Total freedom… the freedom to choose, to laugh, to love, to live…

Such freedom doesn't exist.

I would know. Born into the confines of a "convent" where the fortress walls cut us off from the world, forced to follow blindly, forced to learn things you wouldn't dream of, trained in the very things mankind shuns and aims to stamp out…

I didn't know it then. I had no choice.

The freedom to choose

The first time I saw the outside world, my instructions were clear; dispose of this man, apply what you've learned on that powerful person. One would protest at the injustice of committing a sin for reasons not my own, for a problem I care not about. But that was our life; we were taught in the art of war. For that was us; we knew not how to smile. We were taught to wipe them away.

The freedom to laugh

He was a carefree college student with a bright future. I was a grim and serious assassin set to e one for life. He had friends. I had associates. He loved making people laugh. I took laughter away. He was the president's son; I knew not my parents. I was a killer – he was my target.

I was not supposed to fall for him.

The freedom to love

My instructions were clear – get close to him, get him to trust you, get the information and kill. A few months was all it took to show me human kindness, something I had not known for the whole 19 years of my life.

Emotions are dangerous. One look, one smile at me before I shot caused my heart to leap and my aim to miss; the bullet struck the wall. Dropping to my knees, I realized that with learning to love, I had become human, something that was forbidden to us. Chased away from my "home" for that blunder, hunted by the people for that crime… I have no one to turn to but myself.

The freedom to live.