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Lessons Learned

Part 8 of the Not Over Yet series

It was a like being in a different world, Fall in D.C. was crunchy leaves, crisp cool air and damp evenings by the fireplace. In L.A. the weather was different it was still vaguely warm as though it was trying desperately to hold onto that summer feeling. It was weird to say the least that on All Hallow's Eve it was still roughly 90 degrees outside at ten pm and kids were still trick or treating.

Charissa however could care less, she was pressed firmly into Face's side and trying hard not to tuck her head against his shoulder or squeal as the horror movie played out on the screen in front of them, "Why do they never turn on the lights in these damn things?" She muttered and cringed as the bad guy serial killer creep began to chase the lead actress across the screen.

"Because it's a horror film and it would spoil the plot. Plus, this is John Carpenter's Halloween." Face pointed out, stretching his legs out to get more comfortable. "They had a shoestring budget and the special effects are pretty much lighting tricks." he glanced over his shoulder at the window. "Damn. You're still going?"

Murdock smiled, a piece of candy corn on each tooth. He swallowed, giggled with the massive amount of sugar, then put his glow-in-the-dark fake vampire fangs back in and gently dabbed blood around his lips and chin. "Yup! There's still so many kids coming by the center!"

They had all gathered at the community center that B.A. helped out at, Murdock insisting that Face wouldn't get any trick-or-treaters up at his penthouse, "But that's why I got it" Face had said.

"Yay for Cheap thrills." She wanted to accuse Face of secretly enjoying the fact she was not a big fan of horror films, "Sad part is I've seen this one… I think it's one of the first horror flicks I saw as a kid." She hid her head again and then peaked to watch someone get killed, she didn't mind the violence just the random jumpy parts, "Kids trick or treat late in these parts." She was glancing back at Murdock as well who she knew wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight thanks to the sugar high he was on.

"They go til midnight round here." B.A. chimed in, as he happened by, dressed in some sort of butcher like garb, "haunted House is almost ready to close up. You sure y'all don't wanna go through it?" He grinned at Charissa.

"No. I'm good thanks." She glared at the big man, shaking her head furiously.

B.A. laughed, "Well my break is up. Back I go." He grabbed some of Murdock's candy corn as he moved passed him and popped them in his mouth.

Murdock pouted at the loss of his candy, then grinned and headed back to the door with the bowl. "Whooooo wants some caaaaaaaa-" he was suddenly silent when he noticed that the child who'd appeared in the doorway looked about to be sick. "Hey there, little guy, you all right?" Murdock put the bowl on a table and rested his hands on the kid's shoulders. "You look real pale..."

Charissa laughed a little at Murdock's enthusiasm, but the second he mentioned something was wrong, she shifted on the sofa and peered over it, "Did someone eat too much candy already?" She quirked a brow and got a glimpse of the kid around Murdock… he didn't look green, just pale and worried to her. Secretly she welcomed a chance to get away from the damned movie and climbed over the back of the sofa and walked over next to Murdock curiously, "Hey, what's wrong kid?" She didn't mind kids but when they were like this she had no idea how to act around them or what to do really.

Face paused the DVD and peered over the back of the couch as the kid began to cry silently and looked up at Murdock. "It's my b-big brother!" he sniffed out. "He's - the bad guys took him, they want him to be a bad guy too..."

"Bad guys?"

"Ricky an' Andrew an' Simon, an' that big gang..."

Charissa quirked a brow and glanced up at Murdock… this didn't sound good at all, "Where were you when they took him?" She knelt down, trying to gather information from the very upset child as she looked back at Face and motioned with her head in a way to suggest to go find B.A. and Hannibal, especially since B.A. might know something about all of this considering he dealt with a lot of the kids in the area.

Face took the hint and went to find the others as the kid swallowed and looked up at her. "I was gettin' candy from Ms. Hendricks, she was givin' me some Reese Pieces an' she looked up an' said, 'What's Bobby doing with those boys?'"

"And that was the last time you saw him?" She reached out and drew the boy carefully inside and stood guiding him towards the sofa to sit down, "Is there anything else you can tell us?" She asked gently and nervously not wanting to upset the poor kid anymore.

B.A. spied Face looking around for him, he seemed to look like something important was going on… of course first thing that came to mind was Lynch had shown up. Rolling his eyes he approached the Lieutenant deciding to have a bit of fun with him and snuck up slowly and quietly before yelling as loud as he could once he was directly behind him.

"Ahhh!" Face yelled in shock and alarm. He swung out with his fist and managed to punch B.A. in the nose before realizing who it was. "Dammit B.A., don't do that!"

Murdock frowned at the men jumping around, and returned with a tissue box for the kid. "So your big brother is with a buncha bad kids now huh?"

B.A. lightly stumbled back and checked his nose, no blood thank goodness but Face did have a good punch, "You've been workin' out haven't you." He muttered and continued to rub his nose here and there, "What's goin' on?"

Charissa's mind was already working; she knew she could possibly get answers faster than four men walking around on Halloween. She glanced up as Murdock returned and stepped closer to him, "I got the area where his brother was last seen out of him. Stay here with him and wait for the rest of the guys; I'm going to go see if I can do some detective work. I can use my DCIS badge to get people to talk to me." She knew Murdock wasn't going to like her idea at all but before he could protest she was out the door and headed down the street.

"I've been doing Hannibal's special training program." Face said, glancing at their boss, who had come in from handing out candy to see what was going on.

Murdock balked. "Hey, wait!" but it was too late. She had already gone. As the other guys came into the entrance hall, he turned to them. The kid was hugging his leg. Murdock picked him up and put him on his shoulders. "Cap'n Sosa's gone to try and find this young'un's older brother, it's apparently gang initiation night. She told me to stay." he gave them a dry look.

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