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"" = speech

'' = thought

italics = Parseltoungue

Draco was the first to notice they were in a field with a bunch of tents in the far left of them and the sun was starting to set.

"Nice going Pothead!" exclaimed Draco

"Me? I'm not the one who cast that spell, Malfoy!" answered Harry

"Who's the one who chose to be friends with a weasel and Mudboold?" asked Draco

"Look let's just figure out where we are and how we get back to Hogwarts, there is a camp over there so let's start there" said Harry

"Ok, look let's just call a truce until we're back at school" said Draco

"Ok, truce but you better not try anything or throw insults at me or anyone else Malfoy" Harry said

"If you don't, I won't" was Draco's answer

"Ok" agreed Harry

With that the two wizards set off toward the Redcoat's camp

Once they reached the camp they noticed that every inhabitant was wearing a uniform that reminded the boys of the kind British soldiers wore during the American Revolution and their hair was placed in a ponytail that the men wore in the 18th century.

Not long after they arrived, they were spotted by a tall man with brown hair, blue eyes, he wore the standard outfit that the rest of the men in the camp were wearing along with a sword and a pistol attached to his side and he looked earily like Draco's father, Lucius.

"What are you two doing here and you aren't spies for the rebels are you?" the man asked.

"No, sir we are just lost and trying to figure out where we are and what year this is". Harry answered

"I'm Colonel William Tavington and you are in Colonial Virginia in 1774*. What might your names be and why are you wearing school robes so far from Hogwarts?" questioned Tavington as he gestured at their school robes

'Great we're entering muggle territory' thought Draco

"I'm Harry Potter and this blond ferret beside me is Draco Malfoy. As for why we are wearing these, perhaps it's best we talk somewhere more private"

"Ah, the whole risk of exposure thing" said Tavington

With that he led the Gryffindor and Slytherin to his tent.

Once they entered Tavington's tent they saw that it only had a cot, a table full of maps, candles and an oil lamp, a couple of chairs and a dresser.

"Please take a seat gentlemen" Tavington gestured towrd to chairs beside the table

"How do you know about Hogwarts, are you a wizard?" asked Draco

"No, boy, I'm what you call a muggle but I had a brother who was in Ravenclaw. You say you're from the Malfoy line that Harold always spoke about, what about you Mr Potter?"

"My parents were a witch and wizard but the aunt, uncle, and cousin I live with are like you, non magical" answered the raven haired boy

"I see and what happened to your mom and dad?" the Colonel questioned;

"If I tell you how I ended up with the Dursleys and how we ended up here, you can't tell anyone else

The first thing you need to know is that we aren't from this time and we landed here because of a spell Fer- er Malfoy here cast before Charms and somehow we ended up here in the past. As for how I got this scar and why I live with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Shortly before my birth there was a prophecy made that basically says I have to face the Dark Lord Voldemort.

After that my parents went into hiding and made one of my dad's friends, my secret keeper (there Draco explained what a secret keeper was). However, they switched secret keepers from my godfather, a Black to the man who would betray my parents.

One Halloween night or Hallows Eve to you, Lord Voldemort went to my house to kill me, he killed my dad, James first and then went upstairs to cast the Killing Curse on me, my mum, Lily begged him to spare me but he told her to stand aside.

She didn't and he murdered her, after that he turned his wand on me but because of my mother's protection, it rebonded on me giving me this scar and he ended up as a mean ghost, until the end of my 4th year when he gained a body.

From what Sirius told me last year, he found me and wanted to raise me as my parents wanted but Hagrid, the Groundskeeper, Gatekeeper, and Care of Magical Creatures teacher told him that the Headmaster in our time, Dumbledore wanted me with my relatives because the blood wards would protect me.

I didn't find out the truth behind my parent's deaths or my being a famous wizrd until my 11th birthday when Hagrid took me to get my school supplies. See my aunt and uncle had told me my parents had died in a car crash .Anyway after we got my supplies and Hagrid got what he needed in the wizard's bank, Gringotts he took me back home and on September 1st my uncle took me to the train station, where I met the Weasley family because I didn't know how to get onto the platform.

While on the train I had met my friend Ron and Draco who I had seen and breifly met in the robe shop. Ron had told me that every witch and wizard who had gone bad were in Slytherin and Malfoy came off as a prat so I chose to be sorted into Gryffindor." Harry explained

"What is this car and train you speak about?" asked Tavington

It was Draco who answered "It's a horseless carriage that muggles in the future will use and will be a popular way of getting to where they need to go.

A train is something that runs on a track and runs on an engine"

Before Tavington asked his next question, he stood up and lit a few candles from the table.

"You say you are not from this time, what time are you from?"

"Before we tell you that you cannot tell anyone else what we've told you or what we're about to tell you. Also we cannot reveal too much about the future so asking us who wins this war won't be answered.

We are from the year 1996 and so, no we aren't spies" said Harry

Before the Colonel could say anything else his second in command, Captain Bordon entered the tent.

"Sir, we- who are they?"

"They are my guests Bordon, let me introduce my godsons, Harry Potter nodding towards the Gryffindor and Draco Malfoy. They'll be staying with me for some time and maybe will be fighting along side us in this war. Boys this is my second in command, Captain Bordon"

"Nice to meet you boys but sir we've got a situation" said Bordon

"Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy stay here until I return and then I'll take you to the fort and find rooms for you. Also think about whether or not you'll join as soldiers" Tavington instructed

With that the two men left the room and each boy to his thoughts.

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