Chapter 12: the beginning of happily ever after:

Gaddess was on his way to the city again he had to find this Allen guy again…Allen… he had heard this name before but where he wasn't really sure, probably at the palace since he spends most of his time there.

'Maybe I should go back to the palace to find out about this guy, his name has to be registered there somewhere'

So he went back to the palace and went straight to the registers of entries and exists of the palace he was probably a guest one of the times. Van's guest book was mediocre compared to the one Goau, his father, had, van didn't like to receive much "big mouthed" guests as he phrased it except of course some of his royal friends and the people of Fanelia. Only his friends were more than welcome the rest weren't even if they were important royals.

So to Gaddess the search was very easy, he had opened the page that was dated to be the day Celena came to the palace, Gaddess was very much disgusted at the thought of it, but one name got his attention.

"Allen Schezar: knight of Ziebach/personal guard"

Now he had understood where he had seen that weird blond face before, and he knows exactly where to look and who to look for.

'This guy used to always eat at the inn a bit away from the city, he was too classy to eat at the palace, and I have to look there first'

And that was indeed where he went and he had to be fast or the guy could go anywhere. On his way he passed by one of his friends… he needed to be undercover:

_"hey dill, you there?"

_"hey Gaddess! How come you are here? You know me I never go anywhere"

_"good I need your help"

_"yeah, I thought so, what do you need?"

_"a disguise and it would be best to give something that makes me look like a peasant"

_"one peasant disguise coming up"

Gaddess dressed in regular brown pants with fat legs and a big shirt a bit old and dirty with a large hat that hides some of his facial details.

And then he went walking to the inn while he kept his horse at his friend dilando.

…_"welcome sir how may I help you?"

_"I just need some cold water"

The man rushed inside his kitchen to get Gaddess a cup of water, at that moment familiar blond hair came down the stairs and sat right next to Gaddess. Gaddess couldn't help but smile:

_"so sir would like to eat anything, or would you like to have a room?"

_"no thank you, I live in the city but I was just much tiered from working in my farm and it is a bit closer to this place than home"

_"oh you live in the city! Did you hear that the king was seriously hurt and is going to die?"

_"indeed but this morning I heard that the king is very much alive and taken care of"

It was then that Allen sat up straight to listen carefully; Gaddess couldn't help but notice that Allen started to pay attention.

'great now I know that I'm right about him, and I bet that Celena had sent him to do something she wasn't able to do and it was time to get hands on him before it's too late'

_"are you sure of what you are saying?"

_"yes of course I had seen one of his knights talk about it"

It was then that Allen decided to interfere:

_"and how did he get up again?"

_"how would I know I am just a peasant, you don't seem so happy about it"

_"well, I am not from here and I don't know the king so for me those things don't matter"

_"and since when are you here"

_"about a month ago"

_"and when are you leaving?"

_"…not anytime soon"

Allen was beginning to find Gaddess's questions very strange, but the guy didn't give up he digued deeper:

_"what brings you here?"

_"I was the personal guard of princess Celena"

_"oh but now the princess is in prison, so what are you still doing here?"

_"I am making sure that she stays safe…"

Gaddess was beginning to find this discussion too boring it had to finish.

_"I believe none of this, what are you still doing here?"

_"I am sorry but kingdom collaboration secrets are not to be revealed to peasants"

_"is that so…" at that moment Gaddess trapped Allen and chained his hands "…then you will talk in front of king van himself.

Allen was more than shocked when the hat had fallen and Gaddess's face appeared. He was unable to do a thing, so it was easy for Gaddess to take him away… and it wasn't long before they reached the palace…


It wasn't long before Allen had followed his dear Celena to prison and they were put next to each other so that they won't feel so lonely …

And now that finally all the problems were gone there was nothing that stood in front of van and Hitomi's wedding. Van had recovered amazingly when he knew that the only thing standing in the way of the wedding was his health…

…so everything was ready and set for the big moment, and that day the palace was going crazy and specially in two very particular rooms where van and hitomi were getting ready both desperately impatient, if that was possible.

Van was now going down the stairs with his head up high and an exited smile, he was wearing his formal black tuxedo and for the first time it wasn't bothering him at all, he also had Fanelia's crest hanging proudly down his right shoulder as he reached his place next to the priest he waited for hitomi to go down… seconds were like hours…

And finally she had come down and started walking steadily down the red carpet looking at her beloved and giving him a breathtaking smile.

She shined like the stars in the black sky; she was dressed in a white dress filled with shining Swarovski jewels with a simple form going down her body with no sleeves.

Van was unable to hide his amazement, he hadn't even noticed that his mouth was wide open until hitomi reached his sides and closed it gently.

The time passed so slow during the ceremony until the priest finally said:

"You may now kiss the bride"

It was then that van touched gently Hitomi's cheek which made her body shiver and then their lips sealed the ceremony everyone was silently watching the couple kiss until a weird noise was heard.

Everyone was so scared when they had suddenly seen solders come in from every door. Van was very upset and furious and mostly worried:

"What is the meaning of all this?"

It was then a familiar face to hitomi came rushing in, she was more than shocked to see him:

_"Alexander what are you doing here? And why did all these soldiers come with you?"

_"I'm just following your orders my lady"

_"what orders?"

_"well before you left you told that if you don't make a sign of living I shall bring the soldiers out for you"

Hitomi was really irritated and van was insanely mad, until a smirk showed on Alexander's face, it was then hitomi understood what he meant but still he explained:

"I have come to send you your parent's as well my sincere congratulation my way"

Van finally understanding gave him a smile:

"Thank you very much, but you interrupted something important going on here"

And then he turned back to hitomi and kissed her lips and cheers were heard all across the hall.

Hitomi had not expected for her to find true love… at royal gates.

The end