O. Is For the Only One I See

Even when he was with Hannah, something had been off. And Hannah could tell, she saw the glances he snuck to look at Brennan. She saw the way he lit up when Bren entered the room. She wasn't stupid and she wasn't oblivious. Hannah just accepted it, for a while she had written it off as a partner thing. Eventually she realized she was lying to herself, so when Booth broke up with her that night, it had been a long time coming. Booth never looked at her like that, like he was ready to take a bullet for her if need be.

To a lesser degree Cam could tell too. Cam had needed a distraction, someone to fill the hole in her life. For a while that had worked, but Booth was just a patch trying to heal a gaping wound. They had broken up amicably, and now Michelle had filled her heart, stitching it closed. Cam had known the relationship was over when she caught them. They were sitting discussing the case, but they were connected in ways Cam couldn't begin to imagine. When they had looked up into each other's eyes and said "Thai" in unison Cam knew. She had paused for a moment and wasn't surprised when Booth chose Brennan.

Angela, of course, could always tell, had always known. From the moment the two's eyes connected, fury burning in them. She had seen the annoyance in Booth's eyes fade away, replaced by acceptance. The acceptance slowly became affection, for her odd mannerisms, for the way she could rattle off bone name and diseases that made him doubt she spoke English. Angela witnessed that turn into love. Booth loved her because he could tell her everything, he could give her guy hugs and say "I love you in an atta girl kinda way". He loved her because she let him hold her when she cried, and because she said " I don't know what that means".

And now at this moment he couldn't love her more. She walked down the staircase, gracefully descending. In the see of women coming towards him, Booth's eyes were captivated by her. It was the night of the Jeffersonian's big fundraiser, and the girls had been ordered to come down like it was a debutant ball as their names and professions were read aloud. Bones come down in her short black dress and began to fight the crowd to reach Booth. He pulled her towards him and caught her in a hug. He pressed a kiss to the top of her hair and then succumbed to a real kiss. Booth pulled away slightly red and glanced around. "That wasn't a very appropriate kiss, Bones," he told her. Brennan shrugged and kissed him again.

Angela and Hodgins made their way over to the two. "Hey good lookin', " Angela teased him as they approached. "Looking hot Ange," he replied, used to her ribbing. "Hey Booth lay off, you got your girl" Hodgins told him. Angela rolled her eyes and kissed Hodgins passionately. "Ignore him" Angela told Booth. She then turned and whispered in Hodgins ear, "I'm your girl". Angela then turned to Brennan and hugged her. "You look great Sweetie" she squealed. "You're the one who picked it" Brennan told her. "But I never thought you would wear it unless I forced you to". Angela then stared at the two. Booth's arm was wrapped around Brennan's waist, pulling her close. Brennan was leaning in closer to Booth than usual her head almost resting on his shoulder.

Ange frowned staring at the two, "Is there something you need to tell me Bren?" she asked. Brennan's eyes flickered up to Booth's face, and then she shook her head. Angela was upset; she thought that Brennan trusted her. "You're together" Angela said, her voice flat with no pleasure and no anger. Booth turned to her stunned. Then he saw her face, it was a mask, compartmentalized to Brennan type perfection. Hodgins knew that this was the calm before the storm. He went and put his arm around Angela lightly cradling her. Ange's hormones had her very emotional and when she tensed in his arms, Hodgins wondered if she would end up screaming or crying. She relaxed in his arms and Hodgins braced himself. He hated to see her sad and would rather be screamed at over menial things. Angela whirled around and ran out of the room, wrenching herself from his grasp.

Brennan hesitated only momentarily before following her. "Ange" she called out running through the ballroom in her very high heels. Angela didn't pause and continued to make her way out of the exhibit. Booth and Hodgins followed at a slightly slower pace with Hodgins taking them a more direct route. They met Brennan in the lab outside the closed office door. Bren looked at them for reassurance and then stepped into the room. "Ange" she whispered her eyes adjusting to the lighting. Brennan began to search for the artist's shape in the dim room. Angela was curled up in her desk chair, biting her lip to avoid crying, and shutting her eyes as if that would ward off the pain. Brennan found her and immediately encircled her arm around Angela's shoulders. Ange tipped her head so that it rested on Brennan's shoulders and the top of her head hovered beneath the bottom of Brennan's chin. Brennan allowed her head to drop slightly resting her chin on Ange's head. "Sweetie" Angela said softly "I'm sorry". "I'm sorry too" Brennan replied quietly. "I'm happy for you two…really I am" Ange said forcefully "I was just…" "Blindsided" Brennan supplied "And I would have told you soon I promise". "How long?" Ange asked. Brennan knew instantly what she meant, "Two weeks, since the night he broke up with Hannah". The guys entered at this point. Booth went over and hugged Bones who stood up. Jack gently wiped the tears that had ran down his wife's face. Booth said he was sorry as well and they all joined in a hug that intertwined them. Angela hurriedly fixed her makeup and demanded details later. They made it downstairs in time for the last dance.

Jack and Angela did spins and dips to the tunes melodic rhythm. Booth and Brennan were slow dancing in spite of the song's tempo. Booth thought of Bones comforting Angela, teaching Parker, and loving him. He looked at her smiling face, and into her ice blue eyes. She stared at him thinking of his kindness, his unwavering faith, and his unending love. The chocolate eyes met ocean ones and a miracle happened. They connect in a moment that blocks out the music, the other people surrounding them. They lean in and kiss, eyes wide open, not wanting to miss a moment of this. The best time of life is now. O. is for the only one I see