Nurse Joy's POV

Fingertip-sized motion detectors quietly signaled that the Thousand Battles Challenger was approaching the Pokemon Center with a soft bing. Nurse Joy #QWERTY(she absolutely hated her ID code) sighed in relief – the more business at a Pokemon Center, the better – and pushed a tiny secret button underneath her counter to turn on that unmistakable Pokemon Center music. She looked in the hidden mirror on the blue wall behind her, arranging her features into a kind, innocent smile and holding them there. The nurse then concealed the mirror and turned around just in time, for Satoshi was just entering, holding a Poke Ball.

Using her trained, professional's tone of voice, Nurse Joy #QWERTY said, "Hello, and welcome to the Thousand Battles Pokemon Center, Satoshi!"

Satoshi blurted out, "I've met you 990 times before so far, Nurse Joy…."

Nurse Joy #QWERTY opened her mouth, but stopped herself before she said something about his rudeness. That would be a very unprofessional thing to say. She had to remember that she was at the Thousand-Battles Stadium Pokemon Center, not back in Sandgem Town in the Sinnoh region. Luckily, this boy – Satoshi – didn't seem to notice.

Satoshi continued, " Anyway, Pikachu here is in a bad way after going against that Charizard. Slashes cover him from head to tail. Also, may I have a Pokerus check on him? He's been acting kind of strange lately."

Nurse Joy nodded, making her utterly strange red hairstyle bounce slightly. "We will tend to Pikachu right away," she said, taking Pikachu's Poke Ball from Satoshi. "We will do our best and fastest to fully recover Pikachu. We'll check him for Pokerus as well, although no known symptons, abnormalties, or any other harmful things are caused by that peculiar virus. In the meantime, please rest in one of our rooms." The nurse waved off to the side. There were several plain rooms there, made for a Thousand Battles Challenger to rest in.

Satoshi thanked Nurse Joy and went off across the teal tiled floor to the hotel-like rooms. The moment he was out of sight, Nurse Joy pushed a tiny button on the wall - even smaller than the one made to turn on Pokemon Center music. It was extremely small and the exact same shade as the wall. Nobody noticed it, but all Nurse Joys had to remember where it was.

Instantly, the entire wall and some of the floor shifted around. The wall spun clockwise so that Nurse Joy #DUIAX3 took her place at the counter, seeming rather annoyed by the interruption of reading her favorite book. Nurse Joy #QWERTY was behind the wall and now inside the Nursing Room, which was where the nurses kept their special healing equipment. The Thousand Battles Pokemon Center wasn't as amazing or elaborate as the so-called "Game" Pokemon Centers. Those Nurse Joys used a machine which could heal six Poke Balls in seconds. This Pokemon Center wasn't as top-notch, but at least it wasn't like the normal town Pokemon Centers. The healing devices here were slow but sure.

Nurse Joy #QWERTY put Satoshi's Pikachu's Poke Ball into the small slot on the recovery machine in the right corner of the Nursing Room. She made sure all the wires were connected to the computer and the power source(also known as her Ampharos, Lightning), then flicked on the switch. Immediately the gray device started to glow blue and hum. Jolts of electricity ran across the long wires, feeding information to the computer.

The reading on the computer said 47.2 HOURS UNTIL FULL HEALTH. This Nurse Joy smiled and watched the machine for a while. After a few minutes, the blue glow changed to red, indicating that analyzation of the Pikachu was complete and healing had started. Nurse Joy #QWERTY(she honestly, absolutely detested the ID number, but at least it wasn't as bad as... DUIAX3) checked everything one more time, remembering to flick the red switch for POKERUS CHECK. Then the nurse left the room.

The glowing silver machine hummed on.

Ryoma's POV

"No. Freaking. Way."

Ryoma looked around at the place he was in. It was astounding. A grassy meadow as far as the eye could see, with several hills and a grayish mountain in the distance. One narrow river flowed down from the mountains and into a large, sky blue lake. Flowers dotted the grassy meadow everywhere, pink and yellow and red and white and purple, and trees sporting bright-colored fruit were scattered here and there. The sky overhead had only a few white clouds, which looked like large, puffy cotton balls. The buttery yellow sun shone brightly.

Ryoma slowly realized that this was what awaited a Pokemon. A strange but peaceful land, protected within the sphere that was a Poke Ball.

Yet, something wasn't right here. The meadows, the mountains, the river... Ryoma slowly realized that nothing would change here. Nobody was there to share this with. It was bright, but empty. Astounding, but also, in a way, boring. No wonder Pikachu didn't like going into his Poke Ball in the anime. Now that I think about it, I don't, either.

As soon as Echizen realized that, all his weariness from the match with Kawamura-senpai returned, crashing down on him so suddenly that he fell to his knees. He managed to drag his (somewhat literally bloody) self to the shade of a large apple tree near the lake. He took one of the juicy red fruits and crunched into it. It was delicious; almost too much so. Ryoma felt new energy flow into him with every bite of the apple. After two more, Ryoma drank some of the river water, which was pure and refreshing, then lay down under the tree for a nap.

It didn't last very long. To Ryoma, it seemed only a few seconds before he woke again, for some reason or other. The sun was lower in the sky by a bit. And... somehow, the sky was blue. Not "regular" blue, but somehow more blue than it was before. It was a slightly darker but more intense blue now. A strange, soft humming came from somewhere. The Prince of Tennis frowned. Maybe he was totally and completely having a mental breakdown. But he had realized that if he didn't stop trying to figure out for what reason he had been teleported here - on Graduation Day, of all days! - he really would have a mental breakdown, eventually. Ryoma went back to sleep, not at all noticing that his weariness was lessened a by a bit - and not because of his nap.

Suddenly and abruptly, Ryoma Echizen woke with a gasp. (Again, it seemed that his doze was only half a minute long.) The sky was no longer a much-bluer-than-just-blue. It was more violet-tinged now. Also, a very peculiar sensation had started to come over Ryoma, more weird than in the match with the so-called "Demigod" Yukimura Seiichi, when he had literally lost his senses. He couldn't quite place what it was, though. He frowned. What is going on in here or out there? However, after a minute or two, all concious thoughts were stopped in favor of one astounding feeling, one overpowering emotion.


New energy was pouring into Ryoma - faster than a hundred strange, sweet Poke Ball-generated apples or a thousand cups of weird sparkling blue water could ever have done. His reddened and sore arms were healing as he watched, the adjectives no longer applying. Wounds were scarring and fading right before his eyes. Dried blood was disappearing into nowhere. He felt better than ever before, laughing at the sheer joy of... whatever.

After a few minutes, Ryoma's brain had somewhat organized itself and he was able to form coherent thoughts, pushing away the sensation of intense optimism. He noticed that the bright Poke Ball-generated sunshine of afternoon was gone. The purple sky had become pinkish orange dusk, and the light was quickly fading to the very dark purple of nighttime. A sliver of crescent moon was already visible.

Ryoma curled up under the same apple tree as the one he took some apples from. Though his previous exhaustion was now long gone, he wanted to sleep more than a few minutes.

Ryoma was amazingly optimistic and incredibly happy(even though he was still semi-captured in a not-very-large red-and-white sphere). And as he reveled in this ecstasy and started to drift off to unconciousness, he thought.

And thought.

And wondered.

And drank some of the sparkling river water to slake his mild thirst.

And thought some more.

And what he thought was: Where is the real Pikachu?

Until, dreamless, ecstatic, Ryoma slept.

Pikachu's POV

Run. Hide. Run. Hide. RunRunRun! RUUUUUN!

Such thoughts were going through little Pikachu's head. The mascot of the Pokemon universe was crawling on its belly, under a bush in a park not too far from Seishun Gakuen Junior High, where it had teleported to. It narrowed its large eyes, trying to match the strange creatures around the area to any of the 493 it already knew of. None were the same. Maybe it was in the newest region? The Fifth Generation? But how?

And where was its Satoshi?

The electric-Type rushed out of its hiding spot, shocking some sort of Flying-type. Pikachu demanded what was going on with a flurry of "Pika-Pika!"s. The bird gave an unfamiliar twitter and managed to flutter away to a branch a few feet to a nearby oak tree.

Pikachu sat where it was, frustrated. The language of Pokemon was relatively universal. Although different species of Pokemon were heavily accented, words were understandable most of the time. But this creature's word was wordless, unlike any Pokemon that electric mouse had ever heard before.

It wondered** - could the creature be, perhaps, not a Pokemon? Possibly... a Lamina?

But no. Laminas - which where of great shape and variety - only existed in the Big Glowing Picture Box that Pikachu had seen oftentimes at Trainers' buildings. The Mouse Pokemon dismissed the idea with a shake of his head. Perhaps what he had seen was a Transformed Ditto.

The Pokemon rose from its rest position, twitching its ears and zig-zagging tail. Was that a rustle it heard?

There it was again. Pikachu stood, absolutely motionless. It seemed to be coming from near a large flowery - not to mention thorny - rosebush.

A rustle of shining green leaves, a snapping and breaking of thin branches... a mighty crash through undergrowth.

"IT'S A PIKACHU!" the nine-year-old girl screamed - her hazel eyes filled with tears of joy, her pink sleeves wet from wiping away the tears, her light blue jeans caked in small leaves and dirt, her arms wide open to crush the Pokemon in a hug. The kid's mother was seen a few feet back, trying frantically to chase the girl.

Frozen in shock, the Mouse Pokemon could only watch for an instant.

The child reached out with her left hand and pulled the little Pikachu's tail. A mistake: very suddenly that hand was being bitten by an angry Pikachu.

Pikachu did the only thing that made sense to it then - it bolted...

Ryoma's POV

It was light again when he woke up. Something was off, somehow. Take it from a Junior High School Student who mastered all three Pillars of Muga no Kyouchi, something was off. The sky's reddish violet tint was gone, replaced by a yellowish color. The boy immediately disliked the green tint that was surrounding the puffy clouds and bright, shining sun.

Ryoma didn't realize it for a while, but ecstasy had ended.

What he did realize was that he faintly felt like he was being scanned, somehow. He felt ill at ease. He felt like he needed to pull a dressing gown over his brain, because a criminal was staring at him with that look that says "Die now." He felt... he couldn't describe how he felt, but something was going to happen.

Something bad.

And, all of a sudden, tremors rocked the sphere that contained Ryoma. Like an earthquake, everything shook. Ryoma was thrown around, splashing in the little river, slamming into an orange tree, then down onto the flowers. The sky flashed different colors - sick green, happy purple, strange deep blue, more sick green - and finally dark.

Everything in Ryoma's vision was green and grassy, then black.

Nurse Joy's POV

Nurse Joy #QWERTY rushed to the Nursing Room. Was that an explosion that she just heard? Why in the world did the Leisure Room happen to be so damned far from where the Pokemon where being healed? Finally, the elevator came up, opening with a ding. Nurse Joy #QWERTY ran inside and hastily mashed the button for Ground Floor and Close Doors, drumming her fingers on the steel wall while waiting for the elevator to go down. Music was playing - the usual stupid elevator music - and it irritated the impatient nurse to no end. Could the lift - or vertical transport equipment, as some liked to say) be any slower? Nurse Joy screamed at the world in her mind. Pokemon might be in danger! Trainers might be in danger! My salary might be in danger! Go! Go! Go!

Proving that somebody was a little off in their head that day...

Upon reaching the first floor, the Pokemon nurse ran to the Nursing Room, seeing... foam.

Nurse Joy #DUIAX3 was already there, holding out a fire extinguisher and spraying out a white stream of carbon dioxide to douse the flickering orange fire that had, somehow, ignited.

"It was during the Pokerus check." Her face a question mark, Nurse Joy #QWERTY turned to #DUIAX3.

"I don't really know what happened; there were sparks flying around when I came. That Healer Machine," #DUIAX3 said, pointing a somewhat burnt finger at the one holding Satoshi's Pikachu, "was malfunctioning during the Pokerus check. It was flashing all different colors. The computer screen read something like LIFE-FORM UNRECOGNIZED. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN COMMENCING IN 0:30 in red." Nurse Joy #DUIAX3 paused to take a breath.

"After the timer appeared, some sparks and very dark smoke emitted from the back of the device, and the device itself was shaking. I didn't know what to do besides hit the power switch, but the machine kept running! And when the timer counted down to zero, all lights went black and a thin cord snapped, throwing a bolt of electricity into the air. That same wire started the electrical fire, and the machine was a goner," Nurse Joy #DUIAX3 finished matter-of-factly.

"So that's what happened," #QWERTY muttered, looking at the white, foamy, fire-extinguished destruction site. Suddenly she reached down in the corner near the ruined burnt metal of what once was a good Healer Machine. "Whoever's responsible for this," the Nurse Joy said, seething with rage while brandishing a piece of melted plastic, "will have to pay for repairs." ***

"I wonder..." murmured #DUIAX3. She seemed to be lost in thought.

Distracted as well, but with anger, Nurse Joy #QWERTY answered, "Hmmm?"

"Nurse Joy #PADDFF was here earlier today. You know how clumsy she is..."

Nurse Joy #QWERTY scowled. #PADDFF was well-known for her messiness as well as her clumsiness. It wasn't hard to imagine her entering the Nursing Room and "accidentally" dropping a water bottle or something(again). With the slightly slanted floor it would easily roll to the corner where no one would notice(and where a lot of things seemed to end up in, for some reason).

Sighing, the nurse picked up Satoshi's Poke Ball, which was lying on the ground next to the broken device. She checked it over for any damage - it had a few dark marks, but nothing more - and exited. If the Healer Machine had been checking it for Pokerus already, then Satoshi's utterly famous Pikachu was probably finished healing. Nurse Joy #QWERTY (hated the ID name!) pushed the small secret button and walked outside the Nursing Room to the beige-colored rooms where Satoshi was staying and waiting.

Two days later...

Satoshi's POV

"Aregato, Nurse Joy," said Satoshi, taking back Pikachu's Poke Ball. Time to ascend to the next floor! he thought excitedly. The nurse bowed and left.

The TV screen in front of Satoshi flickered green with GO! on it, signaling that it was time. Satoshi stepped out of the room, out of the building, onto floor 991. Stepping onto the gold-colored Thousand-Battles escalator once again, Satoshi was cheered on to the next floor. Floor 992 out of one thousand. The floor on which he had to face his next enemy, which was...

Satoshi stopped in his tracks and stared at the only Pokemon not in the stands. Unseen by most, he clutched Pikachu's Poke Ball tighter, thinking It's time, Pikachu.

Behind the thick iron bars on floor 992 was a kawaii Poochyena-faced Pikachu.

A/N: **I always thought that most Pokemon were not quite rocket scientists, but definitely more intelligent than the average animal. Most animals can't "wonder", can't imagine the concept of "why?", can't think "What if... Then?" like humans can. Yet, Pokemon connect to their Trainers in a way that is beyond and above the relationship of a man and his "best friends"(dogs). Not quite as smart as humans, but still able to think like them, walking the fine line between simplistic animals and above-and-beyond humans. You know? Confusing, but... there you go. That's what I think, anyway.

*** Electricity is current flowing through a wire. If wires get too hot, they might melt. If a heat source is near the wire, it could melt/ignite at a much lower temperature than the wire. And that's how some electrical fires are formed(although mostly it's due to faulty wiring). KAPEESH? Er, I mean, CAPISCE? Okay, so I don't really know much about this kind of stuff. And...

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