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Sunrise: Another chapter is here.

Shadow: No duh Sherlock.

Sunrise: Anyway, we got 6 reviews, YAY!

Shadow: And I got earplugs, so now I won't have to listen to your annoying voice.

Sunrise: Do you really think my voice is annoying? –Starts to cry-

Shadow: Yes.

Kish: Can we have some earplugs, PLEASE?

Shadow: No.

Kisshu: Well, at least I got my Kitty. –Hugs Ichigo-

Ichigo: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Get off me you pervert!

Shadow: This is fun to watch.

Pudding: Shadow, do you have any candy, no da no?

Sunrise: Oh, we did, but I ate it all last chapter.

Pudding: But I wanted some, no da no. –Starts crying-

Tart: I finally get to see you cry! YES!

Pudding: -Cries harder-

Tart: I-I'm sorry Pudding. Please don't cry.

Shadow: Young love.

Ichigo: Shouldn't we get on with the reviews?

Kish: Yah, there might be some reviews that tell me to kiss Ichigo, and we wouldn't want to keep them waiting.

Ichigo: NO! Lettuce! Zakuro! Mint! Help me! –Runs away from Kish-

Sunrise: You're right; we should get on with the reviews. I'll read the first one. It's from Devilish Aisha.

Another ToD!

Can I be in it? I'm 15 year old appearance though fairly short. I have black hair with a few pink streaks. I have diclonius style horns and wear red shorts and a purple t-shirt. I enjoy violent dares and can be very sadistic when witnessing them. I also make good Pikelets XD.


Masaya: Throw yourself off a cliff 3 times AND YOU CAN'T DIE! MUHAHAHA!

Pudding: Break-dance.

Kisshu: Cry over Ichigo like in the manga! (Volume 6)

Sunrise: Okay, we have a new character. Her name shall be Aisha. -Poofs in Aisha-

Aisha: -Eating Pikelets- What happened to my Pikelets, they taste gross now. –Looks around- Where am I?

Sunrise: Hi! You're on Mew or Dare!

Aisha: That's why they don't taste good. Don't you know it's not nice to poof someone while they're eating? It makes the food taste bad.

Sunrise: Sorry, I couldn't wait to get on with the story.

Aisha: Fine, I'll go make some more then. -Walks into random kitchen and starts making Pikelets-

Sunrise: Okay, let's get on with the dares. Masaya, wait, where is Masaya. I haven't seen him since the last chapter.

Shadow: He's over there mumbling something. –Points to the corner Masaya's in-

Masaya: They're not real, they're not real, they're not real. –Rocking back and forth-

Shadow: -Grabs Masaya- You have a Dare, so go jump off a cliff. -Poofs him to the Grand Canyon-

Masaya: -Jumps off- AHH! –Splat!-

Shadow: -Heals him and poofs him back to the top of the cliff- Again.

Masaya: -Jumps off- AHH! –Splat!-

Shadow: -Heals him and poofs him back to the top of the cliff- Again.

Masaya: -Jumps off- AHH! –Splat!-

Shadow: -Heals him and poofs him back to his corner- That was entertaining.

Ichigo: MASAYA! –Hugs him-

Sunrise: Next Dare! Pudding, break-dance.

Pudding: Okay, no da no! –Starts break-dancing-

Lettuce: Good job Pudding.

Pudding: Thanks, no da no.

Shadow: Okay, well, since I've barely read the Manga and when I did I had a hard time reading it, I'll just leave it up you Kish and Ichigo.

Kish and Ichigo: -Act out the scene-

Kish: -Scene is done- How 'bout a kiss?

Ichigo: Get away from me! –Pushes Kish off her and runs to Masaya-

Kish: Why does she always choose the tree-hugger over me?

Shadow: I have no idea. You're so much cuter than him.

Kish: You think I'm cute?

Shadow: -Nods head- If you didn't belong with Ichigo, I'd already have a chain around your neck.

Aisha: -Eating Pikelets- Shadow, shouldn't we get on with the next review?

Shadow: Yep. Lettuce, read it.

Lettuce: Okay. This is from Stara-chi.

Alright I have some dares and questions

Ichigo: why won't you return Kisshu's feelings and besides Aoyama is boring and a RETARDED ~BEEP~

Aoyama: why are you so stupid and boring I mean come on how can anyone even like you.

Aoyama: Who do you like?

Ichigo: dump the stupid Aoyama he's too boring for ya girl and never ever get back together with him.

Aoyama: I dare you to kiss Mint.

Kisshu: I dare you to force make out with Ichigo in front of Aoyama.

Mint: I dare you to go without tea for a week.

Zakuro: I dare you to be mint's pet.

Ryou: do you feel any attraction towards Ichigo.

Tart: if you could would you make Pudding join the aliens' side instead of having to kill her.

Pai: who do you like?

Pudding: I dare you to kiss Tart on the lips without him knowing you were dared to.

Aoyama: go jump into a pool full of man eating chimera animal sharks.

Kisshu: give Aoyama to scientists on your home planet so they can use him for their experiments.

Ichigo: do you feel any attraction for Kisshu or do you have a crush on him.

Ichigo: I dare you to be Kisshu's maid for an entire 3 chapters, that means doing anything he says including if he wants you to kiss him or make out with him. If you don't do it then I'll tell your dad about the mew mew things and also I have some very embarrassing pictures that you don't want anyone to see.


Ichigo: Kish is a pervert and Masaya is cute, athletic, does kendo…

Shadow: ~Cough-Is a tree-hugger-Cough~

Ichigo: He is not!

Shadow: Yes he is. I totally agree with Stara-chi, he should die in Tokyo Mew Mew.

Sunrise: Anyway, moving on. Masaya, who do you like?

Masaya: Ichigo of course.

Sunrise: Wrong answer!

Masaya: What?

Sunrise: Ichigo, dump the stupid tree-hugger and NEVER get back together with him.

Ichigo: NO!

Shadow and Sunrise: -Turns into a Wolf and Fox- Do it, or we'll bite you. –Growls-

Ichigo: Fine! Masaya, I'm breaking up with you.

Masaya: -Cries in the corner-

Ichigo: -Breaks down crying-

Shadow: We need to give that corner a name.

Sunrise: Got that right. Masaya, go kiss Mint.

Mint and Masaya: WHAT!

Sunrise: You heard me, now do it.

Masaya: Fine. –Kisses Mint-

Mint: -Kisses back-

Shadow: STOP! We don't need to change the rating to M, now do we.

Masaya and Mint: -Blushing- No.

Sunrise: Next Dare! Kish.

Kish: You don't have to tell me twice. –Starts making out with Ichigo-

Ichigo: -Struggling to get free-

Sunrise: This may take a while.

Ichigo: -Stops struggling-

Sunrise: While we're waiting for them to finish, next Dare. Mint, no tea for a week.

Mint: NOO!

Shadow: Zaruko, you're now Mint's pet.

Zakuro: How will I do that?

Shadow: I have no idea, but as a fellow wolf, I take pity on you.

Sunrise: Just do as Mint says, that'll work. You can even act like a dog if you want.

Zakuro: I think I'll just do what she says.

Sunrise: Fine. Ryou, do you feel any attraction towards Ichigo.

Ryou: Maybe.

Sunrise: Yes or no or I'll bite you.

Ryou: Y-yes.

Sunrise: Tart, if you had a choice, would you make Pudding join the aliens instead of killing her. Answer yes or no or I'll bite you.

Tart: Y-y-y-y-yes.

Pudding: Tart likes Pudding, no da no. –Hugs Tart-

Sunrise: How sweet. Pai, who do you like?

Pai: A girl.

Sunrise: Which girl?

Pai: A Mew.

Sunrise: Which Mew?

Shadow: ~Cough-Lettuce-Cough~

Pai: N-no.

Sunrise: Then who?

Pai: …

Shadow: '…' means Lettuce.


Shadow: ' ' is the same thing.

Sunrise: Let's just leave him alone. We already know he likes Lettuce.

Lettuce: I-is it t-true P-Pai.

Pai: …

Sunrise: Pudding!

Pudding: Already on it, no da no.

Sunrise: Remember, he can't know.

Pudding: Tart?

Tart: What do you want Pudding?

Pudding: -Kisses Tart- Pudding like Taru-Taru too, no da no.

Tart: -Blushing-

Sunrise: Good job Pudding! And you even did it without him knowing it was a dare.

Tart: What? So you're saying none of it was true?

Pudding: No, Pudding meant everything she said, no da no.

Shadow: Sorry to break up the love fest, but we still have more Dares.

Ichigo and Kish: -Finally break apart-

Sunrise: She's right. Tart, Pai, Kish, we need a tank full of man-eating Chimera Animal sharks. Now get on it.

Tart: We're going to need some sharks.

Shadow: -Poofs in 50 sharks- There.

Kish, Tart, and Pai: Go Chimera Animals!

Chimera Animals: -Goes into Sharks-

Sunrise: Masaya, go jump in the tank.

Masaya: Fine. Goodbye cruel world. –Jumps in-

Shadow: You can't die.

Masaya: !

Shadow: -Turns back into a human- I've had my fun. Ribbon Blackberry Shadow Slash. -Two black Sais appear in her hands as she starts twirling around. The shadows start wavering and a barrage of knives fly out of the shadows and destroy the Chimera Animal-

Sunrise: Show off. Also, you're allowed to have weapons, just give a description in the review.

Masaya: -Only broken bones left- Help me.

Sunrise: -Heals Masaya- Next Dare. Pai.

Pai: -Grabs Masaya and teleports him to his home planet-

Sunrise: They might be gone for a while. Ichigo, do you feel any attraction towards Kish.

Ichigo: No.

Shadow: Hold on. -Puts a Mad Hatters hat on her head- Now answer the question again.

Ichigo: No. -Gets Shocked-

Aisha: What's with the hat?

Shadow: If you lie while wearing the hat it shocks you.

Sunrise: So that means Ichigo feels some attraction towards Kish. Next Dare.

Shadow: No, I want to hear her say it.

Ichigo: Yes.

Aisha: That was easy.

Shadow: What are you, an easy button?

Aisha: No, but you have to admit, that was pretty easy.

Shadow: You're right. It was pretty easy. Next Dare, Ichigo!

Ichigo: Fine. Kish, I'm your personal maid for the next three chapters.

Kish: Okay kitty. Please, step into my office.

Tart: What office? -Random kitchens, bedrooms, and game rooms appear-

Kish: -Leads Ichigo into a bedroom-

Shadow: -Breaks down the door and sees Kish on top of Ichigo- KISSHU! If you do anything to Ichigo, I will chain you to a wall and attack you with my Sais'. She is your maid but you cannot make her do this. -Points to their position- If she's willingly doing it then it's fine, but use protection. We don't need a pregnant teenager in this story. -Fixes the door and leaves, followed by Kish and Ichigo-

Shadow: What are you looking at? -Everyone looks away- That's what I thought.

Pai: -Returns with Masaya-

Masaya: -Twitching-

Sunrise: Anyway, let's get on to the next review. This one is from starfirewinx.

Hi! Can I b in the show? I have tanned skin and curly brown Hair, have a purple t shirt with a rainbow in it and a very frilly purple mini skirt. U can call me star or starfire, and I have the power of being really cute when I want to. I don't have a weapon though, so can u give me one if were supposed to have one? (It must b purple or have hearts on it) okay so here r my dares!

Lettuce: Dance dirty with Pai

Tart: make out with pudding.

Star: that's bout it. Bye!

Sunrise: Yay, a new character. Her name shall be Star. -Poofs in Star-

Star: -Talking on the phone- It's okay, he stupid if he thinks that girl is better than you. You… I got to go.

Sunrise: Hi. Welcome to Mew or Dare.

Star: You actually put me on the show, YAY!

Shadow: Here's your weapon. -Hands Star a Purple Katana with midnight blue hearts around the edges-

Aisha: I want a weapon.

Shadow: Ask for one.

Aisha: Fine.

Star: So, on to my reviews. Lettuce, dance dirty with Pai.

Lettuce: O-okay. -Moulin Rouge by Lady Marmalade starts playing. Lettuce starts dancing. ~For more information on how she dances, watch the music video~-

Random Guys: -Whistling-

Everyone: -Claps once she's done-

Shadow: Who knew Lettuce could be so dirty? Now, Tart, Pudding, Make out.

Pudding: Okay, no da no. -Starts making out with Tart-

Tart: -Rubs his tongue against her lips, begging for entrance-

Pudding: -Grants him access-

Shadow: Enough.

Tart and Pudding: -Pull away blushing-

Star: Okay, I'll read the next review. This one's from LucyAkasaka.

Yay! Another ToD! Are you taking signups? If so can I be in? (For once I'll go into detail on my appearance) I'm 14 and about the same height as Mint. I have dark-ish blonde hair and grey eyes. However, when I am annoyed, angry, upset or just plain bored, I grow incredibly sharp fangs. My personality is like Zakuro's with a hint of Pudding's manicness. I have a fangirl crush on Keiichiro.

Dares- everyone (and I mean everyone) dye your hair neon yellow!

Truths- what is everyone's biggest regret?

That's all I got! Byes!

Shadow: Another assistant. Introducing Lucy. -Poofs in Lucy-

Lucy: -Randomly dancing to the music in her iPod-

Sunrise: What ya listenin' to?







Lucy: KEIICHIRO! -Glomps Keiichiro-

Shadow: STUP UP!

Lucy: What happened, and why do I have such an awful taste in my mouth? -Throws away gum-

Aisha: If you're eating something while you poof then the food tastes bad. Trust me, I know.

Star: Really?

Aisha: Really.

Star: Does everyone have to dye their hair?

Lucy: Yes, everyone.

Sunrise: -Turns back into a human- But I don't want to dye my hair.

Shadow: Let's just get on with it. -Pulls out neon yellow hair dye and proceeds to dye everyone's hair-

Sunrise: That's everyone, wait, where's Deep Blue?

Kish: We left him in the Torturing Machine.

Star: Why isn't he screaming?

Lucy: Maybe he got used to the pain?

Aisha: Or he died?

Shadow: You can't die.

Aisha: Then maybe he passed out?

Shadow: Let's check. -Opens the door to the Torturing Machine and sees Deep Blue twitching, his clothes singed while candy wrappers laying around him-

Sunrise and Pudding: That's what happened to all our candy.

Ichigo: How did he even get it?

Lucy: I guess the world will never know.

Star: Is he twitching from pain, or a sugar rush?

Aisha: I don't know. Both, maybe?

Lucy: I agree. Who wants to dye his hair?

Aisha: I DO!

Shadow: Go ahead. -Hands Aisha the hair dye-

Lucy: Next Dare! Shadow, you start first.

Shadow: That I had this wig on the entire chapter. -Pulls her wig off revealing her hair, perfectly normal-

Lucy: That's cheating!

Shadow: You just said their hair, so I got a wig and wrote my name on it, so now it's my hair.

Star: Cheater. Sunrise, you next.

Sunrise: Mine is not thinking of that.

Star: I agree with that.

Everyone Else: Me too.

Ichigo: Can you please change our hair back?

Shadow: Fine. -Changes everyone's hair back to normal-

Sunrise: Aisha, please read the next review.

Aisha: Okay, this one's from Monkey-Lover-25.

Yay ya got ya own heehee I wanna be an assistant, here's my description:

My name is Monkey I have orange/goldish hair with orange/goldish eyes, orange monkey ears and tail, my outfits are usually with the colors orange,yellow or gold, I Love Tart (if you haven't noticed in my story), and I talk a lot & hyper. My Dares:

Tar: you shall tell you love Pudding cause we all know it's true

Pudding: as soon as Tart says he loves you kiss on da lips

Pai: y dress so emoish? R u emo?

Masaya: jump off a cliff (he revives).

Thts all I got and I'm updating soon :)

Sunrise: Here's Monkey! -Poofs in Monkey-

Monkey: -Blushing uncontrollably and giggling-

Tart: What's wrong with her?

Monkey: TART! -Glomps Tart- I'm either dreaming, or I'm on Mew or Dare.

Lucy: It's the second choice, but I was thinking almost the exact same thing, except I was thinkin' 'bout Keiichiro. -Glomps Keiichiro-

Monkey: Can we get on with my Dares, PLEASE!

Sunrise: Okay. Tart, tell Pudding you love her.

Tart: -Mumbling-

Monkey: What was that?

Tart: I -Mumble- Pudding.

Lucy: What?

Tart: I love Pudding.

Star: We can't hear you.


Aisha: Wow. Pudding, your turn.

Pudding: -Already kissing Tart-

Aisha: Did she even know she was supposed to kiss him?

Lucy: I don't know. Now Pai, why do you dress like an emo? Are you emo?

Pai: No, I dress like this 'cause what you wear can be related to what emotion you're experiencing, so I wear clothes that don't show emotion. Emotion is weakness, and it can lead to your downfall.

Shadow: I agree.

Star: Where's Masaya?

Ryou: In the Torturing Machine.

Lucy: AH! Where'd you come from?

Ryou: I've been here the entire time; I just wanted to keep quiet so people don't send me violent Dares.

Mint: How did Masaya end up in the Torturing Machine?

Shadow: While everyone was distracted I threw him in there along with Deep Blue. Then I made it sound proof.

Monkey: Well, we need him, so bring him out.

Shadow: -Grabs Masaya and leaves Deep Blue- Go jump off another cliff. -Poofs him back to the Grand Canyon-

Masaya: -Jumps off- AHH! –Splat-

Shadow: -Heals him and poofs him back into the Torturing Machine then turns into a wolf-

Sunrise: -Turns back into a fox- Monkey, read the next one.

Monkey: Okay, but a question first. Why did you guys turn back into animals?

Shadow: It makes me feel more intimidating.

Monkey: Oh. Anyway, this one's from BladeofMoonlight.

YAY! Another TMM truth or dare! I've got a few!

Mint: go for three chapters without drinking tea.

Deep Blue: get within an inch of death! Shadow and I choose how. (evil grin)

Masaya: Jump off the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!

Ichigo: Dump Masaya and hate him forever! He's a stupid tree hugger! Kiss Kish

Pai: Admit that you're in love with Lettuce...(evil grin again)

Shadow, will you be excepting guest stars? I'd like too if you are! I have long brown hair that's curly at the end, I have

hazel eyes. I dress in red and black and I LOVE BEING EVIL!

BladeofMoonlight out!

Sunrise: Let's welcome Moon. –Poofs in Moon-

Moon: -Cracking knuckles- That should teach them not to mess with me. Wait, where am I?

Sunrise: Hi!

Moon: Too much pink. It burns!

Shadow: I agree, but she loves it.

Moon: Cool, a talking wolf.

Sunrise: What about me? I can talk.

Moon: Did I die or something? I mean, this is really weird. It'd be kinda cool if I did die, but I thought this place would be more, I don't know, spectacular?

Kish: You didn't die, but in a few weeks, you'll wish you did.

Moon: Hey, it's not my fault I wasn't informed when I was going to get here. I can be quite confusing.

Mint: Can we just get on with it. I have a ballet recital in an hour.

Star: Fine Miss I'm–so-much-better-than-everyone.

Lucy: Mint, no tea for three chapters.

Aisha: Wait, so does that mean she either doesn't get tea for a week or three chapters.

Moon: Whichever one's longer.

Monkey: I agree.

Moon: So Shadow, what method should we use to make Deep Blue come within an inch of death?

Shadow: How 'bout we tie him to an electric chair and make him watch My Little Pony, then every time he tries to look away or closes his eyes a censor goes off and he gets shocked. The more he tries, the more he gets shocked.

Moon: I like it.

Shadow: Or, as Sunrise used to say, 'I yike it.'

Sunrise: I haven't said that for YEARS.

Shadow: Ya, but after you stopped saying that then you said 'Huggie' instead of 'Hug,' which you just stopped recently, but will occasionally say.

Sunrise: Well, you stay up all night and sleep all day, at least when we don't have school you do.

Shadow: Guilty, but I like the dark, so you can't blame me.

Star: Can we just torture Deep Blue?

Moon: Yah!

Sunrise: Fine. Here are some My Little Pony videos.

Everyone: -Looks at her weirdly-

Sunrise: What? They're actually pretty good,

Shadow: I can't believe I have her for a sister.

Sunrise: And I can't believe you're my sister.

Aisha and Lucy: Dare?

Sunrise: -Pulls out a random projector and DVD player-

Shadow: -Pulls out an electric chair-

Sunrise: Time to get Deep Blue~! –Grabs Deep Blue and straps him to the electric chair-

Deep Blue: What's going on? Why are you doing this to me? I'm Deep Blue, and I hereby order you to release me.

Kish: But that would ruin all the fun.

Sunrise: I'm starting the movie so anyone who wants to watch can pull up a chair. –Grabs a chair and sits down-

Masaya: -Grabs a chair and joins Sunrise-

Shadow: I'm putting on Avatar in the other room. So if anyone wants to join me, just bring a chair. Also, if anyone's allergic to popcorn, don't come in.

Everyone besides Deep Blue and Masaya: -Grabs a chair and follows Shadow-

Shadow: -Pushes Sunrise away from the door- Sorry, no morons allowed. –Grins then shuts the door in her face-

Once both movies are done

Moon: We probably should check how Deep Blue's doing.

Shadow: You're right.

Everyone who watch Avatar: -Walks into main room-

Sunrise: -Singing the My Little pony theme song-

Masaya: -Singing along with Sunrise-

Deep Blue: -An inch from death and twitching-

Moon: Looks like the plan worked.

Shadow: I guess. –Heals Deep Blue-

Lucy: Masaya, jump off the Empire State Building.

Aisha: Or else.

Masaya: Yes sir.

Star: It's ma'am.

Masaya: Y-yes ma'am.

Shadow: -Poof him on top the Empire State Building-

Star: How've we been able to see him on the TV?

Sunrise: Sasha.

Ichigo: Who?

TV: -A red version on Masha with black ears, tail, and wings appears on the screen-

Sasha: Hi Shadow! When are you going to update La Rousse Assassins?

Shadow: Soon, hopefully.

Pudding: What's 'La Rousse Assassins'?

Shadow: Pokémon story. If everything goes as planned it will become an Ouran, Pokémon, Tokyo Mew Mew crossover.

Tart: And when, exactly, will the part involving us come out.

Shadow: At this rate, three years.

Everyone: WHAT!

Sunrise: The first chapter's being edited as we speak and she has written two other chapters.

Sasha: Shadow, he's gonna jump!

Everyone: -Turns to watch-

Masaya: -Jumps- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! –Splat-

Sunrise: -Heals him and poofs him back- What's with everyone wanting Masaya to jump off something?

Monkey: It's fun.

Star: Okay, we made Ichigo break up with Masaya already, but how are we going to make her hate him?

Shadow: I know. –Pulls out a DVD labeled 'Use to Make Ichigo Hate Masaya' and puts it in the DVD player-

Lucy: What's this?

Moon: SH! I want to watch.


Scene 1- Pudding is walking down the streets when suddenly a cloth covers her mouth and she passes out. Masaya appears on the screen and kisses Pudding. (Pai and Kish have to hold Tart so he won't kill Masaya) Once he's done kissing her he sets her on the ground and leaves, leaving a note that say, 'Tell anyone about this and I will kill the people close to you.' The words were from newspaper articles and were untraceable.

Scene 2, 3, and 4 were the exact same except it was Mint, Zakuro, and Lettuce.

Everyone: -Stares at Masaya-


Ichigo: I HATE YOU! –Slaps him-


Mint: How could you?

Kish: -Punches him-

Aisha: Stay away from me you sicko!

Lucy: I can't believe he would stoop so low!

Star: … -In shock-

Moon: Can we throw him in the Torturing Machine?

Everyone: Yah! –Throws him into the Torturing Machine along with Deep Blue, who's in shock-

Sunrise: Do I even want to know how you got that footage.

Shadow: No. Now Ichigo, kiss Kish.

Ichigo: Okay. –Walks over to Kish and kisses him-

Aisha: That was easy.

Shadow: What did I say 'bout that.

Aisha: It makes me sound like an easy button.

Shadow: Yes, and the phrase gets really annoying after a while.

Monkey, Star, Moon, and Lucy: CAN WE PLEASE JUST GET ON WITH IT!

Sunrise: Okay. Shadow, give me the creepy hat.

Shadow: -Hands Sunrise the 'creepy' hat-

Sunrise: -Puts the hat on Pai's head- Pai, do you like Lettuce?

Pai: No.

Shadow: -Grabs the hat and changes the batteries while 'accidently' adjusting the dial to full power, then puts it back on his head-

Sunrise: Answer the question again.

Pai: No! –Gets shocked with 1000 volts-

Sunrise: You're lying~.

Pai: Yes.

Lettuce: REALLY.

Pai: -Nods his head-

Lettuce: -Kisses him-

Pai: -Kisses back-

Kish: I never thought I'd see the day when Pai showed that much emotion.

Tart: Me neither.

Sunrise: Well, that's the end of the chapter.

Shadow: And if there's a time when we don't get a single review then I'll make Ichigo kiss Masaya. –Evil smirk-

Monkey: So please review!

Lucy: Anyway, till next time.

Everyone: Bye!

Shadow: And review. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!