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V. Is Very Very Extraordinary

Booth wanted to make Bones realize that love could last forever. He wanted to prove that he wasn't going anywhere and could promise her thirty, or forty, or fifty years. Brennan knew that Booth would never leave by choice, but with the jobs they held it was possible it wouldn't be his choice. When he had been "killed" it had nearly killed her as well, she hadn't ate, slept, or done anything except work until he was back. She had been so angry with him, but she had been angrier with herself. Angry that she had let him gain so much control over her own well-being and that he was so ingrained into her daily life. Now she knew that they would be part of each other's lives for a long time. However, there was a part of her that was still worried and kept her walls up. They weren't there solely to keep him out, but also to see if he cared enough to break them down. Booth knew he needed to prove that Bones had an open heart and that she wouldn't get hurt. He had known from the moment they met that this was love. Love that could overcome any obstacle, that had enough passion to light several fires, and that had the possibility to last a lifetime.

Brennan had known as well. She could tell that there was more to him than just a symmetrical face with a pleasing body. He could take what she told him and dish it right back at her. Most importantly, he stayed, he never gave up on her, and he always protected her. She was a scientist and it wasn't in a human's nature to remain monogamous. 50% of marriages end in divorce and she wasn't a gambler. Brennan couldn't risk the happiness they had now for a piece of paper, the risk wasn't worth it. Bren had been in pain when she believed Booth had died, but it was almost worse when he had been with Hannah. To have him so close, just an arm's length away and yet not be able to receive "guy hugs" and "atta girls" hurt her so much more. She was terrified of being abandoned and knew she had a better chance of keeping him in her life if they remain professional partners only. She cared about him too much to risk losing him. But now had they crossed the line and marriage was the next logical step in this society.

Booth went to her apartment at around 8pm. He came carrying Thai food and a small box in his pocket. He knocked and she opened the door immediately. "How did you know I wasn't some deranged psycho murderer?" he gently reprimanded her. "I could smell the Thai food," she teased. She then looked at him worriedly "You knew I was joking right. I couldn't really smell it from across the room when we were separated by a door" she told him. Booth leaned over and kissed her nose. "Yes, I knew you were being silly, Bones" he said with a smile. He then gave her a real kiss, pleased she was finally his. Not that he would ever say that out loud, then Bones would gave him a lecture on the feminism movement and how women were no longer treated as property. But he was also hers so it all equaled out.

They sat side by side eating the food and teasing each other with banter and kisses until dinner was over. Then Booth cleared the takeout containers and Brennan went to change. She came out in her pjs and settled on the couch snug in his arms. Booth began playing with her hair "I need to talk to you, Bones" he said. Brennan knew that voice and twisted out of his arms. "You changed your mind" she said half dejected and half accusingly. "No Bones, never" he reassured pulling her back into his lap. He placed two of his fingers under her chin and tilted it up towards him. "I love you" he told her "and that means forever". "Forever is an impossible timeframe. We will die in approximately 60 years and that is not forever" she corrected him, retreating back behind her scientific walls, "You didn't love Rebecca forever". He sighs and thinks for a moment. "And don't say you were too young" she told him "in twenty years maybe you'll look at me and go I was too young. I made a horrible mistake choosing Brennan over Hannah". "You will never be a mistake to me Bones, only a positive. And I still do love Rebecca but it's a different kind of love. She is the mother of my son and for that I will always love her. But not in the same way as my love for you". Brennan's eyebrows knit together in confusion. "Love can't be quantified, it can't be measured in your beakers. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith," he whispered.

"What about Cam?" Bones asked, clearly not satisfied with her questioning thus far. "Cam was…a friend first. She was someone to fill the hole of not having you. She is intelligent and smart; she works in the same field. We grew up together so I am overprotective sometimes, like a big brother. But really the main part of our relationship was friendship and reminiscing. She's not you, and I was in love with you when I was with her".

"Tessa?" she asks. "Was a fling, before I really knew you. She was the physical part of a relationship, just like Cam was the mental part. But Bones, you are the total package. Someone I can joke around with, laugh with, have deep conversations that are sometimes way over my head, someone I can kiss and adore and be with for…the rest of my life" staying away from the phrase forever seemed to calm her down a bit.

Brennan looked skittish and gave him a strange look before offering up one last name "Angela?" "What?" he said staring at her like she was crazy. "We were never, you know...intimate". She ducked her head and he realized what she was referring to. "The flirty greetings are just how Angela interacts with people. I learned to go along with it. She is incorrigible, it's just our way of joking around" he stammered. She glanced up at Booth and smiled. "She's like that with everyone. I was joking" Brennan said with a giggle. Booth smiled at this before returning to a more serious visage.

"I know a lot of people in your life have hurt you. Like your Dad, Russ, your Mom, Zack... But your Dad and Russ came back, you still go to see Zack every Sunday, and you know your Mom didn't leave by choice. I'm sorry I abandoned you to go train soldiers" he whispered the last part. "I chose to leave first" she responded. "You are a great person Bones. Think of all the people who haven't left you, Hodgins, Cam, Angela, even Sweets. And I will never leave you for that long ever again". "You don't know what future circumstances might make you leave, willingly or unwillingly," she said crossly. "No, I can't predict the future. But I will do everything in my power to remain here with you" Booth told her.

She looked at him thoughtfully and then snuggled her face against his neck. "You make me believe in forever, in miracles, in making love being different than sex. That worries me, I lose my objectivity when I'm with you. But I gain faith. I believe we can make this work. And if you need a piece of paper to prove it, I will marry you".

"I don't need a piece of paper. I trust you. Logically I want to marry you so that if anything happened to Rebecca and I, Parker will be taken care of. I want to marry you because if you are, when you are, hurt again I can be the first to see you without needing to use my gun". "Those are both logical reasons" Brennan accepted. "But that's not all, I want to marry you so I can prove to the world your mine. Yeah I know, stupid alpha-male tendencies. I want to marry you because I love you, Bones," he told her. "I love you too," Bones whispered" and that really scares me. But being with you makes me feel so safe". V. is very, very extraordinary

Booth stroked her hair tenderly. "I want to propose when we're both ready. You'll get there Bones. I'll be waiting".

Brennan relaxes in his arms and begins to massage his hand with her one thumb. She brings his hand up to her face and lightly kisses it. She then releases his hand and wraps her arms around his chest. She hugs him so tightly to her, it's like she's afraid of losing him. Brennan buries her head into his chest and yawns. Within moments she is asleep, safe and secure in Booth's arms. "I love Bones, so much more than you will ever know" with this Booth scoops her up into him arms and carries her into bed. They lie down and Brennan subconsciously scooted closer for warmth. Still asleep she wraps herself around Booth until they were intertwined as one. "And the center holds".

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