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Ten years in the future, Tsuna would always regret stealing that normal life away from his friend.

Ten years in the future, Tsuna would always say sorry to his rain guardian, because he was always the source of his grief.

Ten years in the future, Tsuna would always think that Takeshi deserved a better friend.

Ten years in the future, Tsuna would always regret that he was the reason Yamamoto became a killer. He was the reason that smile of his was tarnished with blood; the reason why Yamamoto was now holding a sword and not a bat.

Ten years in the future, Tsuna wished that he shouldn't have met Yamamoto Takeshi.

But of course, Tsuna doesn't know that yet. His hyper intuition isn't powerful enough to tell him that these things will happen.


"Happy birthday, Yamamoto!"

With eyes wide, Takeshi almost dropped the filed reports he was clutching under his arm.

Yamamoto hated surprises. It was irrational at the very least. But when he sees his famiglia's warm smile directed at him like a spotlight, he wouldn't dare to waste it over his preferences.

Like almost all of the celebrations made by the Vongola, everything was extravagant. The food was exceptional; the company even special. Jokes and stories about random things flowed like wine in these occasions. If you happen to pass by, you won't even suspect that these people kill for a living. It was a happy gathering of these tightly-knitted people; everybody dropped their problems and concerns for a while and became normal individuals who laughed at absurd gags and enjoyed each other's company.

Yamamoto loved that. Reborn once told him that bond separates Sicilian Mafia from the rest of the other organized crimes, and, seemingly peculiar as it may appear to be, it was true.

He swings that bat unforgivingly (just like how he swings that blade) as always, leaving his opponents in awe.

"Come on, Yamamoto," Tsuna complained as he scratched his head. "Can't you at least let us win this time?"

Takeshi wasn't exactly sure how they suddenly began to play baseball, but he was enjoying himself too much that he had lost track of his thoughts. "No can do, Tsuna," he smiled, "Cheating is prohibited."

"Screw this," Gokudera cursed, dropping the ball on the ground as he reached for a cigarette. "Why do we even try to beat you if we already know we'll lose?"

Yamamoto just laughed, making his best friend sigh.

"But we'll never know if we don't try!" Tsuna lightened up suddenly, like a bulb that has been lighted. Ryohei threw his fists in the air and asked a re-match, but through boxing, this time. Gokudera lashed out at the sun guardian, earning a few laughs from everyone.

Just like this, Takeshi thought to himself, I want everything to freeze and stay like this. Takeshi loved these little moments that he almost wants to put it in a painting and hang it on a wall. It's a masterpiece.

"Everyone!" Tsuyoshi calls out, with Nana beside him, "Dinner's ready!"

A cheers and comments floated in the air, warming the atmosphere as they walked back to the mansion. Only faint tints of oranges can be seen in the horizon, signalling that the sun has gone to sleep for this day. Tsuna walked to the ball that Gokudera dropped and picked it up, admiring the stitches on its dirty white skin.

Perhaps, Yamamoto thought, that he was just like that ball, thrown into different situations. He was batted by different instances that made him take multiple paths. And he too, dropped just like that ball; mudded and worn out.

But Tsuna always picked him up.

"Let's go," Decimo said in his calm baritone voice as he waited for his friend to move along with him.

Yamamoto knew Tsuna always regretted the fact that he dragged him out of his normal life. But he never regretted that. He never held a grudge once.

Yamamoto would never get tired of telling Tsuna that there is nothing to be sorry about. He never considered him to be the source of his grief. Conversely, he'll never get tired of thanking him for all the things he's done for him.

Yamamoto always thought that he never deserved a friend like Tsuna. He was too kind for him.

Yamamoto would always choose his sword over his bat, if it's for his friends. He'll happily embrace hell if it would save his loved ones.

Ten years ago, Takeshi Yamamoto should have been dead. But he met the wimpy Tsunayoshi Sawada; the boy who snapped him back to reality and brought him to what he is now. He wished that someday, if ever he was reincarnated, he'd still cross paths with the brown haired boy with that ridiculous flame on his head.

"Okay." Takeshi grinned and began to strike up a conversation with his best friend as they strode side by side.

But of course, Tsuna doesn't know that. He's too much of a humble worry wart to notice.


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