Chapter 3

Author's Note: There is something I want to get out of the way. I remember a comment on the last chapter of this fanfic that brings a pretty good point. The one part of Jordon taking away the fairies and erasing the memories of Timmy and Trixie would go against one of the rule of DA Rule book of no magic can do anything with true love and Timmy and Trixie have true love together. Not sure I am right or wrong, but I wanted to make you guys aware of this. Maybe someday I might redo the chapter. But for now, I'm going to continue this story.

As Timmy and Trixie were trying to figure out the situation an idea popped into Trixie's head.

"Hey, why do we have to go back down stairs?" Trixie questioned to nobody in particular.

"OK, I'm confused" said Timmy, "What were you thinking anyways?"

"I was thinking of having my own private Birthday party in my room" said Trixie.

"I see, but why would you do that, you have guests" said Timmy.

"Because, I never really cared having that much of a public party, I don't know why I thought of that the first place" said Trixie, and don't worry about the guests, let me handle that" Then Trixie pulled out a cell phone and pressed a button. "Roger?" called Trixie.

"Yes Miss Trixie?" said one of the guards on the other line.

"I want you to guard the stairs and make sure nobody disturbs me nor the guest with me" asked Trixie.

"Roger that Trixie, over and out" said the guard.

"Well that is taken care of, so what do you want to do?" asked Timmy.

"I don't know, maybe we can play videogames, read comic books, watch movies, and maybe have fun with your…I mean our fairies" suggested Trixie.

"Sounds like fun!" said Timmy.

From there Timmy and Trixie had fun together and it was actually nice for them being away from the noise of the party going on downstairs. Most of the guests did not concern themselves about Trixie; they just wanted a good time. Some tried to see Trixie, especially Timmy's friends Chester and AJ, but the guard just followed Trixie's orders and even refused any bribes.

After a while it was starting to get a little late and Trixie decided to make an appearance to say her farewells to the guests. Timmy made a wish to be Timantha again. There was a moment Trixie was going to tell everyone her secret, but decided to do it later, she wanted them to have a good time and not ruin anything.

"It was so nice to see you Timantha, I hope you had a great time with me" said Trixie.

"I did Trixie" said Timantha, "And I hope to see you at school" whispered Timantha.

"Sure thing, well bye Timantha" said Trixie.

"Bye Trixie" said Timantha and received a little kiss on her cheek and what off home. She then wished back to be Timmy again before entering the house and went to bed and got the best night sleep he ever had, being able to be closer to Trixie, the girl of his dreams.

The End

Author's Note: Hope you guys enjoyed this fanfic. I wanted to end it here since the story only took place during Trixie's birthday. I may think about making a sequel of this. Have maybe a few ideas what to do for the sequel. But I can always take ideas from anyone, either with reviews or PMS. So keep a look out for the next fanfic.