So, I seriously write stories about too many different couples but... whatever. I think that Sam and Quinn are adorable so somehow this came up.

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She sighed before pulling her Trigonometry book out of the locker. The new school year wasn't proving to be that much better considering all things that had happened. She supposed that she didn't really have room to judge yet though, considering that it was still early in the first semester. She and Santana had patched things up, somewhat. It was nice to still have some friends. Unfortunately, Puck was still giving her the sad puppy dog eyes that had ceased to do anything for her. She would always have a deep connection with him because of Beth, but she knew that no matter how hard she tried there would never be any romantic feelings there. Her home life, however, had improved greatly. Her mother had been sincere in her offer of wanting to fix things; without her father around things had been looking up with their relationship.

She gently closed the locker door and turned to go to her next class before being stopped by Brittany and Santana. She eyed them in confusion but said nothing else. "What is wrong with the new kid?" She raised her eyebrow at the Latina and waited for the girl to continue. "He turned me and Britt down. What guy turns down a chance to see us make out?"

"I honestly do not know," she replied. It was the truth. No guy in their right mind besides Kurt would turn that offer down. A thought struck the newly re-instated head cheerleader. "Maybe he's gay?" Santana's brows furrowed before a smile lit up her face.

"That must be it. No straight guy would turn me down in their right mind." Quinn snorted. She somewhat hoped that the boy in reference was straight simply to bring the girl's ego down a notch or two.

"If you say so, S. I haven't seen this guy. What is his name?" Santana shrugged. Quinn rolled her eyes before continuing to walk down the hall-the two cheerleaders at her side. "How do you not know his name if you were hitting on him?"

"Girl, I don't have to know his name to get with him. If you're hot then you're hot." Quinn opened her mouth to make a response but knew it was useless.

"I think his name was Seth," Brittany added. Santana shook her head. "It started with an S, I know it did," she pouted.

"I'm sure it did, B," Santana replied. "Maybe you should hook him up with Hummel, Q. You are friends with him after all." Quinn nodded before stopping in front of her classroom. "We'll discuss this later," Santana told the blonde before continuing to walk down the hallway with Brittany. Quinn laughed quietly to herself before entering the room. She walked slowly to her assigned desk. She hadn't understood why they needed to sit in alphabetical order-they were juniors after all.

"Hello, everyone," Mr. Mitchell called out while entering the room. The class replied with various greetings before going back to their individual conversations. "Where is Sam Evans?" Quinn's face scrunched up in confusion. There had been no Sam Evans in there the day before. Realization hit that it was the new boy Santana and Brittany had hit on.

"Sorry I'm late," a voice breathlessly yelled from behind her. She turned to face the back of the classroom. Her eyes locked with his and she found herself needing to look away. "I got lost," he admitted sheepishly before walking inside. He was very attractive, she noted.

"It's okay, Mr. Evans," the teacher replied. "Take a seat in front of Miss Fabray," he stated while pointing in the general direction of the blonde. She laughed quietly when he stood awkwardly trying to figure out who the man was talking about.

"There isn't a vacant seat in front of me," Quinn told the teacher. He looked up from his roster.

"Scoot back a seat, Quinn," he retorted. The blonde gathered her belongings and moved on desk back. Sam walked over and set his books down on the seat the blonde girl had previously been occupying. He turned around and gave her a small smile.

"I'm Sam," he stated. Quinn fought the urge to roll her eyes. She wasn't stupid.

"Quinn," the blonde replied while looking down at her books. She looked around the room and saw Rachel looking at her intently. Her brows furrowed in confusion as the brunette made wild hand gestures of some sort. Sam watched the exchange in amusement.

"She seems nice," Sam whispered. Quinn laughed which caused the boy to smile.

"That's Rachel Berry. She's… intense," Quinn replied. Sam nodded as though he understood. "She'll try and get you to join the glee club."

"Glee club?" Quinn nodded. "Are you in it?" She nodded once again. "I may join it then," he added. Quinn's head snapped up. His cheeks turned a light shade of pink. "I mean, not because you're in it. That would be creepy of me." She raised an eyebrow. "Not that you're weird or anything. You seem really cool."

Quinn's response died as the teacher ordered them to pay attention. She would occasionally look up to see Sam fidgeting in his seat. He didn't take notes. He simply sat there. He must have thought that he would get his grades handed to him like the rest of the football players. Most of the Cheerios were the same way, however.

Her mind quickly wandered to other thoughts and ideas. He didn't look gay. Sure, he was clean cut but that didn't mean anything. She smiled triumphantly upon realizing he just probably wasn't interested in the Latina and Brittany. The rest of the class flew by, thankfully. She wasn't particularly fascinated by sine and cosine. She quickly grabbed her books as soon as the bell rang. She wanted to escape Rachel's confrontation about the new boy and if he could sing. She groaned in frustration upon feeling someone grab her wrist from behind. She was so close to freedom. "Can you show me where my next class is?" She turned around to be faced with the new boy again. He looked so vulnerable and somewhat afraid. It broke her heart for some odd reason.

"Give me your schedule," she huffed. She yanked the piece of paper out of the boy's hands when he presented it to her. "You have the next class with me," she mumbled to herself. "Just follow me," she added before walking away. He quickly ran after the girl and matched her pace so that he could walk beside her.

"I heard the guys talking in the locker room," he whispered. "Did you date Noah Puckerman?" She immediately stopped walking. She knew what he was asking. He wanted to know if it was true that she had been knocked up. She brought her books up to her chest and held them securely. She knew he was going to immediately hit on her after finding out the truth. Most other guys did. They thought it meant she was easy.

"Yes, we dated," she replied. "Is that all you heard about me?" He shook his head and looked down to the ground. "Yes, we had a baby," she added in a quiet whisper before continuing on down the hall.

"I'm sorry. I know it must have been hard," he replied while adjusting the strap of his backpack. "You're really brave," he added. She smiled to herself. She hadn't heard that one before. It made her feel something odd in her stomach when the boy was talking to her like that.

"Thanks," she stated while looking at him. He smiled softly at her. "What's your story?" He looked at her in confusion. "Where did you come from? Why are you here?" He tensed up momentarily but played it off.

"You know, the usual reason people move," he mumbled. She looked at him in confusion but decided not to push it. "Do we have anymore classes together?" He asked hopefully. She bit her lip to keep from smiling. She didn't know why but she sincerely hoped that they did. She held her hand back out for his schedule which he immediately handed over.

"No," she admitted sadly. "We have the same spare though," she added. He smiled brightly before taking the piece of paper back. "Maybe you can audition for glee then."

"What if I can't sing?" She laughed before pointing to a room.

"This is our next stop," she replied. "It doesn't matter if you can sing or not. Anyone can be in glee. You just audition so Rachel will know what to do with you."

"The intense girl, right?" Quinn nodded. "She's dating Finn Hudson?" Quinn nodded again. She assumed this was all locker room talk. She was somewhat glad she never had to hear what boys said to each other in there. "Who is over glee?"

"Actually," she replied while walking to an empty desk, "he is," she stated while pointing to Mr. Schuester. Sam nodded and looked around the room for a seat. "You can sit by me," Quinn whispered. He wasn't sure if he heard correctly but the blush on her face made him think he did. He sat down immediately in front of her and turned around once again.

"So, Quinn Fabray, I have an important question to ask you." She frowned. His brows furrowed slightly at the change in her demeanor but said nothing about it. "Do all of the cheerleaders ask to make out with you as a welcoming?" The smile once again lit her face which once again showed itself on the blond boy.

"No, not all of them," she replied. "You haven't seen me throwing myself at you, have you?" He shook his head.

"You're different though. You have respect," he added. She smiled. She was sure that no one else at the school possibly thought that after being impregnated by her then boyfriend's best friend. She wondered what all Sam knew about the situation. She felt the odd need to tell him the entire story so that he might think more highly of her. She brushed the feeling off though. She didn't need his approval. She didn't even know him.

"You're different, too. None of the boys at McKinley have ever turned down a chance to watch Brittany and Santana make out." He laughed loudly before realizing the room was looking oddly at them. He leaned closer to Quinn and smiled.

"They aren't my type," he admitted. She felt her stomach drop. He was gay. She didn't know why she was reacting so badly to the information. She should be happy that it would be one less guy trying to get into her pants. She noticed him looking at her intently-as though he could see through her. It made her feel exposed, which wasn't something she enjoyed. "You have really pretty eyes."

"What?" She asked in confusion. He immediately shook his head. The blush that she had become familiar with once again spread over his face. It was endearing, actually. "Are you going to audition for glee?"

"What time?"

"Sometime after school," she replied. His face instantly dropped. He shook his head sadly before turning around to face the front. "Sam," she whispered while poking his back with a pencil. He slowly turned around and looked at her. "What's wrong?" He shook his head.

"Nothing at all," he replied with as much cheer as he could muster. "I can't audition after school though," he replied. "I don't think I'm going to be able to do glee after all."

"Football players are allowed," she quickly informed him. She assumed that he thought the two practices would interfere somehow or something. "Finn, Puck, and Mike are in glee. You could still join." He gave her a soft smile before shaking his head.

"I just don't think I could manage it." She grabbed his arm as he once again tried to turn around. She immediately retraced it upon feeling… something. He looked at her with hopeful eyes before giving her a troubled smile.

"Please, I'd really like it if you could join," she whispered, not knowing where the statement came from. He sighed dejectedly before painting on a broad smile.

"Okay," he stated. "Only because you've been the nicest person to me since I've gotten here," he replied. A year ago she would have been the furthest thing from nice. She had to admit it was somewhat ironic that she was once again the HBIC and yet this boy thought she was kind.