Ten Set Matches: Satoshi to Serve! Summary:

Ryoma Echizen, late as always, runs to Seigaku - and falls through a portal to the Pokemon World! Meanwhile, Satoshi competes in the Thousand-Battle Arena, and nobody but Ryoma - in a Pikachu costume - and his enemies see the true battle here...

A certain short, black-haired regular of Seigaku tennis club was running like his life depended on it. He checked his watch for the umpteenth time while bouncing up and down on the pavement. He was more than ten minutes late to school. Why, oh why did it have to be today, Karupin? Ryoma Echizen thought at his cat, holding onto his red-and-white cap as he ran. He was going to miss the seniors' graduations! For Tezuka-buchou, for Fuji-senpai, for everyone there, he had to make it.

He had to.

Ryoma was intensely focused on the one event he was just about to miss - too focused. He didn't notice what he was going to run into until he had almost run into it. He looked down from the buildings of Seishun Gakuen just in time to notice the strange, floating mass of a cloudlike, off-white... something. It looked like something that should belong in a lava lamp from times of old, not suspended in mid-air and blocking his entryway to the school. And it was huge.

Ryoma tried to stop his crazy running once he had spotted the whatever-it-was. He dugs his heels into the ground and slowed down just a bit, but his momentum continued to carry him forward. If he had been quick enough to notice the something, maybe he could've stopped and climbed over the wall or something. Maybe he would have been able to see his senpais graduate and move on to high school. Maybe it was just as well he couldn't right then. Maybe... But maybes wouldn't help anyone.

Ryoma was thinking all of this as he skidded on the concrete, trying to stop before colliding with the white thing. But before he could slow down very much, his right shoe met something small and hard, and suddenly he was flying headfirst towards the cloudy white blob. Ryoma looked under him, wondering what it was which made him trip, and saw a miniscule, rather innocent-looking gray rock on the otherwise white pavement.

Ryoma Echizen's last thought as he flew into the floating glob (with a loud schloop and a violent sucking motion) was cursing the tiny pebble.

Everything whirled from then on. All that Ryoma could see was varying tones of red; up and down seemed reversed right then. Ryoma's stomach rolled as he himself twisted and turned in the nothingness. His ears popped once and started ringing. A distant voice called out from somewhere; it sounded like "Eek choo" or something. Strange. However, in a few seconds, his crimson surroundings slowly condensed into a strange, unfamiliar scene which (oddly enough) mimicked the green darkness of a dense forest, and...

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