Disclaimer: I don't own Tokyo Mew Mew or the song Why Can't We Be Friends. I only own Shadow, Sunrise, Meghan, Jenna, Sasha, and Lyndsee.

Sunrise: Five Reviews! YAY!

Shadow: Shut Up!

Lucy: What's up with you?

Sunrise: Shadow's been sick the last few days.


Star: That wasn't very nice.

Shadow: I don't care.

Monkey: Can we get on with the dares please?

Aisha and Moon: Yah, some of them are rather violent.

Shadow: First dare's from Wolfbane-Chan. Moon, read it.

Moon: WOO HOO! Congrats on the ToD Show, Sunrise and Shadow!

May I be an assistant? I'm Wolfbane-Chan (or Wolfy, Wolfbane, etc.)

As a human, I'm about Five feet, five inches tall. I have breast-length thick, dark brown hair with orange-blonde bangs and smooth, tan skin that almost seems to be an oaky-red-tan. I have grey wolf ears/tail constantly. I'll be wearing light-jeans, a black tank top and a baggy blue-check button-up men's shirt as an overshirt/light jacket. As a Wolf, I'm a VERY large grey-furred beast, with chocolate-brown eyes, dull when narrowed, shining when happy/smiling. My fluffy grey fur is soft, and there seems to be red and orange flecks amongst my pelt. In EITHER form, I like to bite :) (I tried to be really descriptive!)


Shadow - Which guy on Tokyo Mew Mew would you date?

Pai - I can't even remember what I was going to say, so... *GLOMPS!*


Sunrise - Kiss someone. Anyone of your choice.

Taruto - Pull Sunrise's hair. I dare you ;)

Wolfbane(me)- BITE SOMEONE, 'cause I feel like it :D

Kisshu - Kiss Mint!

Also, if I get a weapon, I wanna tape an 'easy button' that goes "THAT WAS EASY!". If I'm mad at someone, it says "YOU SUCK AT LIFE!" or "FAILURE, *colorful language is beeped*" :)

Sunrise: Here's Wolf. –Poofs in Wolf-

Wolf: -In wolf form- Masaya! –Bites him, hard-

Masaya: AHHH!

Shadow: I'm convinced she's my long lost sister.

Sunrise: Hi Wolf!

Wolf: Hi.

Sunrise: Do you know where you are?

Wolf: Mew or Dare?

Sunrise: YEP!

Lucy: Can we get on with the dares?

Wolf: Yes. Shadow, who would you date on Tokyo Mew Mew?

Shadow: Depends, if Kish was available then Kish, if not, then I'd guess Ryou, but I'd give him an attitude adjustment first.

Sunrise: Why would you go out with Kish? Tart is so much cuter, but if he was busy then Pai, then Ryou. They're all cuter than Kish, and better.

Shadow: Ryou is annoying, Pai acts like he doesn't have any emotions, and Tart is an annoying brat, which is a coincidence 'cause in English his name is 'Brat' spelled backwards, which is oh so true.

Tart: Hey!

Shadow: Not to mention Kish DIED for Ichigo, which is really sweet.

Star: Yah, that was really sweet.

Wolf: Pai! –Glomps Pai-

Moon: Sunrise, kiss anyone you'd like.

Sunrise: -Eyes light up-

Shadow: Uh oh.

Aisha: What?

Shadow: Imagine releasing Monkey and Pudding into a candy store, now imagine that ten times worse. That's how she acts when she's allowed to kiss boys.

Everyone besides Sunrise: Uh oh.

Sunrise: YAY! –Jumps off the ground and practically flies around the room kissing every boy in sight, even Masaya and Deep Blue-

Monkey: She's scary.

Shadow: Don't I know it.

Sunrise: Why are you hiding behind a chair?

Moon: 'Cause.

Sunrise: 'Cause why?

Aisha: 'Cause.

Sunrise: 'Cause why?

Shadow: 'Cause.

Sunrise: 'Cause why?

Star: Can we please get on with it?

Sunrise: Okay!

Lucy: Tart, pull her hair.

Tart: Okay.

Shadow: What do you want in your Will?

Tart: I thought you said we can't kill anyone.

Shadow: I did, but she might tear you limb from limb, savoring your pain by snapping your bones one at a time. Then she might put you on a buzz saw and cut you into tiny little pieces, roast you over a fire, and eat you. You'll still be alive, but we won't see you again until you're digested.

Tart: -Terrified look-

Shadow: Kidding. But I would be ready to run once you do it.

Tart: Okay. –Walks up to Sunrise- Hi Sunrise.

Sunrise: Hi Tart! What are you doing?

Tart: This! –Yanks her hair-


Aisha: I thought you said she wouldn't do that?

Shadow: She won't, at least the last part.


Shadow: Next dare. Wolf!

Wolf: Already on it. –Bites Masaya's and Deep's blues legs-

Monkey: Kish, kiss Mint.

Mint: -Runs up and kisses him on the lips-

Kish: -Struggling to get free-

Shadow: I can't believe it!

Star: What, that Mint kissed him without being forced to, Ichigo looks jealous, or that Kish can't get free?

Shadow: No, that Mint has kissed both Masaya and Kish and didn't mind either. She's turning into Sunrise!

The guys besides Tart and Kish: NO!

Kish: -Finally gets free-

Ichigo: I believe the roles switched for that short time.

Aisha: Huh?

Ichigo: This time the boy's struggling to get away, not the girl.

Shadow: Anyway, next review!

Wolf: WAIT! What about my weapon?

Shadow: I was hoping you'd forget. –Hands Wolf her 'weapon'- It's more like a weapon of annoyance.

Monkey: Okay, the next review's from Stara-chi.

Alright I've got some more things for you first is can I be an assistant. I've got dark red hair that reaches my back, blue eyes that turn red when angry and black bat-like demon wings. I can get angry very easily I hate Aoyama, and Deep blue, when I'm furious I take my anger out by beating someone up preferably the tree hugger, I love to tease people, I also support IchigoxKisshu, PuddingxTart, and LettucexPai. I wear a turtle neck sleeveless dark red top that have a picture of a black rose on it, with long black pants and a black version of Ichigo ribbon that she wears around her neck on my neck. I have a baby black dragon that is on my shoulder or head most of the time and attacks people I dislike or need to be taught a lesson, I also have fire, darkness, Ice, water, earth and flying (by use of my wings) magic. My weapon is a black and red scythe, and two guns. Call me Stara.

Okay now onto the questions and dares

Ichigo: I dare you to cling onto Kisshu for two chapters.

Tree hugger: Did you really kiss Minto, pudding, lettuce and whoever else you violated you sick ~BEEP~.

Kisshu: I dare you to give Ichigo a hickey.

Tart: I dare you to give Pudding a hickey.

Pai: I dare you to give Lettuce a hickey.

Ichigo: I dare you not to hit Kisshu for two chapters.

tree hugger: have you ever thought nasty thoughts about your mother.

Kisshu: slap Ichigo on the butt now that she can't hit you.

Tart: do you know what a wet dream is.

Ichigo: have you ever been in heat (you know a cat thing).

Kisshu: how many times have you had a wet dream.

Pai: have you ever had a wet dream about lettuce.

Ryou: I dare you to put on a pink frilly dress and keep it on for two chapters.

Ryou: who do you like.

Mint: do you like Zakuro more than a idol.

Ryou: If you could make Ichigo like you would you.

Kisshu, Pai and Tart: why can't your kind just live together with humans.

Deep blue: WTF you're the stupid tree hugger how can both of you be out at the same time.

Kisshu: I dare you to french kiss Ichigo.

Oh before I forget Sunrise and Shadow here is a spell book that teaches you how to revive someone so now you can actually kill the ~BEEP~ up tree hugger.

Shadow: -Poofs in Stara-

Stara: I was waiting for you to poofs me here.

Lucy: Ichigo, cling to Kish for two chapters.

Ichigo: -Grabs onto Kish's arm and won't let go-

Wolf: -Uses her 'weapon'-

Easy Button: THAT WAS EASY!

Shadow: I'm going to go insane if that thing stays here.

Stara: Masaya, did you really violate those poor girls you ~BEEP~.

Masaya: I don't remember.

Shadow: LAIR! –Replays video- Did anyone notice he had BLUE EYES? That means Deep Blue must have given him the thought but he was conscious the entire time. In other words, yes he did.

Stara: You SICK ~BEEP~.

Shadow: -Throws Masaya and Deep Blue into the Torturing Machine- Kish, give Ichigo a hickey.

Kish: -Starts sucking on Ichigo's neck-

Ichigo: -Moans-

Kish: -Stops then kisses Ichigo-

Ichigo: -Kisses back-

Shadow: I never thought I'd see the day.

Star: How are we going to get Tart? I don't know about you, but I don't want to get in-between them. –Points to Sunrise and Tart who are still running-

Shadow: That's easy! –Turns to Sunrise- Sunrise, RYOU CALLED YOU A FAT ~BEEP~ PIG!

Ryou: WHAT!


Shadow: -Smirks- Have fun.

Ryou: AHH!

Wolf: -Uses her 'weapon'-

Easy Button: THAT WAS EASY!

Shadow: I'm getting a headache. Pai, give Lettuce a hickey, and Tart, give Pudding a hickey.

Tart: A what?

Stara: Suck on Pudding's neck.

Tart: Oh. –Sucks on Pudding's neck-

Pai: -Sucking on Lettuce's neck-

Both: -Stop-

Tart: Like that?

Star: Yeah.

Monkey: Ichigo, you're not allowed to hit Kish for two chapters.

Ichigo: Okay.

Easy Button: That was easy.

Shadow: If that thing goes off one more time I'm gonna smash it.

Easy Button: Shut it ~BEEP~.

Shadow: That's it! I'm leaving for the chapter. I'm not putting Sunrise in charge, so everyone meet Meghan, Jenna, and Lyndsee Maple, aka my OCs from my assassin stories. –Poofs in Meghan, Jenna, and Lyndsee-

Jenna:-Looks exactly like Sunrise except she looks around 15, they are even wearing the exact same thing, except the colors are switched. An example would be her sunglasses are purple with pink rubies- What happened? Where am I? Did the enemy kidnap me while I was asleep? Who's the cutie with the blond hair? Do I have a twin, 'cause the girl chasing the cutie with the blond hair looks exactly like me? Why's everyone looking at me? What… -Meghan covers Jenna's mouth-

Meghan:-Looks exactly like Shadow except she's about 17 and colors on her clothes are switched, so what was red is black and what was black is red- Shut up.

Lyndsee:-Dirty blond hair, sapphire blue eyes, fair-skin, yellow tank top, orange short shorts, yellow sunglasses with orange topaz along the side, and yellow flip flops with orange straps and looks around 14- Jenna's right Meghan, where are we?

Shadow: Another story by me, well, us.-Points to Meghan-

Meghan: Okay, why are we here?

Shadow: Well, I'm gonna take a small vacation, but I can't leave Sunrise in charge or the world will most likely end, so I brought in more people. I mean, who better to be in charge than someone almost exactly like me.

Lyndsee: And why am I here?

Shadow: You're the peace keeper. If you need me just contact Sasha 'cause she'll be with me. Well, see ya! –Poofs herself to a place that's always is night with an ocean near it and moderately warm temperatures-

Sunrise: Wait! –Stops chasing Ryou-

Ryou: Finally!

Sunrise: Where did Shadow go? And who are they?

Wolf: Shadow left 'cause Stara chased her away, but brought in more people to be hosts.

Stara: It wasn't my fault Shadow left, it was the Easy Button.

Meghan: So what do we do?

Aisha: Finish the review we're on, then go onto the next ones until there aren't any left.

Meghan: Really! That's all I need to do! If that's all I'm going to get my iPhone.-Walks into the shadows and disappears. Appears as few minutes later with the Phone/MP3 Player in her hand-

Sunrise: Cool!

Jenna: You're right, it's too cold.-Eyes turn orange and it becomes sunny-

Meghan: -Hisses- Turn off that bright light! –Covers her eyes with her sunglasses-

Lyndsee: Jenna, turn the light down.

Jenna: Fine. –Makes the light less harsh-

Lyndsee: Okay, let's get on with these dare-things.

Sunrise: Masaya, have you ever thought nasty thoughts about your mommy? –Puts the creepy hat on his head-

Masaya: No. –Doesn't get shocked like everyone expected him to-

Aisha: Weird.

Kish: -Slaps Ichigo on the butt-

Ichigo: Who knew you could be so naughty Kish-kun?

Everyone except Kish, Ichigo, Meghan, Jenna, and Lyndsee: Kish-kun?

Lyndsee: Let's just get on with this. Tart, do you know what a wet dream is?

Tart: Where you get sprayed by water?

Meghan: So innocent, I think I'm going to be sick.

Jenna: Ichigo, have you ever been in heat?

-A random TV turns on and Shadow is on the screen-

Shadow: That's a no 'cause if she was when she was a cat then Ryou, aka Alto would've gotten to her, and if she was a human Kish would've gotten to her.

Monkey: How did you know that was the question we were on?

Shadow and Meghan: That's for us to know and you not to.

Lyndsee: She texted her the question the second you were finished reading the question.

Meghan and Shadow: Traitor.

Shadow: Anyway, see ya! –TV turns off and the signal is gone-

Lucy: I don't know about you, but Shadow and Meghan are almost like twins.

Meghan: That's 'cause we're basically the same person.

Monkey: Okay, Kish, how many times have you had a wet dream.

Kish: -Opens his mouth but Lyndsee cuts him off-

Lyndsee: Don't answer that. I don't think anyone would like to know, and you shouldn't picture that image in your head, it's disgusting!

Kish: Huh?

Meghan: She can read mind since she's telepathic and has the power of telekinesis. No, I don't read minds and yes I know it's strange how I'm answering your questions before you even voice them. Also, that image was rather disturbing.

Everyone besides Jenna and Lyndsee: -Gives Meghan a strange look-

Meghan: It's for me to know and you not to.

Jenna: We don't even know how she does it.

Star: Pai, have you ever had a wet dream about Lettuce?

Meghan: Yes he has.

Pai and Lettuce: -Blush-

Sunrise: It's weird how she knew that, yet cool! Now, come here Ryou. –Grabs Ryou and stuffs him in a hot pink frilly dress with little red hearts along the seems-

Meghan: Too much pink.

Jenna: Now Ryou, who do you like?

Ryou: I-Ichigo.

Meghan: Then Mint, then Lettuce, and finally Zakuro.

Stara: Mint, do you like Zakuro more than an idol.

Mint: I like her like an older sister.

Sunrise and Jenna: Trust me, you don't like her like that, or else you would hate her so much that you'd want to kill her most of/all the time. –Look at each other- Sisters!

Meghan: And that completely contradicts what they said earlier.

Moon: Ryou, if you could make Ichigo like you, would you?

Ryou: -Looks around nervously- Y-yes.

Kish: -Lunges at Ryou trying to rip his head off-

Tart: We could live in peace but something might happen that could cause a war, which would destroyed the Earth, also Earth would have become over populated.

Pudding: So you were doing it to protect us?

Tart: I guess you could say that.

Sunrise: Where have you been?

Pudding: Asleep.

Sunrise: Oh. Stara's right, how can Deep Blue and Masaya both be here?

-TV turns on-

Shadow: 'Cause I poofed them both here. In the Anime Masaya's spirit was out of Deep Blues body so I just made it so both were in a materialized form. Bye!

-TV turns off-

Everyone except Meghan: Looks at Meghan.

Meghan: -Rolls her eyes and pulls out her phone. The most recent massage sent was to Shadow-

Kish: -Starts French kissing Ichigo after he read the dare without the need for anyone to tell him to-

Ichigo: -Enjoying the kiss-

Stara: Here you go Sunrise! –Hands the spell book to Sunrise-

Meghan: -Grabs the book before Sunrise can grab it-

Sunrise: Hey! That's mine!

Meghan: I'm gonna hold onto it till Shadow gets back. Who knows what you'll do to the world if you get your hands on this?

Lyndsee: Sunrise, don't get into a fight with Meghan. Please, I don't want either of you to get hurt.

Sunrise: Fine.

Meghan: -Smirking-

Moon: Let's get on with the next review. It's from LucyAkasaka.

Lucy: This one's from me!

Wolf: Hello!

Right, chain Pai to a chair and chain Lettuce to him.

Pai, do you like pie? Sorry I had to ask!

Keiichiro, bake three pies. Shadow, Sunrise and Lucy (me), throw them in Pai's face.

Can I has a weapon? I would like a purple scimitar with a yellow handle.


Monkey: -Chains Pai to a chair with Lettuce sitting on his lap-

Star: Pai, do you like Pai?

Pai: It depends on the flavor.

Jenna and Sunrise: I bet his favorite is Lettuce Pie. –Giggles-

Lettuce and Pai: -Blush-

Keiichiro: Here you go. –Hands a lemon pie to Lucy, a lettuce pie to Sunrise, a blackberry-raspberry-mulberry aka a triple berry pie to Meghan since she is almost exactly like Shadow, and a pumpkin pie to Jenna since she is pretty much the exactly the same person as Sunrise-

Meghan, Jenna, Lucy, and Sunrise: -Throws the pies in Pai's face-

Lucy: Now how am I going to get my weapon?

Meghan: Hold on. –Reaches into Lucy's shadow and pulls out a purple scimitar with yellow handles out- Here.

Pudding: What else do you have in there?

Meghan: A missile, an atomic bomb, nun chucks, a few cherry bombs, a couple katanas, some swords, a canon, um, a Game Cube, an Xbox, and some more stuff.

Lettuce: Wow.

Meghan: -Reaches into her own shadow and pulls out a pumpkin pie, which she throws at Jenna's face- And that was the pie Jenna asked me to save for later.

Lyndsee: Are any of our Pokéballs in there?

Meghan: Yes, but Shadow specifically said no Pokémon.

Lyndsee: Oh.

Jenna: That pie was good.

Tart: You're weird.

Pudding: Now the next review! This one's from BladeofMoonlight.

Moon: Me.

Aisha: Yay! I'm on the show! Now, for more dares!

Stupid tree-hugger and Deep Blue: sit in a pie dish and be placed in a furnace of 100000000 degrees! I LIKE RYOU MORE THAN YOU TWO (swear word omitted)! AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING!

Ichigo: Date Kish for the rest of the show, or else (white wolf ears pop out) I will strike you with my WINTER ILLUSION ATTACK! SAME FOR YOU, PAI, WITH LETTUCE!

Pudding: get engaged to Tart!

Mint: do you have romantic feelings for Zakuro? Or is it sisterly?

Ryou: Kiss Zakuro!


Meghan: I'm guessing Deep Blue and Masaya were thrown into the Torturing Machine, am I right?

Star: Yep!

Meghan: -Pulls Deep Blue and Masaya out of the Torturing Machine and makes them sit in a pie dish. Then she places them in a furnace of 100,000,000 degrees- Ichigo, date Kish for the rest of the show.

Ichigo: Okay.

Easy Button: That was ~BEEP~ easy.

Meghan: Now I know why Shadow left. That thing is ~BEEP~ annoying.

Easy Button: Shut it ~BEEP~.

Meghan: -Pulls a dozen black, red, and golden throwing stars out of her shadow- What was that?

Easy Button: Nothing.

Meghan: Thought so. Lettuce, you need to date Pai for the rest of the show.

Lettuce: O-okay. –Gulps-

Moon: Pudding, get engaged to Tart.

Pudding: But sadly Pudding's already is engaged to Yuebin.

Meghan: Call off the engagement, no, Tart will fight Yuebin and if Tart wins you two will get engaged.

Pudding: Okay, no da no!

Meghan: We already answered the next truth, so Ryou kiss Zakuro.

Ryou: Okay. –Walks over to Zakuro and kisses her for a second- Now let's hurry up with the next review.

Meghan: Monkey, read it.

Monkey: This one's from starfirewinx.

Star: That's me!

Monkey: Hi-Hi!

Star: okay everybody thisiz my lil cuzzi Katie. Say hi Katie!

Katie: hi everyone.

Star: so we have some dares and truths!

Kisshu: run around singing why can't we b friends while being chased by poisonous frogs

Pai: what iz the most embarrassing thing I've ever done? ( don't say no. I know you have one.)

Tart: I dare u to act like Ryou all chapter

Ryou: I dare you to shave ur head completely and then draw smilie faces on ur newely bald head and let us all sign it too.

Katie: that's all!

Star: hey Katie, where is Colby?

Katie: who?

Star: OMG! Where'd u put him?

Katie: g2g! Colby! Where are you?

Jenna and Sunrise: Who's Colby?

Star: Oh, no one.

Jenna: Okay! Kish, run around singing…

Sunrise: 'Why Can't We Be Friends' while being chased…

Jenna: by poisonous frogs.

Sunrise: Here are the poisonous frogs. –Poofs in a dozen poisonous frogs-

Frogs: -Start chasing Kish-

Kish: Why can't we be friends (4x)

I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya 'round for a long long time
I really, I really, I really remember when you drank my wine

Why can't we be friends (4x)

I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya walkin' down in Chinatown
I called ya, I called ya, I called but you did not look around
I pay my, I pay my, I pay my money to the welfare line
I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya standing in it everytime

Why can't we be friends (4x)

The color, the color, the color of your skin don't matter to me
As long as, as long as, long as we can live in harmony
I kinda, I kinda, I kinda, like to be the president
And I could, and I could, and I could show you how your money's spent

Why can't we be friends (4x)

Sometimes I don't speak right
But did I know what I was talking about
I know you're working for the CIA
They wouldn't have you in the mafia

Why can't we be friends (4x).

Sunrise: -Poofs the frogs away-

Kish: -Stops running and starts panting- I. Hate. You. Star. –collapses from exhaustion and passes out-

Ichigo: Kish-kun! –Runs to Kish's side-

Pudding: What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done Pai?

Pai: -Starts Blushing-

Tart: He was mumbling something in his sleep one night. Over and over he kept saying 'Marry me Lettuce', 'He's beautiful Lettuce', and 'I love you Lettuce' over and over.

Lettuce and Pai: -Both blushing so hard they're both redder than Ichigo's hair-

Tart: -Eying Pudding's outfit and smirking-

Pudding: W-what are you doing Taru-Taru, no da no?

Tart: Following the dare.

Ryou: Why do I have to shave my head?

Star: 'Cause I said so. -Grabs a razor and shaves Ryou's head and draws smiley faces on his head-

Jenna: Sign it everyone!

Everyone except Ryou: -Grabs a marker and writes their name on Ryou's head-

Meghan: -Grabs another marker and writes 'Shadow'-

Sunrise: That's all the reviews. –Starts crying-

Meghan: I got a text from Shadow.

Text from Shadow: To all the reviewers- Should Meghan, Jenna, and Lyndsee stay on the show?

Lyndsee: Well, that's the end of the chapter.

Another Text from Shadow: Remember, if no one reviews, Ichigo has to kiss Masaya!

Everyone: Please review!

Meghan: Or else. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Star: Creepy.