Chapter 2: the shocking meeting:

The great door opened in front of hitomi, she could feel a cold breeze in her spine, she wanted to run of to scream for help but she couldn't, the memories of van fannel got deeply into her and birthed inside of her fear and hatred every time she looked at the castle…

…the front door that lead to the main room of the castle opened and she recognize the dark wild hair she feared, but to her surprise the fannel pest changed into a tall well muscled handsome man, she noticed her cheeks go red as she looked at him.

"I have to admit he looks much better than when he was little, he is…beautiful" hitomi approached her old bully with great fear "no matter how pretty he became he is still the old fannel jerk, and I better watch out" hitomi followed the steps of her parents, getting really close to her object of fear hitomi put her hands on her back to protect her self from" the manly greeting" she got every time she saw van.

_"go on hitomi why do you stand like this dear, kneel in front of prince van" whispered her mother

To hitomi's big surprise, van smiled at her and held her hand gently in his and kneeled gently and kissed it.

_"welcome lady hitomi, it is so nice to see you again in my modest palace, I am very pleased that you are attending my wedding"

_" oh but…but I can't believe it, what happened to him what happened to his "manly greeting" what happened to the brat that used to…

As Varie spoke van's eyes looked closely at hitomi with a look full of sarcasm, it intimidated her then she felt like something hit her in the back and she fell:

_"you are such a girly girl that when we greet you, you fall on the ground, I don't want to play with you I want a boy I can have fun with"

_"well you can have fun without hitting me on the back so hard"

_"oh why don't you go change your diaper while you're at it, it is the way to say hello between boys, but you are not a boy, and I want a boy, so I am going to treat you like one"

Then hitomi felt another slap on her back:

_"aw! What was that for?"

_"I told you girly, it's the way to say hello"

_"how many times do you need to say hello?"

_"as much as I want" …

_"lady hitomi, are you ok?"

_"oh but…but who are you and what did you do with van?"


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