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It hadn't been the easiest thing: driving the car, getting out of the car, getting his crutches, and then hobbling up to the Fabray's front door. It had been worth it though to see Quinn's smiling face when her mother ushered him inside. "Samuel," she greeted before giving him a hug, "how are you holding up?" He hated being called Samuel. He hated it with a passion, but when it came to the girl he was madly in love with or her mother? Well, he could accept being called Samuel every once in a while.

"It's hard, Ms. Fabray," he replied honestly. "I think I'm going to be alright though," he finished, meeting Quinn's eyes. She blushed before looking away causing his already small smile to grow.

"Good, now, curfew is at midnight. If you see that this is going to be a problem, however, then I expect a phone call explaining the situation." Sam nodded. "Alright you two, have fun." The pair awkwardly made their way out of the household. Quinn couldn't help but watch with worry every time Sam would take a step. He wasn't clumsy but crutches tended to make even the most graceful somewhat of a klutz.

"Do you need any help?" She couldn't help but ask upon seeing the faces he continuously made. All of his movements ceased, he shifted his arms lightly on the crutches, and looked at her with amusement.

"You want to carry me?" She rolled her eyes and walked past the boy towards his Jeep. "You can't leave me here like this, Quinn," he cried out with a whine. She laughed quietly before walking back over to him. "Thanks," he whispered once she was within reach.

"For what," she questioned. He looked at her and she could tell in that moment that all the playfulness that had previously been there was gone.

"Not leaving me," He grinned before hopping over to the passenger side and, after only slight problems, opened the door for the blonde girl.

"Where are we going?" She asked once they were in the car and driving. Sam just chuckled to himself knowingly before holding his hand out over the center console. He waited with baited breath to see whether or not Quinn would place hers in his. He wasn't disappointed. He gave hers a light squeeze before humming along to a song playing softly on the radio. "Sam, thank you for this. I know I don't deserve…"

"Hey, stop, we don't have a history tonight, alright? This is our first date." She nodded before looking out of the window. "Did you have a good day at school?" He wanted to take his eyes off the road just so he could watch her. She had the most expressive eyes-something he had found himself missing over the past few weeks. He had grown to see them tired and expressionless lately, usually red due to crying.

"I did," she replied. "Until Finn sang that stupid song," she finished. Sam laughed loudly simply thinking about it. "It was horrible, Sam."

"Well, better get used to it, Quinn. I don't think Finn plans on stopping." She groaned. "Maybe you'll get yourself a boyfriend that can beat him up." Quinn turned to look at him. He could feel her gaze starring holes through him-not only that but he could see her out of the corner of his eye.

"The guy I want as a boyfriend has a bum leg. I don't think he could take Finn in his current condition." Sam bit his lip before turning to glance at her quickly. "I love you," she whispered. He licked his lips in anticipation. He knew he couldn't lean over and kiss her because it would ultimately lead to a wreck. If he was being honest though kissing Quinn wouldn't be a bad way to go.

"I love you too," he whispered before turning down a familiar road. "We're not going out tonight," he informed. "I hope that's okay."

"It's fine, Sam. As long as I get to be with you then I'm happy." Sam felt his face heat up. This was what things were supposed to be like for him. He was supposed to be taking Quinn out on dates that made her feel like a damn princess-because she was. Finn couldn't make her happy-he was determined to show her that he, Sam Evans, was the only one for Quinn Fabray.

He wondered when it had turned around on him. He had been the one denying her advances. She had never once said that Finn was her choice. She had cried and begged to him, telling him that he was the one for her. He simply couldn't handle the fact that he had been cheated on-and yet, here he was trying to show Quinn that he was good enough for her? Something about Quinn made him always want to be at his very best.

He snapped out of his thoughts upon realizing he had made it to the house. He wondered how long he was zoned out for. Did Quinn mind? Had she tried talking to him and ended up thinking that he was ignoring her? "Hey, Quinn," he shakily stated after putting his Jeep in park. She looked at him with curious eyes, a small smile on her face. "I love you." She opened her mouth-probably to say it back. "I don't want you to say anything." Her brows furrowed. "May I kiss you?"

Instead of waiting for an answer like a good guy would have Sam simply went for it. He cupped her jaw with his hands and ran the pads of his thumb over her skin. "I've missed you so, so much, Quinn Fabray," he admitted. He feared he was going to began crying so opted for kissing the girl with as much passion as he could. He wanted to convey how much he loved her in just that one kiss but he realized it was impossible. He needed to show her how he felt and he had no idea how to do that. Kissing her wasn't enough-it had been once upon a time, but now it just seemed as though there was too much love inside him to pour into the kisses.

Quinn pulled away, breathless, and looked at him as though she knew what he was thinking. She cupped his cheek as tears ran down her own. "What's wrong?" He whispered before leaning over to press his lips over the salty trail.

"Nothing," she replied with a smile. "Nothing at all." He nodded before opening his door and easing out. Quinn reached for his crutches to hand to him but he shook his head. She watched with rapt attention as he slowly, very slowly, walked to her side of the car and opened the door. He held his hand out for her to take.

"I'd jump into your arms if I thought you could handle it," she stated in the voice he loved oh so much. "Maybe we can save that for the next date?" Sam chuckled before interlacing their fingers.

"You think there will be a next date?" He questioned before slowly limping to the front door. He waited for her answer but brought their hands up to his face so that he could press a gentle kiss upon hers.

"Don't you," she seemed uncertain. Sam chuckled before pressing a kiss to the blonde's cheek. "Is that a yes?" She questioned with more hope.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I kind of like the idea of seeing how this one goes first." Quinn blushed slightly and nodded before following him.

"Can you make it up the steps?" He looked at the rotted wood and sighed. When he was healed he was going to have to work on fixing the place up. He ignored Quinn's worry and awkwardly clutched his knee as some sort of make-shift brace. "Sam, please don't hurt yourself."

"I'm fine," he yelled slightly louder than he intended to. "I'm fine," he repeated more softly. "I'm just pushing myself, alright? I can do this." She worried her bottom lip in between her teeth but decided against saying something else to him. "So, Nana is visiting Grandpa tonight. We have the…" he trailed off. He didn't exactly want to call the place a house, "place to ourselves." He pushed the door open and let Quinn enter first before shutting it behind him. He wondered if that came off as creepy aloud as it did in his head. He wasn't exactly trying to proposition Quinn or something.

"What are we going to be doing?" She questioned with a sultry tone he was certain he had never heard from her before.. He coughed lightly before turning to face the kitchen area. He didn't miss the smirk that Quinn had on her face.

"Quinn, you're something else," he admitted before motioning towards the living room. "Go sit down. If you're hungry I'll bring you the food."

"Did you cook it?" He nodded. "Well, I hope it's edible." He pouted before going over to the stove and bringing the pan out of the oven. He knew how to make one dish and one dish alone. He didn't expect Quinn to fawn over the act because it wasn't romantic in the least. He grabbed some plates and maneuvered himself around so that he was able to grab them some can drinks. He tucked them into his arm before grabbing the two plates and wobbling back into the living room.

"Now, be amazed for the wonder that is my cooking," he shouted before thrusting the plate into her hands. She eyed it for a moment before throwing her head back in laughter. He ignored the girl's taunts and went towards their small TV. He had borrowed Puck's DVD player with promises that he wouldn't tear the thing up and gotten Quinn's favorite movie from Brittany.

"Oh, Baby, this is sweet," she was able to manage in between laughter. He simply rolled his eyes and started the movie before making his way back over to the couch and sitting beside her. "I don't think I've had macaroni and cheese as a main serving."

"It's my favorite, okay?" She nodded in amusement, bottom lip still stuck between her teeth. "Look, the truth is I want us to start over. I want to get to know you and you can get to know me. I'm not fancy. I'm not popular. I like comic books and I like to read short stories about mythology. This is my idea of a good date. I'm not saying I won't take you out to a fancy restaurant because I'd love to get to show you off to everyone while you're wearing a dress that makes you look breathtaking." The amusement died and she once again found herself trying to fight off tears.

"Sam, that's sweet," she whispered while brushing his bangs out of his eyes. The TV blared to life bringing the two blondes out of their chat. "How did you know this was my favorite?" She squealed.

"Well, I knew when you told me 'Bring It On' was your favorite that it couldn't honestly be true." She punched his bicep lightly before taking a bite out of the macaroni. She moaned, causing heat to shoot through Sam's body. "This is delicious," she admitted through bites.

"Miss Fabray, that is not lady-like," he reprimanded. Quinn threw her head back in laughter before reaching for the Coke can resting in Sam's lap.

"Coach Sylvester will kill me for drinking and eating this." Sam chuckled before letting his gaze fall over her. She had tucked her legs under her and had her eyes glued to the TV screen. The Coke can was wedged between her and a cushion while the plate balanced on her leg.

"I'm so lucky," he whispered to himself earning a shush from the blonde.

"I love the last scene. It's so amazing." Sam nodded in agreement. Somehow throughout the movie they had moved from opposite ends of the couch to practically on top of each other. Sam was holding her protectively as though they hadn't spent the last few weeks apart. "The dance scene with the duet-it's always made me want that."

"You want that?" She nodded into his chest. "Well, I can't really dance, but I'll work on making it happen." Quinn chuckled before running her hands over his shirt and playing with the buttons.

"You're going to take me away to a summer camp so that I fall in love with a dance instructor?" Sam growled before tightening his hold around her. "I like your possessive side. It's very sexy." He once again felt himself grow hot.

"Yeah, well, you should see me when I'm naked." Quinn pulled away and looked at him incredulously. He held his hands up in mock surrender. "It was worth a shot."

"Sam Evans, you are a bad boy." He smiled before holding his arms back out for the girl to wrap herself into him. A few minutes passed in silence before Quinn shifted. She eased her hand under his shirt and ran her fingernails up and down his toned abs. "I'm worried about Sectionals."

"You're not the only one. We're the worst glee club ever. We don't rehearse. We just sit around and argue." Quinn sighed. "We'll be great though," he whispered before squeezing her tight. "We'll just pick a song and practice it without the rest of them or something."

"Sure thing, Babe," she whispered feeling her eyes grow heavy. "Don't let me fall asleep." He ran his fingers through her hair lightly.

"I won't," he replied, just barely holding back a yawn. He dug through his pockets for his cell phone. He checked the time-he still had about an hour left with his girl. He smiled in content before sending out a text message.

"What are you doing?" She sleepily slurred.

"It's a surprise," he whispered before letting his eyes close.

"Sam, what do you expect me to do? I can't arrange a piece for you. I'm talented, but I certainly don't have the time to do this on my own." He nodded in understanding. He had waited until the last minute, but it wasn't on purpose. He simply hadn't known what to do until that night they had their date.

"Please, Rachel, I suck at music. Quinn doesn't know the first thing about music. You and Puck are like the only ones who know anything about it." The two Jews looked at each other, conversing with their eyes before Rachel let out a loud sigh.

"Since this is somewhat romantic we are willing to help." Sam fist pumped in victory. "However, when we must all rehearse as a group you and Quinn must use your popularity to get the rest of the glee kids to be serious. Sectionals are fast approaching. Santana doesn't even know what song she's singing!" Puck pulled the brunette into his side in a calming attempt.

"Deal," he stated holding his hand out. Rachel eyed it in confusion whereas Puck immediately shook it. "Alright, I have to go. Please have this stuff ready like as soon as you can?"

"No problem, Man," Puck replied. "It means I get to spend more time with my hot Jew," he smirked before pressing a chaste kiss to the girl's temple. Sam took that as his cue to leave. He realized that the glee club switched partners more than a damn swinger's party.

He walked slowly towards the locker room. He knew that he wasn't able to do any workouts that involved his leg but he had no excuse for working his arms out. He also knew that walking to the boy's locker room would ensure that he passed the Cheerios. If he was lucky then Quinn would be coming out of practice or something.

They had been doing well since their "first" date. She hadn't pushed for him to label what they were and he was enjoying the freedom of it.

He saw a mass of Cheerios exiting the gym ahead and sighed. His slowness would probably cause him to miss the blonde he was looking for. His eyes widened in confusion when a certain Cheerio spotted him and then immediately jogged over to him. "Hey," he offered. He couldn't find it in himself to be mean to the girl simply because she had once upon a time helped him with Quinn.

"Listen, Frogger, I just wanted to apologize, okay?" His eyes widened in shock. "Don't you dare tell anyone that I said sorry, but I am." He raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, alright? I didn't know that Finn would try to remove your limbs. I just like drama. I'm a bitch."

"I know you are, Santana," he replied without malice. She smirked. "But it's all good. Oe txoa nga"

"Okay, I don't speak whatever you're talking so I'm going to leave this crazy with Q." Sam's ears perked up at the mention of Quinn. "She's coming," Santana added softer before patting him on the shoulder.

"It means I forgive you," he stated once the Latina had walked past him, "in Na'vi." Santana snorted but Sam knew that she was kind of glad about the outcome of their conversation. He was too in a weird sort of way.

He continued walking towards the end of the hall, smiling when he caught sight of the Captain. "Quinn Fabray," he shouted, waving once the girl turned to face him. The blinding smile that lit her face upon seeing him only furthered Sam's beliefs in why they were meant to be. She watched in amusement as he attempted to make his way towards her. She met him halfway, returning the embrace he gave her.

"How are you?"

He looked around the now empty hallway with a smile. "Good now."

"Oh yeah?" He nodded and watched as her eyes light up. "Why's that?" He chuckled before grabbing her Cheerio's bag and placing it over his own shoulder. She cringed lightly, unsure that he needed to be carrying her bags around when he still could barely walk himself.

"I was just talking to Santana. I think she wants to go on another date with me since our last one was a success." He couldn't help the laugh that escaped once he saw Quinn's eyes narrow into slits. "I'm kidding, you know that."

"What did Santana have to say?"

"You know, she was just apologizing in a weird Santana way for all the shit Finn caused." Quinn scoffed. "Look, I waited after school for you to get out of practice. Doesn't that mean you're required to hang out with me?"

"Wait, you've just been wandering around the school while the Cheerios were practicing?" He nodded. "You could have come watched me," she whispered. "I like knowing your eyes are on me." He gulped lightly, hoping she couldn't see his flush.

"I didn't want to see the guys practicing without me though," he admitted sadly. "Besides, I hung out with Rachel. Well, kind of," he added.

"Kind of?"

"I really just needed her to do something for me. Then Puck came in so I asked them both to do it and then it worked out." Quinn stopped walking and arched an eyebrow. "What?"

"What did you ask them to do? Anything involving Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman has to be a disaster." Sam bit his lip trying to hold in a laugh.

"You should hope it isn't a disaster."

"Why is that," she asked with a smirk.

"Because," he trailed off, shuffling the weight of the Cheerio's bag he was holding. He placed the bag on his other shoulder before looking at Quinn, "it's for you."

"Wait, what are you talking about?" She shouted over his laughter.

"Alright guys," Mr. Schuester clapped his hands ordering his kids attention, "we're going to start practicing for Sectionals today. Our group number's lead soloist: Quinn Fabray and Sam Evans." A loud cheer erupted causing the two blondes to blush slightly. "The rest of you guys will be backing up."

"What are we singing?" Quinn whispered. "What if we have to sing some creepy duet?" Sam chuckled in his seat while Mr. Schuester passed the sheet music around.

"This one was picked by Sam you guys," Mr. Schuester stated above the groups excited whisperings, "so thank him." Quinn eyed Sam mysteriously before the sheet music was handed to them.

"Sam," she bit her lip before pressing a lingering kiss to his cheek, "you picked the song?"

"Well, yeah," he replied. "I told you I would make sure you got your 'Dirty Dancing' on." She fought back the tears upon realizing that this guy was the greatest thing that ever happened to her.