You guys, I'm kind of sad that I don't have a Sam and Quinn story to write now. Should I write another one or move on to other ships? I don't want to continue writing Fabrevans and then piss the fandom off for sucking. Haha.

Anyway, I had a lot of people send me private messages asking me if I would write "sexytimes" for the last chapter, which really cracked me up. Guys, get your minds out of the gutters. Alas though, I feel compelled to grant my fellow Quinn/Sam shippers what they want so this chapter is rated on the M side. Not very detailed know. The ones of you who don't want to read that scene then just go ahead and skip it. It won't take anything away from the story, promise! :)


Sam's jaw dropped. He was certain that it legitimately dropped to the ground. As if it weren't bad enough that Finn's stare practically left holes in the blond boy and Quinn now he was in front of the room dancing around. Sam had to look away to keep himself from chuckling at the boy who looked like a fish out of water.

He attempted to scoot his chair away from Quinn. He loved the girl, but he was definitely going to leave this one to her. Because Finn Hudson serenading Quinn Fabray is a no-no in Sam's book, but Finn Hudson singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" was perfectly okay with Sam. He watched as the tall boy waved his arms around frantically until his face was turning a deep shade of red.

The rest of the slack jawed club sat motionless as the final chord rang out. Finn slid across the floor until he was kneeling in front of Quinn. "So, what do you say now?" Sam coughed loudly to cover up the laughter beginning to burst from within. Quinn gawked and spurted nonsense before she finally got ahold of herself.

"The answer is no, Finn. I'm with Sam," she shouted while pointing to the blond boy beside her. Sure, they weren't really together, but Sam had no problem with Quinn saying they were if it meant that Finn would back off. "Now, we need to get serious and start practicing."

"I couldn't have said it better myself, Quinn," Rachel shouted from the back row. "Let's do this thing," she exclaimed with pride.

"Do you remember my first day at McKinley?" Sam questioned while running his hands over her lithe body. She mumbled a response, trying her best to stay awake. The warmth of his body and the soothing movements of his hands were proving to be some sort of lullaby. "I remember how the teacher told me to sit in front of Quinn Fabray, and I was just like, 'who the hell is that?'" He chuckled a bit. "I thought it was a guy at first."

"Hey," Quinn snapped while slapping his stomach playfully causing Sam to laugh harder.

"Okay, I knew you weren't a guy," he pouted. "Quit taking the fun out of my story telling."

"Fine," she replied with an air of indifference. "Get on with the story, kind sir."

"I knew about you, but I didn't know you if that makes any sense. I'd been to football practice the day before kind of as a try-out and I heard some guys talking about you in the locker room." Quinn sighed in frustration. "Don't worry-they don't talk about you anymore." He smiled to himself knowing that he was the reason behind that, but she didn't need to know that. "The things I heard made me want to find you just so I could tell you that even though I didn't know you that I thought you were incredibly brave."

"Thank you, Sam," she whispered into his neck.

"We don't ever talk about her," he replied. Quinn pulled away and looked at the boy in confusion. "Beth," he added for clarification.

"Oh okay," she responded before pulling away from the boy and walking away. "Do you want something to drink? I'm going to go to the kitchen for a minute."

"Quinn," his voice was stern. "We should talk about her, you know? It can't be healthy for you to be so bottled up all of the time." He watched as her resolve slowly began to crumble. He eased himself off of the couch and hopped over to her before reaching out to tilt her chin up. "I've told you every secret, every horrible thing that has to do with my life and my family. I didn't want to share it with you, but I did because I loved you and I wanted you to know every single thing about me. Please talk to me about this. It's a part of you and I can't get to see it." With that the blonde fell into the floor, a mass of twisted limbs and painful sobs.

"I'm such a horrible person," he slowly eased himself onto the floor despite the fact that it was no easy feat. He circled his arms around her in a protective manner. "I gave up my baby," she cried out; though it was muffled by his chest, he understood clearly.

"But Babe, you gave her a home. It wouldn't have been the best life for her if you had kept her. Besides, you know she went to a person who could protect her and love her." Quinn nodded. "Someday when you're ready, you'll have kids, Quinn. They won't take her place, but you'll love them all the same, and do you know what?"

"What?" She questioned, voice cracking due from the crying. Sam gave her an easy smile before wiping her tears away.

"You'll be an amazing mother." She shot him a watery smile before allowing him to fully hug her. He allowed himself to think about their future and possible kids. He knew that he would be honored to get to father a child with the girl in front of him. He only hoped that their love would be one to last longer than high school. "I love you, Quinn," he whispered.

"We should practice," she pulled away from him and stood up before holding her hand out for him to take. He eyed the hand for a second before taking it slowly and allowing her to help him to his feet.

"We're going to blow them away, Babe."

"Well, don't you look dashing?" Sam's cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he looked down at himself. He was self-conscious about the brace he had to wear and the fact that he wouldn't be able to dance along with the rest of the group, but damn it if he wasn't going to give it his all.

"You look beautiful, Quinn," he whispered while nervously messing with his hair. "You're going to do great. I'm lucky to get to have this chance to sing with you." She arched an eyebrow as he continued his rambling. "Heck, someday I'll tell my kids about how I got to sing with Quinn Fabray at Sectionals."

"Oh yeah? Why will your children know who I am? Will I be famous for something? Please don't tell me that in your mind I take over Coach Sylvester's spot." Sam tilted his head back in laughter, thankful for the distraction from his nerves.

"I can see that one now, Quinn. You'll have a love for tracksuits that rivals Sylvester's any day." Quinn visibly shuddered before placing her hand on his chest. "I'm nervous," he admitted.

"Me too. I've never sang a solo in front of this many people."

"I've never sang a solo period except in glee. I think I have you beat," he watched as she bit her lip before placing a soft kiss against his. "This is it," he whispered upon hearing them being introduced. She nodded. "Be my girlfriend again?" He swayed their connected hands for a few seconds before the blonde threw herself into his embrace.

"I thought you'd never ask," she cried out. He pulled away with a goofy grin before making his way over to his entrance. He raised his thumb, pinky, and index finger as a means to tell her that he loved her one last time before pulling the curtain back and stepping out into the large auditorium.

Throughout the entire performance his eyes were permanently fixed on the girl he was singing to. Despite the fact that they were simply singing this song as a means to qualify at Regional's, he was singing it because he truly felt this way about the blonde before him.

Now I've had the time of my life…

"Nana knows I'm staying at Puck's tonight so you and I can hang out until your mom kicks me out," Sam replied while unbuttoning the maroon shirt. Quinn paid no heed to whatever was coming out of the boy's mouth-simply opting to watch. "Do you have any of my t-shirts still around? I kind of don't want to wear this outfit."

"What," Quinn stated before her eyes flickered up to his.

"A shirt-do you still have those that I let you borrow?" She nodded before pushing past the incredibly built boy and looking through her drawers. "Here," she whispered upon finding one. "I'm going to go change in my bathroom," she added quickly before running away. He snapped out of his confusion long enough to remove his shoes and brace. He pushed himself off of his girlfriend's bed and began to unbutton his pants.

"I honestly think that we're going to win at Regionals this year. What do you think?" Quinn's voice echoed throughout her room. He slowly slid his pants down in some attempt to take them off without hurting himself.

"Uh, yeah, I think so, too," he replied while stumbling around like a fish out of water. He heard a sharp intake of breath behind him. He slowly turned around to find his girlfriend standing there slack jawed. "You alright?" He grunted in frustration before finally removing the slacks. Her eyes trailed over his body for a few seconds before she took two steps and closed their gap. Her lips were on his-frenzied and almost too fast for him to keep up with.

He pulled away to search her eyes but was only able to think one coherent thought. "I love you," he whispered while running his thumb under her ear. "I love you so much, Quinn." She kissed him again leaving him on cloud nine. "Care to snuggle?" He asked before hopping over to her bed. She nodded shyly before pulling the covers out for them.

"My mom went to Cleveland so you can stay the night if you want." His eyes widened and his heart began to race. "I think I'd enjoy getting to fall asleep in your arms." He nodded before using his good leg to ease into bed. He leaned against the pillow and put his arm around Quinn, sighing in content upon feeling her nuzzle into his shoulder. "I've been worried about you," her voice penetrated the silence of the room.

"Worried about me? Why?" She shifted lightly in his arms.

"I've been afraid that you would take everything that has happened to you lately and turn it into all of these reasons for you to become angry and hateful. I was afraid that you wouldn't be my dorky Sam anymore."

"Quinn, I'll always be your Sam-no matter what happens." She nodded before letting the silence take over them again. "What are you thinking about?"

"I like the sound of that. My Sam." He chuckled and pressed a gentle kiss to her head. "Sing me something."

"Babe, I'm not a singer," he whined. The girl sent him a puppy dog pout and he was done for. "Fine," he grumbled unhappily. I have looked down all those drinking wells, in some of them I accidentally fell. His voice lulled her to some sort of state of complacency. But when I hit the bottom all I came up with was a dry and empty shell.

He shifted them so that she was curled into him-her arms wrapped around his stomach leaving her chest resting against his bare chest. I tried to leave you, but I don't know how. I tried to give you up a thousand times.

"Okay, I think you can stop now," she interrupted lamely causing the boy to chuckle. "If you're trying to tell me something through song then…"

"I'm not. You're the one who asked me to sing." She nodded before pressing a kiss against his chest causing him to smile wide. She began to imagine the things that they could do together once they were older. She thought about being elected Prom King and Queen. She thought about going to college together and then the daunting tasks of picking out a small apartment for them to share.

He let his fingers dance across her back, happy to simply be in her company. "Are you awake still?" His voice was low as though he had been on the verge of falling asleep himself.

"I'm awake," she replied before pulling herself up to look at him. His heart swelled with pride knowing that the girl before him was his and his alone. He wasn't the most eloquent and he knew that he wanted to express his feelings but he still didn't know how to do such a thing when words weren't enough.

The air shifted between the two and he knew it. From the way she was looking intently at him, he figured that she knew it too. His palms began to sweat with the mere excitement of it all. Her hand pressed against his warm cheek before she ran her fingers through his golden locks.

She met his lips halfway and realized that she didn't want to simply stop there anymore. She loved the boy that was with her and trusted him with everything she was. She wasn't nervous and instead pulled the boy even closer into her.

He shifted himself so that his leg wouldn't be hurt with their positions. He placed his arms behind her and peppered kisses on her face. Her nails gripped his bare shoulders in anticipation of what might come. "You're something else," he whispered while looking into her eyes. She smiled softly-something that made him go weak above her. "Are you okay?"

She nodded before moving her hands to the small of his back and massaging lightly. He smiled before pressing a small kiss to her pulse point. He let his hands slowly search the skin underneath her small t-shirt. She pulled his face into hers letting their lips collide in a frenzied dance-giving him all the permission he needed. He slid his hands up the rest of the way to let them rest lightly on her breasts. He smiled when the blonde moaned into his mouth while arching into his hands. "Sam," she panted once the need for air was too great to ignore.

"I'm sorry, Quinn," he whispered before pulling away entirely. "I got carried away, and I'm stupid. Please forgive me." She shook her head causing his stomach to drop. His jaw was next as she wordlessly lifted her shirt and threw it across the room.

"I love you," was the only explanation she offered before pulling him back down. He let his lips kiss a trail down her neck before he met her collar bone. He continued to palm her breasts, kneading them carefully.

"Are you okay with this?" He questioned before letting his hands trail southward. She simply nodded again and raised her hips so that he would understand the hint. His eyes widened at what she was suggesting. He looked her in the eyes once more and realized that she truly was fine. He could see the love and adoration radiating off of her as he realized that this was it. "I really don't want you to feel pressured," he added.

"I don't feel that way in the least," she rasped. "I want you, Sam. Noah shouldn't have been my first and that was my mistake, but you-I want you to be the last." He felt pride within him and realized that he was on the verge of crying.

"I don't want to suck," he whispered nervously. "I think I'm going to kiss you now," he added before nervously pressing his lips against hers. He pulled away long enough to remove the shorts she was wearing. He felt his face flush upon realizing that she hadn't been wearing anything beneath the shorts.

"I feel overdressed," her voice was full of vulnerability. Sam bit his lip before pulling away and removing his boxers slowly. He felt awkward and stupid, but at least he had someone to feel stupid with him. Her eyes roamed his body with lust. He once again rested himself on top of her before attempting to do anything with his fumbling hands.

He rested his forehead against hers and without preamble let his finger dip inside of her. She whimpered at the contact causing the blond boy to stop all of his movements. "You can touch me," she choked out. He nodded before letting the lone finger explore places that only one person had ever gone before. This time though was going to be different. Quinn may have had sex before, but Sam was damn sure that she had never been made love to, and that's what he planned on doing. He added another finger for good measure and let her get used to the intrusion before beginning to move inside her. Upon hearing her breath pick up he pulled out and reached for his pants lying on the ground. "I want to apologize ahead of time in case I suck really bad," he stated self-consciously before getting the condom out of his wallet.

He tore the packet open and rolled the rubber onto him. "Are you sure about this?" He questioned once more. She nodded against him. With that as his final encouragement he entered her and immediately moaned at the sensation of being inside Quinn Fabray. He had to admit that it was probably one of the greatest sensations he had ever experienced. He ignored the pain in his leg and waited for the girl beneath him to give him any indication that she was alright. Her eyes fluttered open to see his starring intently at hers.

"I'm okay," she whispered with a small smile. He nodded before thrusting slowly. At first she simply lay beneath him motionless. He wondered if he was going about the entire thing wrong. A few seconds into it though she began to rock her hips against his. He watched as her eyes screwed shut and beads of perspiration rolled down her neck.

Her arms encircled his neck as she pulled him into her harder. He knew that he wasn't going to last long despite the fact that it was embarrassing. He simply hoped that she would get some kind of pleasure out of it. Her breathy pants and moans began to spur him on, all sense of rhythm lost. He let his hand wander her body before he brushed his finger through her curls. He let his fingers circle the small bud. Her walls fluttered around him as she whined slightly. "Sam," she breathed out causing him to lose himself in her.

He pulled out seconds later and rushed to the bathroom to throw the condom away before hobbling back in the bedroom to be with his lover. "I love you," he stated while slipping under the covers. "Are you okay?" He questioned with worry upon not hearing a response.

"I'm so great," she cried before clinging to him.

She awoke to the smell of something burning. She rolled over to see that her boyfriend was no longer in the bed beside her.

She stretched her limbs before getting out of the bed. She grabbed the sheets off the bed and wrapped them around her before making her way into the kitchen.

She laughed at the sight of her shirtless boyfriend wearing nothing but boxers and a knee brace standing over the stove. "What are you doing?" She giggled.

"Sleeping Beauty awakes," he yelled before spinning around. His grin was infectious and she soon found herself smiling with him. "I love you," he pressed a kiss to her nose before pulling away. "I tried to make you pancakes, but I burned them. So, I just thought PopTarts would be the better idea."

"How did I get so lucky?" She questioned. He pondered the question before shrugging his shoulders.

"Beats me," he replied before turning around to turn the stove off. "I'm sorry that last night wasn't romantic or that the morning after was lame," he admitted.

"It was everything and more, Sam," she replied before wrapping her arms around him. She pressed a kiss to his bare back before making her way to the dinner table.

"Damn it," he cried out with a whine.

"What?" She asked while looking over her shoulder.

"I burned the PopTarts, too."

"Oh, Sam," she whispered to herself, "Heaven help my heart."

The freaking end. :P I want to thank you guys for sticking with this long ass story. You've all been incredibly awesome.