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We exist for the sky. Without him, we are nothing.

The mist is the farthest from the sky. He drapes just above the air; almost near enough to touch the blue and yet too far away to stay and be with him. He will continue to linger in that state forever and there is nothing he can do about it.

He is not part of the sky and yet he continues to exist for him.


He hears a rather quiet knock on his mahogany door and he answers it with a calm voice; they were careful not to disturb anyone. It was the dead of night, and everybody needed a good night's sleep.

"Come in."

The hinges creak and the doors open and there stood his only female guardian.

Tsuna smiles and Chrome responds by walking forward, asking for the hand of her boss.

"No need for formalities," he holds her outstretched hand and squeezes them lightly. "Please, sit."

The violet haired illusionist nods obediently and sits.

"Have you contacted him?" he asks.

"Yes, Boss. I called out to him a couple of weeks ago, since you asked. He wasn't answering. But he finally spoke to me just now," the petite woman almost smiled, as if by joy. "He asks for you."

Vongola's Decimo nodded, knowing he must have heard the news by now.

Chrome stood up and bowed at him, and soon, the room filled with mist.


Tsunayoshi closes his eyes, picturing his true mist guardian's figure standing there in front of him, watching him breathe as he replaced Chrome.

"It's been a long time, Tsunayoshi-kun."

"It has," he opens his eyes, and he met with his mismatched orbs. "Mukuro."

The mist guardian stood rather amused as he stared at the young mafia boss in front of him. "Kufufufu.~" his smile grew wider, as if teasing, or implying something. "What is this thing I've been hearing about you? I'm rather intrigued."

Tsunayoshi smiles back, only his is that of an innocent soul. "And what is this hearsay you're so interested in, may I ask?"

Mukuro walks closer, and finally, when he stood just in front of Decimo's desk, he narrows his eyes at him and says; "You're applying for my freedom."

Tsuna laughs gently, sitting back. "I see. That's why you did not reply to Chrome's pleas. You were gathering information about that matter. You wanted to know if that was true without asking me." He said in a matter-of-factly way and looks back in his dangerous eyes.

The illusionist only smirks. "Oh really? What a risky conclusion you've got there, Tsunayoshi-kun."

"But it is true, is it not?" he smiles again. "I know your ways, Mukuro. I know them too well now."

The blue haired guardian leans closer, still deceiving; still dangerous. "Do you? I wonder about that…"

Tsunayoshi's amber eyes slightly narrowed as he still held that gaze on him. "I find it so amusing to see you give up your pride only to satisfy your curiosity."

His statement must have hit something for the mist guardian laughed out loud after that.

"I see you know how to tease people now, Tsunayoshi-kun." Mukuro grinned, amused at how he got cornered by the young Mafioso.

Decimo scratched his head and smiled. "I suppose I do."

Then, a fleeting silence covered the two of them, as Tsuna spoke now, telling the illusionist what he wanted to know.

"I did file a petition to free you, Mukuro," He answered simply, placing his elbows on his wooden table. "Or to shorten your sentence; anything that will work."

Mukuro raised his eyebrows in utter surprise. "Excuse me?"

"The rumors you have been hearing are all true. I am trying to regain you freedom."

"Kuhahahahaha!" another roar of laughter pierced the tense aura of the situation, making Decimo wonder what his guardian had found so amusing in the words he had said. "You? Begging for my freedom? My, Tsunayoshi-kun… did you miss me that badly to make you do this?"

"Maybe," Tsuna flashed him a bashful smile. "But you are my guardian, Mukuro. It was you and not Chrome who bears the responsibility and the title. And I certainly will not just sit here and wait for you to be released. I will get you out of that prison, no matter what it takes; no matter what the cost. So, just wait a little longer. I think I'll be able to convince them this time."

Mukuro shook his head. He heard that the Vongola boss had tried so many times to appeal his case to Vendicare; and the number is almost enough to make him disbelieve it.

He smiled, and that smile developed in to a chuckle, and now, in to another laugh.

"What a stubborn person you are, Tsunayoshi-kun." He dissipated in to mist, leaving Decimo wondering where he will appear next. "You never changed at all…"

Tsuna blinked as a gloved hand touched his cheek, and Rokudo Mukuro appeared in front of him, leaning dangerously close; he could feel his breath touch his face as he stared at his blue and red eyes. The Vongola was caught off guard. He knew the danger (just a scratch of that trident of his meant bye bye), but somehow he didn't feel alarmed.

His illusionist leaned closer to his ear and he heard the words he thought he'd never hear from him.

"Thank you."

His voice sounded mixed; there was something female in it, and he concluded that it was Chrome.

"Boss," when the illusionist pulled away he was a different person now. He was right. Mukuro had now left, leaving Chrome in his stead.

She smiled so wide from happiness and her boss smiled back.

"You're welcome."


Six makes the sky. Without them, he is nothing.

From above, he watches dearly and reaches out to the mist, and the distance between them isn't so vast anymore.

The mist is not a part of the sky but the sky continues to exist because of him.


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