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"I'm hoping you will never change. Don't ever change."

Now that the girl was no danger, Sam took a closer look at her. The first thing he had noticed upon seeing her was her eyes. They were a clear blue that he found strangely familiar. Her dark, shoulder-length hair framed her face and was stick-straight. She seemed to be quite tall, just shorter than Dean. She was wearing a huge grey shirt, which seemed to envelop her thin body. The shirt came down to her knees and appeared to be acting as a dress.

She was extremely beautiful, despite the stony expression on her face.

Sam found himself smiling slightly when he imagined Dean's reaction to finding him in the room with a bloody body on one bed and a lovely, yet very unconscious mystery girl on the other.

His thoughts wandered to the one word the girl had said. Castiel. Could the angel have gotten a new vessel? No, that couldn't be it. Castiel was a male. But angels had no gender. No. If Castiel was going to come back, he would come back as just that, a he.

Sam kept a close eye on the woman as he worked through his thoughts. Finally, he decided just to call his brother. As reckless as Dean could be, he always found an answer for every problem.

Minutes after the call, Dean burst through the door of the small room. His mouth dropped in shock as he looked at the girl on the bed. He ran one hand over his face in an act of exasperation and took a seat in one of the small, wooden chairs in the corner.

"Well, who is she?" He finally asked.

"I'm not sure." Sam answered, also staring at the girl in confusion. "I've done all the tests. She's not a demon. She's not anything monster-related from what I can tell."

"Have you tried waking her up and asking her anything?"

Sam shook his head. "I, uh, wanted to wait for you." He said quietly.

Dean stood up slowly and walked to stand over the girl. "Let's do it then…" He gently shook her small arm.

"Hey, uh, you… girl, wake up." He said awkwardly.

Sam stifled a laugh. "Real smooth, man," He joked.

"Shut up and grab a gun, Sammy!" Dean snapped in a voice that wasn't completely serious. Still, Sam picked up a gun without another word.

Suddenly, the girl's eyes snapped open. Despite being down for several hours, she looked bright and wide awake.

"Hello, Dean." She said with her face blank of emotion. "Sam," She nodded in the younger Winchester's direction.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Hello to you." He said, giving his most charming smile.

Sam stared at his brother in utter disgust. For all they knew, this girl was sent to kill them and drag them both to hell, but here Dean was flirting with her.

The girl looked down at her body and frowned slightly. She then looked at the body of Jimmy Novak on the other bed and a realization seemed to dawn on her.

"This is very interesting." She said, tilting her head to the side.

Sam and Dean looked at each other for a moment. They were speechless.

Finally Sam spoke up. "I'm sorry, but, uh, who exactly are you?" He asked politely.

"Castiel," The girl answered simply, as if this was a known fact.

Dean seemed as if he was trying to speak, but he couldn't find words. Sam spoke for him. "Prove it." He said, the polite tone leaving his voice.

"I am an angel of the lord. I rescued Dean from perdition. I believe Dean refers to the three of us as Team Free Will?" She said, trying to get all the facts right.

Sam nodded. He was convinced enough. In an instant, Dean had snapped out of his trance and was hugging the girl that was Castiel tightly. Sam's jaw literally dropped. And as soon as the unexpected hug had begun, it was over.

Dean stepped away from Castiel quickly and cleared his throat awkwardly. "Let's just… uh… Sorry. I was, you know, worried." He attempted to explain himself but finally gave up and just looked at the ground.

The angel's eyes were wide and she seemed nearly as shocked as Sam, who still couldn't react. Finally she stood slowly from the bed and avoided Dean's eyes.

"Sam," She turned to face the younger man. "I am sorry for passing out at such a cryptic moment." "Yeah, that's fine." Sam mumbled in response. Only Castiel would think to apologize for passing out.

Dean seemed to be growing frustrated as he watched the two. "Can we please address this?" He nearly shouted as he motioned towards Castiel.

Castiel did the classic head tilt. "Address what?"

"Gee, Nancy Drew, I wonder, hey, maybe the fact that you're a girl now!" He snapped. "I'm sorry." He quickly added, lowering his voice. "This day it's just been…"

"Weird," Sam finished for him.

"What I'm trying to ask, is how the hell are you alive?" Dean said. "I carried your body, or, I don't know, Jimmy's body, out of that warehouse. How are you here? Who are you inside?" Dean chuckled slightly, taking his own words out of context.

Castiel frowned and ignored Dean's laughter. She peered curiously at Jimmy Novak's body and walked to investigate it.

"God has brought me back before. Perhaps he has done it again. As for why I'm in this vessel, I do not know. I can not feel another presence here. Whoever this girl was, she can not tell I'm here. My guess is that she was barely alive, as Jimmy was, when I took her." Castiel explained calmly.

"Listen, Cas. I'm not complaining. Hell, I like this new vessel, but last I remember… you were a guy." Dean said. Sam scoffed at his brother admitting to "liking" the new vessel.

Castiel seemed to smirk slightly. "Actually, Dean. Angels have no true gender. I am neither male nor female. Although, currently, I do appear strikingly female."

"Yeah, you do." Dean interrupted, laughing.

"Dean…" Sam said, shaking his head.

Castiel looked down at her body. "I do not understand why you would prefer this vessel." She said in genuine confusion.

Dean held back laughter. "You're hot, Cas!" He said.

"And now… this is officially the weirdest day. Ever." Sam said to himself.

Castiel's eyes grew wide in alarm. "I would like my old vessel back." She said, looking at the body on the bed.

"I'm sorry, Cas, but that vessel looks pretty shot. Besides, there must have been some reason for God to send you in this new vessel." Sam said.

"I doubt God had any say in my vessel." Castiel said, almost sadly.

"Maybe God wanted to give me some eye candy." Dean said, looking the angel over.

Castiel turned, her face dark, and glared at him. "Are you always this way around members of the opposite sex?" She asked in a serious tone.

"He has a disease." Sam offered, with a smile.

"Bitch…" Dean mumbled to Sam. "So Cas is a chick… what now?" He said, trying desperately to change the subject.

Sam shrugged. "What can we do? We move on, I guess."

Castiel spoke up. "This is no serious issue. We will carry on as though it never happened." Then, without warning, the girl placed her hand on Jimmy Novak's forehead and disappeared.

"Are you kidding me?" Dean yelled at the place where the angel had been standing.