Love at royal gates:

Chapter 1: memories:

_" lord, countess, your carriage is ready and the luggage is ready and put in place as well"

The knight bowed down to his lord and volunteered to escort the countess to the carriage.

_" excellent sir Alexander, call hitomi down from her chambers and inform her we will be waiting"

That was the sweet voice of Eliza the countess, hitomi's mother. She was a beautiful woman, her shining hazelnut hair and her beautiful brown eyes filled with charm and cleverness…

…the knight was on his way to hitomi's chambers with her last gown held firmly in his hands smelling like lavender across the corridors.

As the knight entered the room he disposed of the dress at once on the side of hitomi's bed but, to his surprise she took the gown and threw it on the floor madly.

_"lady hitomi, this…this is your favorite gown and it is washed with lavender your favorite scent" said the knight shocked by hitomi's sudden behavior, she used to be so polite before even if it was something she didn't like, she was always kind and gentle.

-"it's not that you moron!"

The knight was taken aback by hitomi's word and tone, when hitomi saw Alexander's horrified face she calmed down and fell to the ground moping:

_"oh Alexander! I don't want to go visit that son of a …king"

Alexander couldn't help but laugh at hitomi's smart use for words, but hitomi didn't share his laughter.

_"don't laugh! I hate him and to imagine that we have to stay 30 days in his palace doesn't wide up my smile"

_"but lady hitomi, you don't have to worry, he will be so busy this month that he won't even have the time to look at you while you're talking"

_"and why is that?"

_"well you see you have been invited to his palace to attend his wedding, and because your and his parents are close friends it is more than natural that their stay will be longer that any other royal lords"

_"so you are saying that the fannel brat will be so busy preparing for his want-to-share-a-bed-with-a-sexy-princess celebration, that he will actually dismiss him self from annoying me!"

_"hehe, well you know both of you had grown up I bet even if he had time he won't annoy you anymore I remind you that you are not kids anymore"

_"well just looking in that dirty-sick-maniac face of his gets all the nerve out of my head"

_"hehe, well I must say that his face looks certainly cleaner now"

_"don't joke like this Alexander, you are NOT funny"

_"I have no time to widen up your smile, since your parents are waiting for you in the carriage"

Hitomi's face went darker as she realized it was time to go. She packed up her things, wore her gown and as she was going out the door she turned to Alexander:

_"if I don't make any sign of living in a few days, send the soldiers after me"

Alexander smirked and nodded as his mistress left and ran to the carriage.

Hitomi wasn't happy to go, just remembering what that "son of a king" used to do to her every time they went to the castle, changes her good mood…

-"hitomi my dear come I want to introduce you to my son" queen Varie took the hand of the three year old girl and led her nicely to the palace gardens they were really huge in hitomi's tiny eyes and she could find her self easily lost and impossible to find, she suddenly noticed in the middle of all the greenness a small black spot that appeared to be the wild hair of the small boy named:

_"van, van darling come here, I want you to meet a nice friend you can play with"

_"mom, mom, oh it's great I finally have…a girl"

_"named hitomi, she is cute isn't she, you two can play and have a lot of fun"

As Varie spoke van's eyes looked closely at hitomi with a look full of sarcasm, it intimidated her then she felt like something hit her in the back and she fell:

_"you are such a girly girl that when we greet you, you fall on the ground, I don't want to play with you I want a boy I can have fun with"

_"well you can have fun without hitting me on the back so hard"

_"oh why don't you go change your diaper while you're at it, it is the way to say hello between boys, but you are not a boy, and I want a boy, so I am going to treat you like one"

Then hitomi felt another slap on her back:

_"aw! What was that for?"

_"I told you girly, it's the way to say hello"

_"how many times do you need to say hello?"

_"as much as I want I am the king you get that!"

_"but you are still just the prince, you are not king yet"

_"who told you so? I decide when I want to be king, I love being king having the power to do what ever I want"

Hitomi remembered that in a few days he will be king for real, she wondered how much his servants would suffer from him now that he has the absolute power…

_"you stupid maid, I need my big truck"

_"but your highness you broke your truck yesterday"

_"I don't care I need a truck and I am the king now obey, I am superior to you I am the king and you are a stupid made now get me a truck"

Hitomi was horrified by the way he treated the maids of the palace and to imagine a small boy of 7 years old terrifying all the maids, she wasn't going to stand for it:

_"why are you so mean to your maids they always help you, you should thank them you brat"

Van was frustrated by hitomi's words not waiting for her to continue he yanked her by her hair and started yelling at her:

_" who are you to decide for me you girly girl"

Oh did she hate him, she tried to remember something good about him but all she could remember were all the bad things he used to do to her every time she went to the palace, and now as she looked out the window the view of her worst nightmare appeared in front of her…the fannel palace…