L.O.V.E. The B&B Way

L. is for the way you look at me

Brennan sighed and sat down in her desk chair. The Jeffersonian is silent, all the other "squints" have left for the night. This past case has hit her hard. Before, before she messed it up, before she left for Maluku, Booth would be there. But now he was out with Hannah, Cam was home with Michelle, and Angela and Hodgins were at home too. And Brennan, she was alone in the Jeffersonian at night, so late the cleaning crew had left. Just Bones and her bones, she thought with a single tear leaking out of one eye. That was the kind of joke Booth would have told. She angrily wiped the tear away and stood up. She walked up the platform to a set of limbo remains and began to piece together the shattered skull. The shards of bone were hard enough to pierce skin if you weren't careful, and so fragile they would break if she dropped them. Brennan began the mindless work, all that mattered was the next puzzle piece. It all fit perfectly into compartments, if you just tried hard enough you could rebuild a person. They would be slightly different, maybe this time they wouldn't get broken.

Brennan fell asleep soon after finishing the skull. It all fit together around the center, which must hold. But Booth and her were falling apart, and so was the team. They were strangers, kind but unknown, with their own lives. They were no longer a family. Brennan wished she could fix this. She wished she could turn back time, metaphorically speaking of course. She loved Booth too much, so much it hurt, so much she put his own happiness before his own. So he was with Hannah and she was asleep beside the limbo skeleton, and that was the way it needed to be.

Brennan woke up to the smell of fresh coffee. She stretched and forgot for a moment. She thought the coffee was from Zack, trying so hard to please her and be the perfect grad. student. She forgot he was in a mental institution for helping a cannibalistic murderer. She thought that Ange would be coming over to talk her into a girl's night out or a shopping trip that she would fight against, never telling her how good it felt to be wanted. She forgot that now Angela liked talking about baby names and room colors. She thought Booth was still her perfect partner, her best friend, her "other half". She forgot he was living with and loving Hannah. For a moment everything was back to normal, it was all okay.

Then her brain began to focus and a sob choked in her throat. She looked up, Booth was there, with steaming hot coffee, at four AM. The windows were showing the barest hint of light. "Booth" she whispered fearing it was a dream. He tilted her head up to look at her. Everything reflected in his chocolate brown eyes, every emotion. He was worried for her well being. He placed a hand at the small of her back. He was concerned after seeing the tears and her red rimmed eyes. Booth lightly wiped away the salty rivers across her cheeks. He was sweet. He led her to the couch and they sat. She leaned her head against his shoulder and he began to play with her hair. "I broke up with Hannah" he told her in a quiet voice. "Booth" she starts. He interrupts "Let me finish, or I'll lose my nerve. I loved Hannah." Bren opens her mouth to talk again. "Shhh" he tells her pressing a finger to her lips and staring intensely in her eyes. "I loved her as a friend. I liked her because she loved me. I didn't need to wait or be patient. But she was nice, just nice. And I was happy, just plain old happy. But I can't do that anymore. She asked who I loved most in the world and I thought of you, and Parker. So I broke up with her tonight because with you I was ecstatic, happy over little things, content to just look at you. I had that one in a million connection. We were so close at times we were almost one, almost a miracle. You have beautiful wavy brown hair, amazing pale blue eyes, a giving heart, and a big brain." "My intelligence has nothing to do with the size of my brain." Booth bumped her shoulder gently, and chided her " I know."

Brennan looked into his eyes and there was another moment, just like many before it. This was different, she stared into Booth's eyes and neither broke the bond. Her ice blue eyes reflected concern and love. His chocolate brown eyes reflected her face, and lots of love. They leaned in and kissed tenderly. They then deepened the kiss before finally coming up for air. He looks at her with adoration, like he would die for her, he nearly did, like he would kill for her, he would, like he wanted to give her the world, he has. She looks back a bit shy, a bit nervous, but with the same message. She would do anything to protect him, to be able to love him forever. She whispers, "I love you" and stands up. She walks out slowly, her hips swaying. He looks after her warily and protectively, and watches her leave. Then he stands up and runs after her. He pulls her back and catches her as they fall. It's a miracle she hasn't fought back, she want to be caught. Brennan and Booth sit up and stare into each other's eyes. "We were always more than just partners" Brennan says bluntly. They begin to laugh, so hard it hurts, so hard they can't do anything else. Brennan and Booth lean back onto the floor, fingers intertwined, her head on his chest. They watch the sunrise come up over D.C. illuminating the sky line, sneaking looks at each other. Finally they catch each other in a glance, L. is for the way you look at me.

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