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Above the earth, there are heaven, hell, death note, life note, angles and gods of death. But not angles are angelic …one of them is different. "HAH ! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN !" shout a red hair angle with a blonde strip on the side of her hair. She was wearing a black and green striped shirt, a black short skirt, black short tight underneath it and a black midnight boots and two pair of long gloves. " GET BACK HERE HARUNO ! " shout a blue hair angle who have a black stripes on the side of her hair. This blue head angle is wearing light purple shirt, jeans, and purple gloves + red sneakers. "FUCK YOU NO ! I AM NOT COMING FUCKING BACK !" haruno shout as she flap her black wings down to the earth. "HARUNO YOU WHORE ! WAIT FOR ME !" shout another angle with white hair and midnight black stripes on the

side of the hair. Until the white hair catch up by the red hair angle, they both go down to the earth with their life note. "Nuwa , calm down….there were just having fun." Said an melodic voice. An angle com down with a golden wings. The owner of the melodic voice was a pink hair angle called Ichigo. She was wearing a white tank top, pink jacket, blue jeans and pink sneakers. " fine ! but I am chasing them down later " said nuwa who was frustrated. The blue and pink head angle stop as they watch the bad angles fly down to earth. Back with the baddies… they were far enough to get away from them.

They were in L.A. " think we go enough ?" ask haruno ask the midnight hair angle who was called hakku. " yaa….i think" this hakku angle said with a puff. A silence break in… they have no idea where they have to go… they just know that this is L.A. " where the crap do we have to go now ?" ask hakku. "hmm…..i know ! lets just sleep for the night in that building !" haruno shout as she point to a white building which is the mafia hide out. As it was getting dark, they walk to the white colour building. "ok… we should rest aren't we and went to work tomorrow ?" ask hakku as she star to settle down to sit on the edge of the building.

"correct…now, stop being so fucking stupid and go to sleep." Said haruno as her voice getting darker and colder. "geez… don't be fucking angry". As they both settle down and drift off to sleep, a camera peek on them. "um….haru, why is there a camera looking at us ?". "OI ! FUCK OFF BEFORE I CUT YOUR WIRES OUT YOU WIRDO MAFIA !" haruno or haru shout as she drew her blade out. "how does she knows ?" ask a blonde guy a chocolate in his hand. "what should we do then ?" ask a bald guy with a bitch beside him.

I tell you what to do…..