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It was about 6:00 am at LA. "Geez wake up sleepy head" mello poked Haru head. "Go to hell mello…." She said "stupid….i can't go to hell if you and I are chain" he replied. She looks up and looks at the chain. "wtf….." she frown and get off the bed. Her hair was up like a chicken fur. "Dude…wanna do something fun?"Ask hakku " wtf…where did you came from?" she repleid. "no need to know…..come with me. I'll show ya something" she smile and grab haru wrist and drag her to the sofa, taking mello with them. At her laptop, there was a yaoi video. And it was about L and Light…. "BWAHAHAHAHAHA!omg…omg…. I can't breathe! ahahahahaha lol ! Dude!" haru was laughing so hard that she fell from the chair. Mello just stare in awe….wondering why people make stuff like these. "See! I told you it's funny!" hakku replied as she joins haru on the floor. "ok..ok…back to realty" she said before getting up. "so…what do you wanna do today ?" she ask " I dunno….make someone back to life I guess ?" she replied. Finally they made their choice and it was bringing someone back to life. "I am going to take ray and your gonna take Naomi..k ?" she said "k". they both exchange smoke and white chocolate. After writing their names down in their life note…. They wait for 40 second.

~somewhere else in japan~

Naomi: OMG ! I am alive ! but how ! and where I am I ?

Ray : iam alive…but kira kill me before…this is weird. Better not to get into this. (and find my lovely fiancée ^3^)

~back in LA~

"Poof!" they both spit the white chocolate and smoke to the floor. "Dude…. I hate smoke. Fuck them…" she said. "Fuck those chocolate..." replied hakku. "dude….i feel weird..." she said dizzly then fall to the floor. Suddenly, a black furry fox ear appeared from haru red hair and tail. A panda ear pop out of hakku hair and she tried to touch it. Everyone in the room stared at her for 10 seconds then their jaws drop to the ground. "well… iam off to somewhere…wanna come hakku ?" ask haru " um…sure. And we need a few thing to but I mean clothing" replied hakku. And so they left and the rest get back to work.

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