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Family Reunion


Kirara closed the book and looked at the group of children at her feet. She had done this once before, a few centuries ago but the reasons were completely different. Half demons and humans listened attentively to what she was saying and she smiled as her kittens purred and soaked up the attention given to them by the children.

"That's it, Oba-san? No more battles, no more demons trying to kill our parents?" Etsuo pouted, his small white ears turned down in disappointment.

"That's it," she said, her smile showing her fangs. "It started with your parents meeting and falling in love. It ended with your parents having a wedding put on by your grandmother."

"But that was years ago," one of Sango's twins argued.

"Surely something exciting has happened since then," the other joined in.

"Aside from corporate take overs and court intrigue, the only thing remotely interesting was when your uncle Souta joined the clan. You were old enough to attend that and remember, so no, I'm afraid nothing that would interest you has happened since."

Akiyo snorted in disgust and made to stand. "It took you five stories and nearly one hundred and thirty chapters to tell us how our parents finally fell in love and got married. The only remotely interesting thing about it was Naraku's defeat." The prince's jeer was met with steely ruby eyes.

"Watch yourself, young man." The young Taisho had seen fit to follow in his brother's footsteps and try her patience on a near daily basis. "I am your elder. And it wouldn't have been interesting in the least if I'd left out all the humor. Don't worry, once you're all older, you'll appreciate the time I took to explain things."

"I happened to like it, Kirara-san," Souta complimented. "I always like hearing how my sister and Inuyasha finally confessed and got their act together. I think you had to be there in the beginning to really understand the emotional battles they went through."

"Perhaps," she allowed. The young man had certainly surprised her with his maturity. She set aside the large tomb that held the stories and stood. About to dismiss her "class," a shout of indignation in the distance drew everyone's attention away.

"That's not Mama and Papa," the twins chorused.

"Nah, Shiro-niichan is being an idiot again." Akiyo missed the grin he got from Souta.

"It seems so. Things are always interesting when the clan gets together," Souta said, listening as a female dog demon told the crown prince off. "Are you sure about pairing those two up?"

"Of course I am. We agreed not to say anything. If Shiro realizes that I've found the perfect female for him, he'll panic and do something really stupid." The sound of a hand against a cheek echoed in the hall and the adults in the room laughed. "Then again, perhaps he'll just make a mess of things anyway."

"You hit me!" they heard. "You hit the crown prince!" Disbelief colored Shiro's voice.

"Your mother told me I could if you stepped out of line. I have a royal pardon for hitting you anytime anywhere when you assault my person." The haughty tone of the unknown female clearly stated that she was going to take advantage of the situation at every opportunity.

Kirara groaned and closed her eyes in frustration. She finally had just about every unmarried person in the clan or associated with the clan paired off. The crown prince was just making things difficult. A large hand settled on her shoulder and she looked up to find her mate smiling smugly down at her. His large sapphire eyes held great amusement.

"Perhaps, my dear, you should write that particular story down," Arashi said as the children dispersed to watch the eldest Taisho prince make a fool out of himself.

"I don't think there's any need," Kirara returned, slipping her hand in his. "We all know how that's going to end."

"Happily ever after?" he suggested, slipping his arms around her waist.

"Happily ever after," she affirmed, resting against his broad chest. "Just like all the others."

"You've forgotten just one small detail, my beautiful fire cat," he teased. "Don't all fairytales finish with 'The End'?"

"The End?" she questioned while listening to the dozens of clan members wandering around the mansion. Parents played with little children while older youkai tried to instill knowledge into young adults. Laughter rang out and Kirara giggled, happy that things had turned out the way she wanted them to. "Yes, I suppose there is only one fitting way to end everything. It is quite fitting to say that. Would you like to do the honors, my love?"

"No, koneko, you go ahead."

Kirara cleared her throat, hoping to put on a serious face. "Very well; and they all lived happily ever after. The End."

Arashi didn't hesitate to let his laughter ring out in the hall, knowing that while the stories of the past that were filled with romance and danger might be over, the tales of the Taisho clan of Japan never would be.