairy world comes poofing in with a not so happy face on him. Both were startled and turned around to face Jordon.

"Yeah I know, I kind of broke one of the fairy rules of showing the fairies and fairy magic to another kid without a fairy and you will take them away" said Timmy looking downward and kind of answer what Jordon was about to say.

"That is correct Timmy, but also I have to erase you and you girlfriend's memories of this happening" said Jordon and was about to raise his large wand to do something.

"Wait you can't do this!" shouted Trixie trying to defend Timmy.

"And why not Trixie?" asked Jordon being a little impatient that someone is trying to stop him from doing his job.

"Timmy met well, he was just trying to be closer to me all this time" started Trixie, "Please don't erase our memories, I can't bear the idea of me and Timmy not able to be close together, can I do anything to prevent you from doing this?"

After Jordon listened to Trixie's world he thought about this. He hates to see Timmy and Trixie separated; besides Timmy worked VERY hard to try to be with Trixie for a long time. But if you let them go, it could spell disaster for all of Fairy World if anyone knew of the existence. But finally Jordon came with an answer.

"I think I can work something out" said Jordon.

"Great! What did you have in mind" asked Trixie curious of Jordon's plans.

"Since you don't have a fairly godparent yourself, I was thinking that Timmy can share his fairies with you, giving you unlimited wishes under the written words of Da Rule book and it will also solve the problem of Timmy exposing us" said Jordon.

"Yeah!" shouted Trixie and Timmy cheering they can be together and both have fun with wishes.

"But Timmy, I don't want you to do this again, if you do I may not be so easy on you" warned Jordon.

"You can count on me!" said Timmy.

"Good! Well I must be going and you to have a great party" said Jordon and then poofed away.

"Well that solves everything" said Trixie, "But we have another problem…"

"What problem?" asked Timmy a little confused.

"Well the thing is you came into the party as Timantha, if you came back down with me as Timmy, everyone will wonder how you got in here and maybe something worse" explained Trixie.

"I see what you mean Trixie" said Timmy, "But maybe I should wish back to be Timantha", then Timmy looked back at his fairies to make sure they did not try to trick him again and please they did nothing.

"Guess that could work, but maybe it is time I tell everyone the truth of what I am like, either with you as yourself or as Timmy…" said Trixie thoughtfully deciding for the course of action to take.

To be continued…

Author's Note: Once again there is a choice in the end of the story. Should Timmy come down with Trixie as his boy self or as his female self Timantha? It might or might not change much of the plot. Just give your answer to the review. Also if you have any ideas how I should continue this story, please let me know, but I prefer it be sent by PM.